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Welcome to the latest issue of Happy Relationships Matter! This month's main article is on happiness and what the happiness research says about leading a happier life. You'll learn how to increase your happiness by using research-based guidelines.


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How To Be Happier

The art of happiness seems so elusive at times. And loneliness, like depression, can seem unstoppable. But it may be easier to defeat the pangs of loneliness than you think. Loneliness is both a mindset and a set of habits. This article will show you how to attack loneliness in a variety of ways for maximum impact.

Tips And Suggestions: A Few Tricks Of The Trade

Below you'll find some easy and straight-forward ideas on how you can curb loneliness and start feeling more involved in the life you want to have. The art of happiness consists of knowledge, skill and creative application. You can be happier if you marshall new ideas and apply them creatively to your everyday life.

Start by doing... and do something different

OK, this step involves doing something really constructive about your loneliness and changing old, familiar behavior patterns. So fasten your seat belt... here you go! Lonely people tend to withdraw and feel sorry for themselves, thinking, "I can't bear to go outside and do something. Nobody loves me anyway. I just don't know where to find a good friend... someone I can trust and depend upon!"

So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, do something different. Go somewhere, do something constructive and meet some people. To combat loneliness... act!

Change your thought pattern. Think positively... For example, "Okay, I'm feeling lonely again. This time I'm going to take charge of my loneliness. I'm going to turn this into a great day! I'm going to find a way to make myself feel better right now."

Now that you're thinking empowering thoughts, get to work on your old behavior patterns. Instead of watching TV in a dark room or sleeping late, try a new tact. Check out the following suggestions and see if you can turn over a new leaf! Here's how to meet some people and get some social stimulation, which will make you feel better:

More Suggestions

-- Go shopping and make a point of talking to the sales person about your possible purchases. For example, I went to a guitar store last week, played three dozen guitars, talked at length with the sales staff, got into discussions with other customers and had quite an enjoyable time! When I left I felt totally energized. I no longer felt alone.

-- Take your dog for a walk in the park... and compliment other dog owners on their dogs. Many conversations will follow. You'll find yourself connecting to people. Remember to smile and be yourself... and people will respond to you warmly. Soon you'll be on your way to combating your loneliness and feeling happier.

-- Join a church, synagogue or other group where you will make new friends and worship, study and learn with other seekers.

-- Visit your local art museum and spend time with each painting. You'll enter a new world and make interesting discoveries, see new possibilities and find inspiration to be creative in your own life. Happiness is an art, too, and great works of art just may inspire you in unexpected ways.

-- Go to your local coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone, even if it's just saying "hello" to some of the patrons and employees.

-- Call an old friend, perhaps an old classmate from high school or college. Rekindle an old relationship, and you'll combat loneliness the minute you hear the sound of your old friend's voice.

-- Know a black sheep? Every family has a black sheep. Who's yours? Give 'em a call and ask to meet him/her for lunch, if possible. Or start writing letters. Letter writing is a lost art. And it's very therapeutic. Fact: Whenever most people write they feel loess lonely!

-- Pour your heart out in a diary or journal. Write a song, expressing your emotions. Play your song and sing it with all the feeling and heart you can muster.

-- Sign up for a gardening class and go and dig in the dirt! Talk about therapy... this works like a charm for many people. Join a gardening club. You'll enjoy lots of good friendship and social stimulation.

Don't Forget

These are but a few ideas you can use to apply the art of happiness in your life. You'll combat loneliness and improve your social life. Be creative and do something, but avoid feeling sorry for yourself. That's a self-inhibiting depression trap. It'll only make you feel worse. Remember to reverse old thought patterns, then to do something different, something positive, instead of giving in to old behaviors.

Soon, you're new way of doing things will take root and become a collection of healthy


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Here is the great Swiss analyst, Carl Jung, speaking on "Individuation," the process of reaching one's inner potential: ". . . it takes sometimes half a lifetime to get somewhere in one's psychological development."

Carl Gustov Jung, MD

All of us are works in progress, and unleashing our deepest and highest potential is a life-long journey.

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