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Get Advanced Relationship Help, Solve Stubborn Marital Problems,
Overcome Loneliness 
and Mend Broken Relationships

From the desk of Richard Hamon, Licensed Therapist, Certified Coach and Relationship Expert . . .


If you learned you had a gold mine hidden in your backyard, I bet you’d explore every inch of the ground to find the buried treasure, and put your hands on your own stash of precious gold.  

You’d leave no stone unturned...

What I’m about to tell you may seem shocking, but it’s true. You probably do have a gold mine in your life, only it’s hidden from view. But, it’s still there, waiting to be discovered. Waiting for you to uncover its awesome power to change your life. 

Where exactly is your gold mine? All your hidden gold deposits? 

The answer to that question lies in your past and present relationships. Do you have a relationship or two that may be riddled with problems? Or a lost or broken relationship that pangs your heart?

Or do you have a number of relationships that simply haven't reached their potential?  Have some of your relationships left you riddled with regret? Do you have an important relationship that was once greatly satisfying, but is now tarnished or broken?

If so, you have unmined gold in your life . . . and maybe a lot of it. Nuggets of gold you may have mistaken as granules of dirt. 

How can this be true?

Hidden inside each and every relationship, there are problems that can be turned into solutions, and unrealized potential that can be tapped. Bad relationships that can become good again, and fill your life with the glitter of gold!

Just think . . .

Repair or improve one relationship, and you'll mine some of that hidden gold. You'll feel like you just won the lottery. 

Find a way to rebuild a broken bond or restore a lost trust, and soon you'll be pulling some of that precious and glittery metal out of the ground and using it to make you happier than ever!

Why not turn every relationship problem into a lesson learned, a mistake overcome, and start enjoying the best relationships of your life?  Considering the scientific research in psychology shows that great relationships are more fulfilling that money or material goods, by fixing a few relationship problems you could be sitting pretty in no time. Living a happier, more fulfilling life.

Even our problem -aturated relationships can be turned around to give us:

  • greater meaning in life
  • greater satisfaction
  • and greater peace of mind . . . Yes, peace of mind, that essential but ever elusive feeling of serenity and well being

Our relationships present us with golden opportunities for true and lasting happiness, and they have gifts to give us, galore. Yes, every relationship problem in your life has a hidden gift waiting for you in its hands. Learn how to find that hidden gift or nugget of gold – and you will be well on your way to phenomenal happiness and personal riches beyond your wildest dreams.  

The secrets to discovering your hidden gold, and mining your gold mine are revealed in my new e-book, Relationship Gold. It will show you how to:

1. Tap into your precious gold resources

2.  Learn from your mistakes

3. Develop new, effective relationship skills

4. Overcome all kinds of relationship problems

5. Convert your social losses and liabilities into pure gains

6. Build a powerful social network that helps you to win at life

7. Find creative and unusual ways for resolving old problems

8. Deal effectively with the petty tyrants in your life

9. Stop behaving like your own worst enemy

10. Become your own truest, most reliable and trustworthy best friend

11. Be comfortable in your own skin and win big with others by just being yourself

12. Reaching a deeper spiritual level by building the best relationships of your life

In essence, my little relationship guide book will show you how to tap into your buried gold reserves, and teach you how to realize greater happiness in your day-to-day life and fulfill your relationship dreams.  

I wrote Relationship Gold, a brief, practical guide anyone can use to solve their relationship problems, to help you succeed with all kinds of relationships and enjoy life more. To help anyone get more  out of life, and to find new, more powerful ways of connecting with others, discovering new ways to overcome loneliness and decrease depression and fear.

As a professional relationship therapist and coach, I see people who have put together a hodgepodge approach to their relationships, a patchwork quilt collection of relationship myths, ideas and techniques that may or may not work at all. 

Relationship partners are not unlike amateur golfers who struggle with slices and hooks, grounders and mishits, and who end up bending a club around a tree in total exasperation . . . And quitting the game altogether!

But, why give up on your relationships and lose people you care about forever? When you can turn those mistakes, problems and losses into pure, unadulterated gold?  

The know-how and wisdom required to turn a failing marriage around would be worth its weight in gold . . . right?

