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April/May Edition

Welcome to the latest issue of Happy Relationships Matter! This combined issue continues the happiness theme, and will present information on how you can overcome loneliness and live a happier, healthier life.


1. How Happiness Research Can Make You Happier

2. The Nutrition Corner

3. Exciting Therapy Possibilities

4. Powerful Tools For Happiness In My E-Book

What Does The Happiness Research Say About Optimism And How To Be Happier

Thanks to recent research in the field of psychology, now we know what will make us happy and what won’t.

Take a look at this AMAZING fact, folks . . . A researcher in the Netherlands, Erik Giltay found that optimism protects people from heart attacks!

In essence, in a well-controlled study, among men aged 65 - 80, the most optimistic group had HALF the heart attacks as men in the least optimistic group.

Just think about the power of optimism to make people feel good. When we are optimistic people flock to us, but try being a negative thinker for one day . . . what happens? You will repel people. What happens to the pessimist in every office? Everyone avoids her, right? That's the way it works in my office.

A bad attitude brings us down.

Optimism reduces the risk of cancer, too. In a 2008 study on breast cancer, optimism reduced cancer risk by a whopping 25%. The women were between 25 and 45 years of age. Interestingly, traumatic events increased the cancer rate.

Keep in mind . . . happy people have fewer symptoms of trauma when exposed to traumatic events.

In other words, it really pays to build your happiness level, and to learn the art of happiness. You can find a very informative article on the art of happiness at my site. Just go to my home page and you'll find the link. And please, if you're serious about your own happiness, and the happiness of the ones you love, learn all you can about the art and science of happiness!

Just go to my website, www.Happy-Relationships.com. _______________________________________________________________


Our physical health has a lot to do with our emotions, and our overall well-being. So it's a good idea to pay ample attention to nutrition, exercise, sleep and other aspects of your physical person. Aloe can certainly make you healthier and play a role in boosting your happiness!

Aloe Vera is an often-overlooked wonder supplement, a plant-based substance that contains hundreds of healthy things. You can apply it to the skin for help with healing a skin problem, or you can ingest the pure aloe juice. Either way, studies show it can help heal skin-related problems and improve your digestion and immunity.

Some people take the juice from their own aloe plants, but I have found the plants a little tricky to grow in my house. It's probably my inattention to their needs. So I buy fresh, pure aloe at the local health food store. I try to ingest a couple of tablespoons a day, and I think it really helps with various ailments.

Buy a high quality aloe juice and follow the instructions printed on the bottle for proper dosing. I have recently brought aloe vera back into my life, and I love it. I hope you will find as many uses for it as I do.


In the near future, I will be adding information about how you can access my therapy services, if you live in the central Kentucky area of the good ole' USA.

I will be opening a new local office, and setting up a system for clients to book appointments with me on-line. It will be fast and easy. Local folks will be able to get coaching or therapy, and global clients will be able to sign up for telephone coaching, as always.

I will coach you to improve your happiness skills, build happier, more fulfilling relationships and give you generous support in achieving your personal goals with lightning speed. The new, improved web-site will make it easy for you to schedule the service you desire.


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In addition to writing articles for Happy Relationships.com, I write articles for EzineArticles.com, and they get the articles published on the internet. In the past couple years, I have written about 90 articles on all manner of topics, such as happiness, relationships, near death experiences, meditation, hypnosis, leadership, depression and parenting strong, resilient kids and interpreting your dreams.

If you'd like to see some of my articles, feel free to run over to Ezinearticles.com, and look up my author's page.

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