Happy Relationship Coaching Offerings

We are pleased to offer three types of happy relationship coaching. Each type has its own distinctive function, is designed to offer specifically targeted benefits and results. Remember that professional coaching can help you to achieve a success that is seldom possible on your own. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is not problem‑oriented. Coaching services do not try to resolve emotional problems, past traumas, or treat depression and anxiety. Coaching is a positive, inspirational and up‑beat experience. The three different types of coaching services offered by Happy Relationship Coaching are individual coaching, couple/relationship coaching and happiness coaching.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is designed to help you become more successful than you could ever become on your own. Your coach works with you to discover your truest purpose and most important needs, and helps you design a laser-sharp plan to help you to achieve your target goals quickly. Sessions can be arranged in person or over the telephone. The focus will always be your agenda, doing what you love and living the most deeply fulfilling and rewarding life possible. Your coach will give you the benefit of his extensive experience and expertise, and keep you focused on your goals, while making sure you remain motivated and continue to have fun while you are progressing.

Relationship Coaching and Coaching for Couples

Happy Relationship Coaching and Coaching for Couples emphasizes the enhancement of your marriage or most valuable and committed relationships. We will assess your relationship, identify areas for growth and positive change, and focus your efforts on improving the every day quality of your relationship or marriage. Unlike marital counseling, relationship coaching aims to increase your satisfaction with your relationship by relying upon positive, enjoyable and strength-based methods. You and your partner will meet with your coach together or talk with him via conference call together. I guarantee you will have fun, learn something and make progress! After 30 years of working with couples professionally, I have learned what works and what doesn't work. We won't waste our time on ineffective techniques. Relationship coaching is fun and gives you the golden opportunity to rediscover the beauty of your relationship . . .as you explore the uncharted waters of your relationship's potential, and move toward developing the greatest possible relationship.

Happiness Coaching

Happiness Coaching is the newest and latest rage in my practice. I have probably started something here, and many will copy what I'm doing. Actually, I'm not the first happiness coach in the world, but I am one of the first. Nothing is more interesting than the new research on what makes us happy. Happy Relationship Coaching has developed an innovative, research-based approach for helping and mentoring anyone to become clearly happier . . . we assess your current level of happiness through my unique measurement system, and develop strategies for systematically increasing your happiness (signs of subjective well being), letting more power and light into your life. Central to the happiness coaching program are specific, reliable ways for improving your level of contentment and creating more joy in your life. Every week, in our uplifting coaching conversation, we will explore avenues for increasing your overall life satisfaction and specific paths for building a happier, more abundant lifestyle. The key is building a secure foundation for happiness, according to scientific research, that will stand the test of time.

Happiness Coaching guides you in analyzing every aspect of your life with an eye toward finding creative pathways for enhancing your happiness in each one, following a practical but ambitious protocol. Your experienced and understanding coach will guide you in designing the life you've always wanted or in re-designing the happy life you already have, so you can increase your subjective well being even further!

During the past few years, my efforts have concentrated on happiness more and more. And I have found people light up when given the opportunity to discuss therapeutic and helpful means of gaining a firmer foothold on happiness -- nearly everyone wants to find out how happy they are and how they can improve upon their happiness. Happiness is, after all, the goal of human life.

I use comprehensive, up-to-date tools that are based on modern research -- research that clearly shows what works for people around the world. Whether you are a senior citizen, wanting to enrich your twilight years, or a young person seeking to establish the right foundation for a lifetime of achievement, inner happiness and success,

happiness coaching is a niche' that you will find most rewarding. Your happiness profile and happiness plan will be unique, and your customized goals will reflect your specific needs and desires, your personality, your life and your current situation.

My Fees

As I mentioned earlier I offer three types of happy relationship coaching but for the purpose of fees I basically bundle them as an individual and couple or as a group. All coaching is done via the telephone, unless you live in the bluegrass area of Kentucky, where face-to-face sessions can be arranged.

Individual and Couple coaching both work the same way, only in couple work both spouses talk with me at the same time. I speak with the client three times a month for 30 minutes a session. E-mail support is provided. If a question comes up or you want to get back with me about an assignment, you can e-mail me, and I’ll respond in a way that will accelerate your progress and move you along. For many, individual coaching is the ultimate way to get the support and encouragement you need to reach a difficult goal, build great relationships or find the inspiration to lead a truly happy, successful life.

My standard fee is $400 per month, payable up front. There are no minimum contracts, and the client pays by the month. Some coaches require a three-month contract to get started, but I see no need for this. You’ll be able to tell if you’re making progress after the first month, and we’ll both know if we’re a good match for each other. If we are not a good match, I’ll gladly refer you to another coach.

Group Coaching is the latest craze in the coaching profession. There are several reasons for the popularity of group coaching. First, it’s lighter on the pocketbook. Since there are four people on the call, the price is only $200 per person, per month. Each call lasts for an hour, which enables everyone to get plenty of attention and get their needs met. A group starts when enough people have registered. Until that time, I will place your name on a waiting list and notify you when we have enough people to start a new group. Second, group coaching allows for a dynamic learning situation in which everyone can benefit from the discussion whereby multiple perspectives are presented. And thirdly, group coaching is a lot of fun. And people tend to learn more when they are having fun!

Our coaching process begins with an initial session where we will talk about your goals, hopes and dreams, and we’ll explore the possibilities of our working together. I will share my coaching philosophy with you and offer a few initial ideas. We’ll talk about the change process and what works and doesn’t work. We’ll explore the many ways coaching can serve as a motivational tool that ignites your potential for growth, success and change. And, if you’re like most people, you’ll find the session helpful and uplifting. During the session, we’ll decide the time for your future sessions, and we’ll mark our calendars accordingly.

Coaching is one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors a person can experience. As a seasoned professional helper, I will focus 100% of my energy on listening to you and helping you to get what you want out of life. I am experienced and skilled, and passionate about helping people to succeed in ways that are important and authentic to them. If you would like to give coaching a try, let me know.

Whether you’re interested in therapy, coaching, clinical supervision or training, feel free to send me a message or give me a call.

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I’ll be happy to answer your questions. My goal is to give all my clients the red carpet treatment, and to make our work together extremely beneficial and rewarding.

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