And, you'll find it all packed in this little book . . . a book that consists of some of the finest clinical gems and unique techniques I've gathered over the nearly 40 years I've been in practice.  That's right, I've condensed a few of the most powerful strategies I've ever come across, which you can now use to your advantage (without going through therapy) during my long tenure as a psychotherapist.

Innovative steps, anecdotes and cures my couples and individual clients have used to find success are in Relationship Gold.

Solutions to the most common and tragic relationship mistakes are included, as well. Yes, the biggest relationship mistakes that anyone can make . . .

. . . Along with the solutions to those mistakes and clinical advice on how you can correct them quickly and effectively.

Please Don't Keep Suffering. . .

when it isn't necessary.

For just a few dollars, you can put an end to the misery of seemingly endless relationship heartaches and learn the skills you'll need to become a relationship Alchemist, a bona-fide miner of relationship gold. Stop those Unnecessary Relationship Losses in their tracks now.

You can read any part of Relationship Gold in just a few minutes, then go try and apply the techniques to your situation. Or, simply use the book as a future guide and resource book. Read one chapter or case study at a time, or read it all in one reading, then refer to it as needed in the days to come.

Just do something . . . something different . . . or you'll keep winding up with the same old results you've always had in your relationships.

And nothing will change.

Keep in mind . . . When it comes to stale relationships, frustrated partners who've lost their connection to each other often wind up:

  • having affairs
  • driving off those who love them a
  • and racing headlong into the long, dark corridors of divorce court, as fast as their feet can fly. 

Or they push their family members and friends away, burning bridges that may never ever be rebuilt

In writing my little relationship manual, I have tapped into my extensive experience as psychotherapist and relationship coach to assemble the most valuable nuggets of wisdom on how to create happy relationships, and how to stop jumping through defective relationship hoops that lead to  

  • unhappiness
  • addiction
  • depression
  • anger and pessimism
  • destructive boredom
  • and a chronic sense of futility
  • self-destructive cycles of guilt
  • and debilitating hopelessness  
  • repeated rounds of unsuccessful relationships

Relationship Gold will take your hand and show you to create an easy-to-use model for conducting your relationships, allowing you to overcome loneliness and gain authentic happiness, in the process. 

Inside Relationship Gold, you will read about the biggest relationship snafus and mistakes, so you can steer clear of shark-infested waters, and learn how to protect your relationship from harm, even sheltering it from unexpected setbacks.

And . . . Relationship Gold will enlighten you on how to stop causing further damage to a troubled, stuck or reeling relationship right now . . . even if your partner is not cooperative.  

Your new guide will instruct you on the gentle art of breathing new life into your relationships, old and new . . . and in turning your problematic relationships into fun-loving and fulfilling relationships of pure gold -- relationships built of more meaning, wonder and joy than you might have imagined.  

Magen’s Tragic Story

A young woman came into therapy with her teenage son because their relationship had finally hit rock bottom, and the son had tried to kill himself by ingesting a bottle of prescription pain killer pills. Because of a number of problems, Magen had neglected her relationship with her son for years, and had become a kind of absentee mother . . . and now she had virtually no connection to him. 

It was heart-breaking to listen to her story as she wept on my sofa, saying, “I can’t talk to my son.  We have no relationship.  He hates my guts.  How can I keep him alive?”

Relationships are never easy, and there are no miracle cures, but there are effective ways to enhance, improve and renew our most valuable relationships – relationships that can make us happy or fill us with despair. 

So I began the careful process of restoring the lost connection and getting each to understand the other person’s Point of View, or unique perspective on things. Soon Magen was trying to be a better, more committed mother, and her son was opening his mind to the possibility of a relationship with his long-absent mother. 

Don’t let that be your story.  Relationship Gold will guide you in the gentle but proactive process of taking care of your relationships, of keeping them afloat.  

Yes . . . Take care of your relationships now and you won’t have to pay dearly later.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure or meaning in life than happy relationships.

What are The Benefits?

