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Welcome to the latest issue of Happy Relationships Matter! This combined issue continues the happiness theme, and will present information on how you can live a happier, healthier life in 2010.


1. 2010: How To Be Happier Than Ever

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3. How To Make Changes That Work

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How To Be Happier

Thanks to recent research in the field of psychology, now we know what will make us happy and what won’t. The science of happiness reveals fascinating truths about old ideas and beliefs. People have always believed that certain things would make them happy, such as power and fame, luxury and wealth. But what does the new research say about it?

Well, let's just say you might be surprised!

Read this brief article and find out how well you’re doing. And use it too help you construct goals for the new year so you can make this year the happiest year of your life.

Old Ideas

My parents taught me that the secret to happines was having a good education, a fulfilling job, a strong marriage and a satisfying spiritual life. They stressed the importance of working hard, being honest and treating others fairly.

Happiness was about learning to love, give and serve. No doubt your parents taught you similar values, beliefs and ideas. And guess what?

My parents gave me good advise and taught me well, based on the research. A healthy marriage helps a lot. A good job or work that you love? What a boost to happiness! Being good to others and having strong relationships certainly invites happiness into your life!

What about Money?

Wealth has not been shown to increase a person's happiness significantly. In fact, many of the world's wealthiest people are less happy than the average blue collar worker.

Winning the lottery may make you a little happier in the moment, but the effects won't last for long. Studies show that lottery winners return to their normal level of happiness within one to two years after winning the lottery.

Winning the lottery can also create misery and give you headaches that often cause emotional problems! I have counseled individuals who won the lottery or came into money suddenly, and I can tell you that these people are often overwhelmed by the unwelcome changes money can bring. Anger and depression, relationship problems and all manner of stress can be unleased.

A Myth That Dies Hard

Is it really so surprising that money won’t make you happy? Many people have known that for a long time, but others have continued to believe or hope otherwise. It's a myth (or wishful thinking) that refuses to die.

In The End

Yet we all need enough money to live on, and here’s where having a good career and the requisite education or training come into play. And . . . happiness is really about keeping an optimistic attitude, being able to bounce back from adversity, maintaining balance in you life and engaging in healthy relationships.

The happy person is like a juggler who gives every ball the right amount of attention, keeping them all afloat. He or she has healthy relationships, takes care of himself/herself, enjoys productive work, keeps a positive mental attitude, and seeks to be a part of something larger than himself/herself.

Speaking of relationships, outgoing people tend to have an easier time of it than introverted types when it comes to meeting people and finding outlets for their social needs. Even if you are not by nature an outgoing person, you can learn to be more assertive and active in your social life, which can make you happier!

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You'll not find another book like this, because mine is based not only on the happienss research, but my three decades of experience helping people become happier, as a therapist and coach. I've put the keys to happiness, as I have observed them in the lives of highly successful and happy people, in the book.


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How To Make Changes That Work: Do You Want To Change Your Life?

Changing your life and making it better is something we must do on a regular basis. Happy people are those who are always looking for ways to improve themselves.

I am having lots of conversations with people about how to get more of what one wants in life, how to feel better and how to get out of ruts and so forth.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

#1. Don't put it off . . . there is no better time than right now for instituting changes. Putting it off just makes it harder.

#2. Make one or two changes at a time. It's easier to stay focused on one or two goals than a bunch. Some people write lengthy "change lists" only to end up getting confused and forgetting what they need to be working on later on during the year.

#3. Avoid seeing a difficult goal or challenge in its entirity. Break it into small, "do-able" steps, and think of one step at a time. Otherwise, you may never start on a difficult-to-achieve task or goal.

#4. Look within for direction, inspiration or help. I look to my dreams and simple meditation techniques for help in re-thinking my future or in finding new insights. And I have had some amazing results lately! Let me know if you need instruction on doing the same. I'll be glad to help.

Ezine Articles

In addition to writing articles for Happy Relationships.com, I write articles for EzineArticles.com, and they get the articles published on the internet. In the past couple years, I have written about 80 articles on all manner of topics, such as happiness, relationships, near death experiences, meditation, hypnosis, leadership, depression and parenting strong, resilient kids and interpreting your dreams.

If you'd like to see some of my articles, feel free to run over to Ezinearticles.com, and look up my author's page.

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