Welcome To The Latest Issue Of Relationships Matter!

June/July Edition

Welcome to the latest issue of Happy Relationships Matter!

Here’s your Happy Relationships newsletter for June/July . . . in this months’ issue you’ll find tips on how to fix relationship problems, enhance your mental health and live a longer, happier life.


Old habits can be hard to let go and new ones can be difficult to form, but . . . you can, if you persist, restore an old, problematic relationship . . .

and make it better than ever!

A woman wrote me recently asking if I had any quick cures for a failing romantic relationship. I, of course, could not answer in the affirmative. But I did give her some encouraging news. With patience and will power, you may be able to bring a relationship back from the brink, if you try some of the following tips:


Put your relationship first. Sounds simple, but check this out . . .

If you’ve put your relationship on the back burner for any reason, pick it up and place it on one of the burners in front of the stove. Maybe you’ve been too busy for your relationship. Or you’ve had a crisis in the family. Maybe other things have come first. Or you’re afraid your significant other won’t meet you half way . . . SO YOU’VE KIND OF LET YOUR RELATIONSHIP GO.

Whatever the reason, you can breathe new life into your relationship by becoming aware of what has happened. No one plans to ignore or give up their relationship, it just happens. Let’s face it, life is tough. Once you realize how you’ve let go of your relationship, you can make a different decision . . . a decision to focus on your relationship again.

You can find time for it, if you try. Just spending a little more time with your relationship partner can make a big difference. Doing little things to revive it can go a long way. Be bold and tell your partner you feel it’s time to give the relationship a new start. You don’t have to get married again, but you can create an enjoyable ritual to symbolically put your relationship back on track.


Relationships are too valuable to shuffle to the bottom of the pile. Sometimes we ignore a relationship because we’re so busy. The next tip will help you find time to renew and rekindle yours.

Do something every day – something you aren’t currently doing – to make your partner feel loved. A 30-second hug could remind him/her how you feel.

A couple I’ve been working with is doing just that. She asked him to give her a long hug at least once a day. And he’s obliging her. It’s helping them to feel connected to each other again. A thirty-second hug in the morning and one in the evening only takes a minute of your time!


An expression of your abiding love, a pleasant surprise can make your spouse feel important again. Why not make their favorite snack or hide a favorite candy bar under their pillow? Just make sure they find it, okay?

Let’s say you’re working on a report after dinner, but you decide to sneak into the kitchen and make your spouse’s favorite drink. Spend a little extra time on presentation, making it look good, and deliver it to him/her with a smile. Go back to your report, and you’ve had a nice, little break.

You can always find time to make your partner smile. Now be creative. And give yourself a challenge of keeping it up. Once a month won’t mean that much, but if you can do some kind gesture every day, you’ll be going places!


If you haven’t already taken the quiz . . .

this quick quiz will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your relationship, and determine how well it’s working for you. It’ll only take a few minutes. Ask your relationship partner to take it, too. Or a friend or family member.

And taking the quiz will assist you in pinpointing areas in need of attention in your marriage or relationship.

You can click the link near the end of the newsletter or . . . type in your browser: https://www.happy-relationships.com/subscribe.html


Give something up or make some type of personal sacrifice to send the message that you care. What am I talking about? If you play cards with friends every Friday night, you could give one night up and spend it with your relationship partner, doing whatever he/she wants to do. You’ll make him/her feel awfully special!

And you’ll feel good about yourself because you will make your partner happy, and you’ll have to make a sacrifice to do it.

Try these tips and see if they can get that old fire roaring again. And, don’t forget to have fun doing it . . . having fun is the key!!!


Research has shown there’s a link between happiness and living longer. Yes, happier people live longer and enjoy their lives more than unhappy folks, according to several recent studies.

In one study, happy women had a 25% lower incidence of breast cancer than unhappy women. In another, the happiest men had fewer heart problems than unhappy men. Those who enjoy a high sense of subjective well being have strong immune systems, and are more resilient when a health crisis strikes.

Also, have you ever noticed happy people tend to have a good support system? I think that’s because happy people are usually surrounded by other happy people. It just kind of works that way. ☺

How happy are you? Go to my website and take the happiness quiz, and you’ll find out! Just click the Happy Relationships website link near the bottom of the ezine.


I’ll be opening a new therapy office in the central Kentucky area soon, and you’ll be able to learn about my services and book appointments on line. Also, I’ll be accepting coaching clients locally.

Therapy services offered will include individual, couple and family services, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, stress management, trauma work, counseling for children and teenagers, and a host of other services.

I’ll be accepting most types of insurance, credit card and Paypal payments. Go to my site often to keep abreast of my progress in getting the new office set up.


I’ll see you next month or the month after. Please don’t forget to check my site often and look for updates and changes. I’m redesigning the site and offering more gifts and features.

It's been a pleasure having you as a newsletter reader. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for future issues!!!

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