Consider the facts:

  • a happy marriage can add seven years to your life (whereas an unhappy marriage can cause so much stress it can actually lower your life span)
  • good, strong relationships help to get us through life's unexpected storms 
  • skilled relationship partners get over problems fast and get back to having fun quickly
  • research-based relationship strategies prepare you for success in difficult social situations . . . a bad boss, a difficult neighbor, a stubborn in law, an anti-social associate or a new friend who turns out not as expected  

 There are simple ways you can find the hidden beauty in your relationships, and learn how to use those relationships effectively, counting on your relationships in times of trouble, allowing you to succeed in business and your personal life. Not a bad deal, right? That’s why great relationships are our real GOLD. Nothing can replace them. 

Unfortunately, I can assure you, after working with hundreds and hundreds of clients, over decades, that few of us are given a relationship manual in life. And we don’t have a good grasp of the success principles needed to make a relationship last. 

Are Relationship Problems Your Destiny?

Isn't it sad how we grow up to make the same relationship mistakes our parents made? Too often we have to learn how to conduct relationships the hard way, by trial-and-error, or by making an endless round of mistakes, never fully understanding what we did wrong?

If you struggle with these questions, as I do, then you can understand why I wrote my unique little reference guide on relationships. I wanted to help the average person learn how to build and sustain above average, if not exceptional, relationships...Relationships that will make you happy for many years to come, improve your immune system and allow you to live longer, all while enabling you to live a life of purpose and meaning, and to be truly joyful throughout your lifespan.

My philosophy

in writing Relationship Gold was simply to avoid the confusing and trivial, busy-body information that proliferates in the marketplace . . . information that is often too complicated and technical in nature for the average person to use. I wanted to cut out the boring and unnecessary technical jargon and professional doublespeak used in many books.  My goal was to focus on the big picture, targeting the most powerful keys you can use to unlock the potential in you marriage or the secrets you can use to save and transform your old relationships, or to create new relationships that will give you pleasure and joy for years to come. 

My e-Book will Show You How to: 

  • Develop a relationship mindset and approach that will bring you delight for the rest of your life
  • Affair-proof your marriage and assure that you will always be loved 
  • Fix a broken romance and instill new flames of passion into your love life
  • Get relief from the stubborn control freak in your life and take charge of a lousy job
  • Renew neglected family relationships and restore communication and trust 
  • Improve your most important relationship – the one you have (or don’t have) with yourself
  • Nip loneliness in the bud and coach you on how to avoid falling prey to loneliness ever again

What if you’ve given up on a relationship?

In many cases, it may still be possible to rejuvenate old, neglected relationships, just like Magen went on to do, in the above example . . . and by brushing off your dusty relationship skills, you will discover how to keep a valued relationship from going bad in the first place. 

Magen went on to face the reasons for why her relationship with her son was in a shambles, and to confront the loving task of rebuilding it and . . . of making it better than it ever was. 

You can follow her path to success, too. That path is mapped out clearly in Relationship Gold.  

  • Even if you’re a shy and passive person . . . you can still learn how to have great relationships.  
  • Even if you’ve made lots of mistakes in the past . . . you can learn from your mistakes. And go on to enjoy the greatest relationships of your life. If you let the book show you how to turn your relationship problems into opportunities for mining your very own relationship gold. 
  • Even if you are ADHD and can’t listen worth a darn . . . you can build new skills around communicating effectively with your partner. You can even let your ADHD become one of your greatest assets. Yes, others have done it, and so can you. 

In Chapter Ten, “Protect Your Relationship From the Ravages of Loneliness, Anxiety and Depression,” you’ll see how easy it is to improve long-standing problems like loneliness and depression by taking simple, but powerful steps that you may never have thought about taking.  

Strategies and skills make the difference when it comes to relationships. . . . those anyone can use to win at life.

 I have dedicated my life to helping people enjoy richer, more meaningful relationships, and I’ve included some of my favorite, most therapeutic strategies in my little relationship eBook, Relationship Gold.  

You'll not read about many of my tips and unique strategies anywhere else because they represent unusual and innovative approaches I've developed in the Consulting Room over the years. Remember my mentioning the biggest relationship mistakes?

Well, speaking of mistakes . . .

