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Welcome to the latest issue of Happy Relationships Matter! This combined issue continues the happiness theme, and will present information on how you can overcome loneliness and live a happier, healthier life.


1. What Does The Happiness Research Say?

2. The Nutrition Corner

3. How To Beat Loneliness

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What Does The Happiness Research Say About How To Be Happier

Thanks to recent research in the field of psychology, now we know what will make us happy and what won’t. The science of happiness reveals fascinating truths about old ideas and beliefs. People have always believed that certain things would make them happy, such as power and fame, luxury and wealth. But what does the new research say about it?

I'll cover just a couple of points here -- different points than I covered last issue. What affect do education and job satisfaction have on long-term happiness and well being?

We'll take education first. Some people go to college so they can make more money. Others go to gain valuable life experience and to build their intellect. But, despite your reasons for getting a good education, what are the benefits, in terms of happiness?

In the United States, education is indirectly related to happiness, and may lead to greater unhappiness. How can it make you more unhappy?

If education leads to the development of high expectations and the person doesn't reach those expectations, he or she may become more unhappy. Education may create broader leisure interests and lead to a deeper understanding of the world. And it may give people a sense of achievement and self-satisfaction.

What about job satisfaction?

Women have a stronger correlation between job satisfaction and life satisfaction than men, according to some studies. This may relate to the expansion of career choices in recent times for women.

Employed persons have less distress, more life satisfaction and lower rates of suicide than unemployed people. People are more likely to be happy if they work in a job that gives them inttrinsic benefits and if there is a good person-organization fit.

Many people are happier due to their work because of the important social rewards allowed by their work.

In Sum

In the final analysis, both education levels and job satisfaction tend to bring about greater happiness. But they are probably not as powerful in their influence as personality traits. Extroverted personality types, who are open to new experience, for example, tend to remain happy, despite changing circumstances or misfortune in their lives.

People who love people and can go out and make new friends easily tend to be the big winners when it comes to the happiness game.

You can read more articles on happienss at my website, www.Happy-Relationships.com., and look for my new eBook on happiness to come out this spring.

You'll not find another book like this, because mine is based not only on the happienss research, but my three decades of experience helping people become happier, as a therapist and coach. I've put the keys to happiness, as I have observed them in the lives of highly successful and happy people, in the book.


This article on Ginseng kicks off a new column on nutrition, in response to readers’ requests. Every issue I will try to write about a nutritional topic of interest to everyone. Ginseng is one of those supplements that just about everyone should know about and use.

Besides green tea, fish oil and Vitamin C, all super-supplements offering a great many benefits, Ginseng is one of the world’s most wonderful supplements. An adaptogen, Ginseng helps you adapt to stress and deal with difficult circumstances. It can give you a real boost when you are under stress and trying to balance numerous tasks.

Studies show:

Ginseng increases resistance to various viruses and the common colds. It improves stamina, cerebral blood flow, blood sugar and cognitive function Now that’s a mouthful!

The average person may not realize how effective Ginseng has been shown to be, but the reasons are clear: A recent review of studies has shown Ginseng to have compounds (saponins) that have “positive anti-mutagenic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes and neurovascular effects.”

Ginseng has been found to have a wide range of pharmacological and therapeutical actions. Among other things, it acts positively on the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Promoting immune function metabolism is one of the things Ginseng does best.

And it helps with anti-stress and anti-aging!

In a recent study, Ginseng lowered blood sugar in people with and without diabetes, even after people ate a concentrated carbohydrate meal. As little as 1 gram lowered blood sugar after people drank a sugar solution. It lowered blood pressure by 10% to 22% in the study participants.

There are several types of ginseng: Panax ginseng (American), Asian/Korean ginseng and Siberian Ginseng, a poor relative. Asian Ginseng is reported to have greater stimulant properties than the American variety, and may raise heart rate in some individuals.

Those who are pregnant or people with depressed liver function should check with their doctor before using Ginseng. For an added energy lift and vitalizer, ginseng works like a charm.

