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Welcome to the latest issue of my ezine on relationships and the science of happiness. Last month's issue went out before I could get it finished, and I apologize for the inconvenience! You'll find this issue to be more informative and complete. Check out the brief but interesting articles and let me know if you want to see future articles on a subject of your interest.


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Everyone gets lonely now and then. But it seems even worse in today's manic, fast-paced world. People are becoming more disconnected and more isolated. Everyone's in a hurry. And how little time we take for one another. Heck, we're too busy to smell the roses, let alone take care of our relationships.

In a climate like this loneliness flourishes!

Despite these problems, you can overcome loneliness by trying a few simple tricks based on a powerful law of the universe. The next time you're feeling a little depressed because the people in your life are letting you down or you're wishing you had more friends, try this strategy, based on the law of giving:

Find someone in need and help them. When you throw yourself into a labor of love your feelings of loneliness and despair will disappear. You'll feel connected to others in a meaningful way . . .

And your doldrums will turn into days of delight!

Molly's Case

Let me illustrate how easily you can reduce feelings of loneliness and increase your sense of happiness and well being by telling you about an actual case.

A woman came to me complaining of depression due to loneliness. We'll call her Molly. Her friends were ignoring her, her family had no interest in her and she had nothing to do when she wasn't working. So . . . we explored ways she might rekindle her friendships and reignite her relationships with family members, but that's not what this article is about. Let me tell you about what she did to get herself feeling great in no time . . .

I suggested that she find someone in need of help or attention and spend some time filling that need. She couldn't think of anyone. I realized she liked animals, so I asked her if she would like to help out at the local Humane Society or animal shelter. She lived only a mile from the shelter but had never set foot in the building.

Molly called the shelter and told the staff she'd like to try walking the dogs and giving them some badly needed exercise. She became a volunteer and began walking dogs two or three times a week. In time, she added other responsibilities, such as answering the phone and occasionally scrubbing kennel floors. She enjoyed her work and found that she made a number of new friends -- both the human and canine types.

And she became quite fond of a kitten, which she eventually took home. Now she has someone with whom to share her time away from her job. The kitten is a bit demanding, but offers her companionship and lots of laughs.

I do not recommend replacing human friends with animal friends, but pets can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle, as long as they are kept in proper balance.

What You Can Do

You don't have to help with homeless animals, you can go to nursing homes and offer to be a volunteer. I have volunteered at such places and I've always fallen in love with the residents. If you play music, offer to entertain them. If you love arts and crafts, offer to do arts and crafts activities with the residents. The possibilities go on and on.

Or look close to home. Does a neighbor need your help because he or she is recovering from surgery? Why not offer to water their flowers or mow their lawn? How about baking them some bread or cookies? If you know of a lonely child, why not see if you can play catch with him/her?

In Closing

Or better yet, think about joining the Scouts organizations or Big Brothers and Big Sisters. By volunteering your time and energy, you can make a difference in someone's life . . .

and you'll kick the lonely blues out the window!


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"The love you take is the love you make."

Lennon and McCartney

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