A Common Mistake Will Keep You From Enjoying Love and Happiness 

If you like to criticize or find fault in your partner, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. Relationship Gold will reveal in surprisingly graphic ways how you can get more of what you want in a marriage by learning to give up criticism. John Gottman, PhD, the world’s foremost marriage researcher, talks about CRITICISM as being one of the deadliest relationship sins. I could not agree more.

By criticizing your spouse you won’t solve your relationship problems. In fact, you’ll only make your problems worse.

Think it over . . . 

Criticism will fuel animosity and resentment, drive a wedge through the heart of your relationship, and set you up to be perfect. You’ll have to live up to an impossible standard. So don’t do it. 

My book will show you a better way to handle things.

Look, any time you feel like throwing a poison dart at your spouse, stop and think . . . and put the dart away! Or, better yet, throw it in the nearest trash can! 

Throwing sharp darts is a dangerous practice, always backfires and . . . causes you to poison your relationship.  Is that what you want? Really? 

Instead, learn to talk with your partner in more constructive ways. Yes, if you use your head, and follow simple, but effective communication strategies, you won't have to throw darts. And, you will solve your relationship problems . . . in peaceable ways.  

Toward this aim, Relationship Gold will show you how you can increase your partner’s good will and cooperation by using the art of making gentle requests. 

I’ll reveal how you can use soft start up techniques to put your discussion on higher ground. 

And I’ll show you how to deflect criticism, if your partner flings it at you! 

In Chapter Three, "Stop Arguing and Start Communicating," I reveal effective ways to talk with your partner without being aggressive or pushy, and without being CRITICAL. You’ll learn how to resolve a problem by seeing your partner’s point of view completely and fully, and by letting your partner know you get it. This simple technique can work wonders for you, and smooth out a rocky  relationship, filled with conflict. 

I believe healthy relationships are often the hidden ingredient in one’s quest for success, and my e-Book explains how you can mine your relationships to find hidden happiness.

All too often, I see people throwing away their precious relationships and giving up on them before they have really tried to save them. If you have a relationship you want to save, read Relationship Gold first, try some of the strategies and see if they help. You owe it to yourself. 

And . . . If you don’t give it your all, you’ll always carry a secret regret. 

More Benefits

Just think what you could have if you learned to manage all your key relationships more effectively. You could change your life forever. Instead of trying to figure out the impossible on your own, or accepting hit-or-miss advice from well-meaning friends, you will be able to apply proven techniques that produce results. 

On the contrary, how would you like to suffer through a series of difficult relationships for the next few decades because you haven’t learned anything different .... and you keep using, to no avail, all the same old techniques that don’t really work? 

10, 20 or 30 years of more fighting and problems? More angry outbursts? More of the same old same old frustrating silences and avoidant techniques? More wasted energy trying to get someone back? More affairs -- emotional and physical?

  • Get control of any unhappy relationships and put them to work for you now
  • Form rock-solid relationships with your customers or business associates and keep them for life 
  • Overcome infidelity, rebuild trust and heal your affair-torn marriage
  • Relieve depression and anxiety by infusing optimism in your thought process 
  • Tweak your good relationship and make it a cutting-edge relationship that brings you tremendous delight and joy 
  • Say good-bye to wasting your valuable time working at your relationship only to see no significant results

Even those who have good relationships can make them better. After all, good relationships often go bad due to neglect.  I see this happen all the time. 

I’m not making this up . . . the reality is . . . the number one way a good relationship goes bad is through NEGLECT.  

You think you’ve got a good relationship, and you do, but in time, you forget to keep assigning top priority status to it, or you forget to solve certain problems that get worse and worse and . . . before you know it, you or your spouse (or both) are feeling disconnected and lonely and overwhelmed. 

I’ve seen it happen a hundred times or more . . . 

The couple comes in for therapy, confessing they once had the perfect relationship, then they got distracted and let it slip through their hands . . . and now they have major problems, like hidden animosity, anger and resentment, because they let their high-quality relationship whither away. 

In Relationship Gold, my straight-forward, no-nonsense relationship guide, I’ll show you how to prevent relationship decay, and build and maintain truly great relationships, which are life’s greatest treasure. 