Here’s a natural prescription for boosting immunity, offered by a local health food store: 100mg - 1 gram of Ginseng ; for added effectiveness, take zinc 15 - 30 mg and Vitamin C 500 - 1000 mg.

I have taken ginseng for years, and can always tell when I haven’t had it for a while; my energy level seems to drop and I simply don’t feel as good. A good way to get some ginseng in your system is to drink green tea with ginseng, which you can find in most grocery stores. I hope you’ll give ginseng a try!


More people have written to me about overcoming loneliness than any other single problem. So this article will go over some good strategies for reducing the pangs of loneliness.

It may be tempting to sit around and feel sorry for yourself (haven’t we all done that one time or another?) But it’s best to resist the urge and get going down a more productive path.

A good place to start is to figure out where you can find some good friends. Visiting your local watering hole or bar may not be the best choice. So where can you go?

Reading your local newspaper may be a good place to start. Even in small town papers, you’ll find articles on community events, groups and organizations. If one interests you, make some phone calls and look into it.

For example

Let’s say you love gardening. And you read an article about the local chapter of a gardening club and what they are doing in your area. Call a contact person or representative and ask how you can become involved with the group. Go to their next meeting and meet some people. Go to the meetings and participate in a project. You’ll meet some mighty fine people, have fun doing work you love and learn more about gardening; you’ll be able to share your gardening wisdom, too, all of which will make you feel LESS lonely.

2. Think about ways you can be of service to others in need. By finding a way to help others your own emotional needs will often be met. When we give of the heart we receive of the heart. The act of doing a good deed pushes out lonely feelings and opens the door to feeling more connected with others, and engenders a sense of belonging and attachment. In touching someone’s life, our loneliness dissipates. And our service opens new doors of opportunity and connection.

Look in the yellow pages or search the internet for names of organizations that do good work in your community, such as non-profit groups. Check into two or three groups and get involved. Offer your expertise or time. You’ll meet lots of good people who are trying to make a difference in the world.

3. One of my favorite ways to cure loneliness (one I heartily recommend to my clients) is to go within and consult the wisdom of your body. You probably have a few good ideas locked within yourself, just waiting for you to uncover them. Perhaps they have been trying to come to your attention through dreams, or day dreams, but you haven’t noticed or you’ve been too busy to follow up on your good ideas.

How do you find the treasure-trove of helpful information hidden within? It’s easier than you might think! Pay attention to your daydreams and fantasies, which can be useful ways of exploring logical opportunities for change.

Think about how to solve the problem right before you fall asleep, increasing the likelihood you’ll dream about it. Write your dreams down as soon as you awaken.

Think about it, focusing on brainstorming to find as many good ideas as you can. You can do insight meditation, too, a powerful technique for plumbing the depths of your inner mind.

4. Familiarize yourself with the happiness literature. The recent research on happiness reveals the secrets of happy people and shows the way to curing the lonely, heavy-hearted blues. The research suggests that the happiest people are those who are outgoing and optimistic types who go out and make good things happen, rather than waiting for good things to come to them.

Take a step in the right suggestion. Make something good happen. Don’t sit back and feel defeated. Put a smile on your face and do something different.

5. Last but not least is my final suggestion. Take in a partner. Ask a good friend or trusted ally to help you cure your loneliness. Talk to your pastor or spiritual leader, speak to a professional counselor or coach and take their suggestions seriously. If you are religious or spiritually oriented, ask your Higher Power for help, and trust in your faith. The help you seek will come to you in one form or another.

The Best News Of All

We’ve come to the end of our article and it’s time for me to reveal the best news of all. What is my terrific news? A secret technique or amazingly magical strategy?

It’s just a simple word of advice. Believe!

Believe you can and you will find a way to cure your loneliness and be happier than ever. Everyone gets lonely at times. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or to fear.

You have the power to change your life for the better today. Even if you’ve failed many times in the past, you can still turn over a new leaf right now. In fact, it is the path of failure that leads us to the promised land of success. The more you fail, the closer you get.

Think positively, believe you can and act . . . right this minute! Why wait until tomorrow? So get going and good luck! I know you can do it.

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