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by: Richard Hamon

There are many factors influencing success, but few are as powerful or important as designing a supportive environment. True success becomes sustainable when we have an environment that encourages our success. Fact is, we are alll products of our environment.

If you want to be successful, you must become skilled at designing success-oriented environments.

Think of your work environment as your partner in business. From the physical layout of your work space to the psychological environment you've created, your environment invites or discourages success or failure. The possibilities are built-in to the type of space you've designed.

Your office should be conducive to work and be attractive, so you'll look forward to going to work there. Your relationships with partners, colleagues and mentors should be inspiring. good relationships are motivational, and will encourage you to work smartly and succeeed.

The thoughts you entertain should be positive and empowering, and your self-talk should be laden with opportunity and promise. Examine the kinds of things you tell yourself. Are they healthy and positive in nature? Do they help you to accomplish more or less than you're capable of accomplishing?

Almost anything can be an enviroment. A social group, such as a group of friends, can be an environment that helps you succeed --or fail. Pessimistic friends who find lots of time to play poker, but not to work, will only bring you down and distract you from your higher purpose.

Take a look at all your environments and find ways to improve upon them. You'll be more successful.

Strong environments create consistency, safety and confidence. They make it easy for you to act on your plans and get things done. As you evaluate the environments in your life, identify those unhealthy environments and tweak them so they become productive and sustainable. Thus, you'll set up systems that will lead to your success throughout your life. Organize your environments effectively, and you'll spend less time spinning your wheels and more time enjoying your success.


"In old age we are like a batch of letters that someone has sent. We are no longer in the past, we have arrived."

Knut Hamsun

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