Let's Make the World A Better Place

We can all work together to make the world a better place by improving the quality of every relationship in our lives. Good, solid relationships can erase animosity, promote understanding and instill hope, even help to prevent wars . . . and go a long way toward establishing global peace. Peace has to start somewhere. Why not your very own backyard?

And good relationships can change your life for the better . . . right now.


Read what some of my readers, therapy clients and coaching clients have said about Relationship Gold

"I thought it was an EXCELLENT book -- very concise with good examples. It's a quick read and contains lots of information. Thanks!"

Susan I.

"I like the examples on how to think like someone else. People need to understand the other person's point of view. It takes time and patience. Thank you for the reminder."

Patricia K.

"I enjoyed reading your book, Relationship Gold. I especially enjoyed the part about laughing with others, and if you can't get anyone to laugh with you, then laugh by yourself. Just laugh. Laughter is such good medicine and such a potent healing force, we all need to laugh more. I used the laughter technique in my marriage and it has helped tremendously."

Sharon B.

Hi Richard, just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your Relationship Gold book. Many of the chapters speak to our personal situation. And the suggestions on how to use the book and apply it were very good."

Bill W.

"Hey, Richard. Got your Relationship Gold book and found it very enlightening. Love the easy to use Action Steps. But, how do you get someone else to read your book? I know some people who should read it and would benefit, but they think they know everything! I'll recommend it anyway. Keep up the good work!"

Steve D.

"Your book is delightful. I like how informative it is, without being long and complicated. I must confess, I had my doubts at first, but it's a fun read. I really like how you kept it short and sweet. No one wants to get bogged down with a heavy book they'll never read. It's difficult enough to make the changes we need to make in our relationships. Thank God you didn't make it a cumbersome read or a helluva long, drawn out activity. I will refer to Relationship Gold for many years to come."

Brandt H.

"Richard, I think you had me in mind when you wrote your new book. Maybe that's what everyone will think, I don't know. But you nailed it, man. I am guilty at neglecting my relationships, and I needed the pep talk you provided. Maybe I'm old enough now to realize the truth in many of the concepts in the book. Thank you so much.

All my best,"

Sara S.

"Great job! The length of your new book is perfect. I hate to read stuff. But your writing is so interesting and humorous I can actually get through a chapter a day. Thank you."

Stephen J.

"I just want to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate what you've done with Relationship Gold. Good stuff and great suggestions. You made so many things clear without beating up on the reader."

Becky S.

"Your Gold book on relationships hit me right between the eyes. I'm guilty at going about things in the world's worst way. I have no patience! And nothing but a sour attitude much of the time, I know. How my wife has put up with me all these years I'll never know. But thanks to your book I am trying to make changes. My wife is so impressed! And we're talking more and getting along better than we have in years. I just want to make sure I don't stop working at myself, now that things are improving. Somehow I don't think you're going to let that happen. I enjoyed your writing style, too. Very cool examples. "

John D.

"Another masterful job, Rich. I'll be reading this one for a while. Not that it's so long, it's just right on. The good part and the bad part is it makes you think!"

Robert M.


Relationship Gold comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read it cover to cover, and if the strategies don’t work for you, let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money.


Years ago, I had a Near Death Experience that changed my life. One of the most powerful insights from my incredible experience involved relationships. My NDE helped to realize the awe-inspiring importance of our relationships, and gave me the ability to improve all of mine.

In fact, after my recovery, I felt a strong urge to make building relationships my life's mission. So, I dedicated myself to helping others build great relationships and to enjoy the benefits of life more.  Relationships that inspire, heal and lead others. Relationships that give you the confidence of always being loved.

Relationships that span the troubled waters of life, like an indestructible bridge -- yes, a veritable bridge over troubled waters -- and lift you above life's problems. Relationships that span the rivers of life, as they carve out your destiny and deepen your success.

Thus, I invite you to join me in building better relationships, changing the world, and your life, one happy relationship at a time. 


I endeavored to keep the price of all my e-books affordable so people everywhere can benefit from them, and Relationship Gold is no exception. You can use it as an everyday guide to conducting apply its wisdom to the goal of mining the relationship gold in their lives. 


Richard E. Hamon

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