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In this issue you'll get information on how to lead a happier life . . . and how to get more joy and satisfaction out of your relationships, along with tips on other mental health topics of interest.


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This month's feature article . . .

How To Build Your Brain Health

Studies of Buddhist monks have shown that deep breathing and suspending thought, while focusing on the moment, can change brains in positive ways. Relaxing profoundly can enhance both physical and emotional well being. Relaxing in a quiet, safe place can help you to find a sense of inner peace and joy.

Recent studies have shown that meditation has helped children who were victims of abuse early in life to reduce or overcome their symptoms. Plus, evidence shows that as little as half an hour a day of deep relaxation or meditation can increase grey matter density in regions of the brain related to learning.

Sitting still and doing nothing is a wonderful way to relieve stress and overcome the blues. In a world that is going around way too fast, it pays to get off the treadmill and take a little time for letting go. Sit in a quiet, dark, private room and chill for a while. You'll recharge your batteries and change your brain! So why not slow down and give yourself the tender loving care you need?

It is easy to stop and do something real. Just sit still and listen to the void. Get in touch with your inner world and yield to the peaceful feelings of peace and tranquility.

Four Steps To A Sharper Mind and Healthier Brain

1. Exercise your brain. You'll create new neurons. Play games and do puzzles. Learn new things. Stretch yourself. Try a new hobby or take a class. Spend time with folks who make you think or expand your horizons.

2. Exercise your body. Exercise increases heart rate and blood flow. It supplies more oxygen to the brain and keeps your brain youthful.

3. Keep Your BP under control. People who have high blood pressure don't do as well on tests of cognitive function.

4. Find time to sit still and do something -- nothing! Your brain will benefit, particularly in areas associated eith learning.

Your brain, no matter how old, is capable of learning new tricks and building new neural pathways, if you exercise it, so keep your hippocampus young by treating it right!


Research shows that marriages in which the husband cannot accept the ideas and opinions of their wives are dooomed to fail. The best way to improve a marriage's chances for success is for the husband to learn to accept influence from his wife.

And another way is for each spouse to learn how to handle disappointment more constructively. What do you do when you feel disappointed by your partner? How do you handle it? Does your reaction make things worse?

Asking these questions can help you to highlight the need for change, and help you to make a more mature reaction to feeling disappointed.

Check us out next month. We have some exciting new developments to tell you about. Have a great summer, and thanks for reading our eZine!

Richard E. Hamon, LMFT Your Relationship Coach and Therapist

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