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Happy Relationships Matter, Issue #64 -- It's Here! No more Waiting!
March 13, 2015
Greetings Everyone!

Welcome To The Latest Issue Of Relationships Matter!

HELLO from Richard Hamon, LMFT . . . here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for and the guidance you need.

Welcome to the March Issue of Relationships Matter! Read about: – Alzheimer’s Disease – Infidelity – Mindfulness Meditation – Improving Relationships and finding Relationship Gold

Prevent Or Slow the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Although there is no certain way to prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, it may be possible to both by making critical lifestyle changes.

Alzheimer’s is a tragic and deadly disease that slowly kills millions of people. Here are some powerful tips, based on current research in the field, on how to reduce your risk of getting the disease and possibly slow it’s progression.

One, Engage in mental activity. Read, write, play chess, learn a musical instrument, learn a language, play Cognitive Games, work puzzles and take a group class at your local college or community center.

Two, Get regular exercise – doing aerobic, strength and resistance training exercises several times a week can stimulate the brain and improve its functioning. Exercise decreases depression, too. It is the fountain of youth.

Three, Follow a Mediterranean-type diet, where you eat across the rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables to maximize antioxidants and other key nutrients. Eat fish or take fish oil, drink green tea, avoid trans fats and saturated fats, and avoid processed foods. Supplements like Vitamin D, B12, folic acid, fish oil, turmeric and coconut oil may also help.

Four, Obtain high-quality sleep. For most of us, that means eight hours. Sleep on a regular schedule, take frequent naps and take steps to ensure sound sleep. Sleep protects, recharges and vitalizes your brain.

Five, Manage stress. Stress is a silent killer. Stress is often the unrecognized problem in many relationships, too. So develop your very own Personal Stress Plan. Try breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, yoga, walking and meditation. Mindfulness or awareness meditation has been shown clinically to reduce stress, improve attitude and support the brain.

On a side note ... I meditate regularly to lower stress and find a remarkable sense of inner peace. It is so helpful, I don’t think I could live without meditating.

Six, Lead an active social life. The fact is, we human beings are social animals. We are wired to be social. You can’t be happy living in a vacuum or living in isolation. Keep friends around you, stay connected with colleagues, maintain strong relationships with your family members, and keep your marriage or romantic relationship strong. Your brain will thank you.

Follow the six golden rules above and you’ll reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s, dementia, age-related brain fogs, and you may very well be able to slow the progression of these diseases.


Here are a few facts about infidelity that may help you, in case you ever face this problem. Infidelity means one partner believes the agreement to stay true to each other is in force ... while the other is secretly violating it. It is a common problem today. Does it mean the relationship is over?

Not necessarily. Many couples go on to learn from their infidelity and gain insight as to how to improve their relationships. In one study, the majority of couples who tried to save their relationship, after infidelity, were glad they did, five years later.

Discovering infidelity is a shocking and traumatic experience. Avoid taking immediate action, and stop to think and reflect. In time, it will get easier to comprehend and accept.

Infidelity usually means there are problems in the relationship, to begin with, perhaps that have never been fully acknowledged. Infidelity can be a wake- up call that your relationship needs attention. Seeking professional help may be required for many couples, or finding help from a qualified clergyman may be helpful. Whatever you do, remember that infidelity is a big emotional loss, a breaking of trust, and if not dealt with can eventually destroy the relationship.

Avoid sweeping it under the rug. Remember that most spouses who have an affair of some kind, will deny it when confronted. They will lie and cover it up. That is a normal reaction. So, don’t panic, give it time and seek proper help.

If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, remember that it may be a solvable problem, and doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your relationship. Allow yourself some time to grieve, think and reflect before you take action. Do, however, take constructive steps to deal with a one-night stand, philandering or an affair.

Mindfulness Meditation

I recommend mindfulness meditation to many clients because it helps with so many things. It is a stress-reliever, a treatment for pain, a spiritual tool, and an anecdote for anxiety and depression. There is powerful new research suggesting mindfulness meditation can help alleviate trauma and PTSD, and has been shown to help abuse victims heal from the ill-effects of abuse.

Here is one way I teach mindfulness mediation. Try this and let me know how you like it. In brief, mindfulness meditation involves concentrating on the sensation of your breath flowing in and out, while you think of nothing else. Below you’ll find an abbreviated form of mindful meditation.

Mindfulness Exercise

Take five or ten minutes, sit in a quiet place and relax your body. Close your eyes and zoom in on the sound of your breathing. Don’t try to change it. Simply become aware of it. Tune in to the wonderful sensation of your breathing, noticing how the inhalation produces a sense of renewed energy and well being. Imagine all your worries flowing out of your mind with each exhalation.

If your mind wanders, just bring your attention back to your breathing, and focus on the rise and fall of your breath, as it travels in and out of your lungs.

Note: If you have a chronic pain condition, anxiety or depression, mindfulness meditation allows you to feel your pain in a clam, detached fashion, which gives you a sense of control over it. And it lets you observe your reactions to the pain.

Then, let yourself float above your worries or pains while you’re in deep relaxation. Sit in the silence for as long as you like, and you’ll come back to the reality of the room, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

You may want to allow your meditation to take you to a tranquil place within, as you relax more and more, and let go of your bodily awareness.

The more frequently you practice mindfulness meditation, the better. You’ll soon become quite skilled at moving past your pain and entering a beautiful inner healing state that will leave you refreshed and restored.

Relationship Gold

If you’re having relationship problems, you may want to pick up a copy of my most popular eBook, Relationship Gold, an easy-to-read problem-solving resource and guide. I wrote this little relationship manual with my clients in mind, addressing their most pressing relationship issues and concerns.

The book contains refreshing insights, effective strategies and short-cuts, designed to help you fix your own relationship problems and, in some cases, avoid counseling and therapy.

I offer tips that only a seasoned professional could know – tips I’ve garnered from my over three and half decades of professional experience. You’ll find interesting and instructive stories and case scenarios in it, too. Priced below the cost of 30 minutes of therapy, Relationship gold is basically a steal. Grab your copy and learn how to improve or save your relationships quickly and effectively today.

I’m revising Relationship Gold now, and you will get the revised and updated version, and any future versions, for free, if you buy the book.

You can find Relationship Gold, my therapeutic eBook, for sale on my website at

Who Can Benefit From reading Relationship Gold:

1. You suspect your partner is cheating on you and you don’t know what to do about it

2. You’re about to give up on your marriage

3. You have lost an important relationship and don’t know how to get it back

4. You want to make your good romantic relationship bullet-proof, affair-proof and cutting edge

5. You want to enjoy all the benefits your relationships can give you, but feel your relationships are not reaching their potential

6. You’re stuck in a relationship rut, you’ve lost your passion and you want to re-invigorate your relationship

7. Your romantic life has hit rock-bottom, or has been slipping, and you want to re-ignite your sex life and make it sizzle again

8. You’re still holding on to your relationship, but you and your partner have grown distant from each other, and you want to be best friends again and communicate better

9. You let your relationship go, while you attended to other things, but time has gone by and now you can’t seem to get your relationship back on track

10. You want to take your relationships more seriously, and get more out of them, but you aren’t sure how to go about it

If you’d like more information on Relationship Gold, go to my website and click on the Relationship Gold button.

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