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Happy Relationships Matter, Issue #65 -- It's Here! No more Waiting!
July 17, 2015
Greetings Everyone!

Welcome To The Latest Issue Of Relationships Matter!

HELLO from Richard Hamon, LMFT . . . here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for and the guidance you need.

Welcome to the July Issue of Relationships Matter! Read about:

-- How ADHD Harms Relationships With Others and the Self, and What You Can Do About It

In this issue we'll look at ways to deal with Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and overcome the symptoms. First of all, ADHD travels in families. Show me a child who has ADHD, and I'll show you three generations of undiagnosed or diagnosed ADHD in the same family.

Case Study

A wonderful client of mine, Slim, an adult, has traced the way his ADHD has affected his life. I interviewed him about his ADHD. Here's what he said.

One, he talked about how ADHD has made it harder for him to judge the possible outcomes of his decisions, and assess possible consequences of his actions. Making decisions and planning are difficult for him. Contemplating the future is difficult because it's hard to be think that far ahead and to be realistic about what the future involve.

ADHD is a neurological deficit that makes it difficult for people to make and adhere to long-term goals. Short-term goals are easier for the ADHDer.

Two, Slim said that his ADHD has really impacted his relationships, especially his marriage -- especially in terms of communication. His mind wanders when he's supposed to be paying attention to his spouse. He's hearing what's she's saying, while at the same time, he's entertaining numerous other streams of thought that are going through his brain. It's a very disturbing process to his wife, and a frustrating one for him. Often when they talk, his attention is divided, and she thinks he's not listening or not trying.

The ADHD causes him to tune out anything that seems boring, or complicated, and he stops being able to focus on the discussion after a few minutes.

Slim mentioned that simple tasks, like asking for directions (and promptly forgetting them) are made difficult by his ADHD.

Slim feels that his father may have had similar tendencies, as well as his mother. She worked hard, but was disorganized, and she always seemed to be trying to catch up. Most people with ADHD have trouble in school, and lag behind other students. Distractability, inattentiveness and impulsiveness can make it so hard to get good grades.

Three, Slim feels his life would have been very different, if he hadn't had ADHD. Although he recognizes many ways in which his symptoms ill-affected him, he said he doesn't realize all the many ways it has impacted his life. He is, however, quite certain that his ADHD kept him from pursuing more things, causing him to hold back. His life, he said, is a story of many stories, and the common thread is starting but not finishing projects.

Slim has been successful, but feels he might have been more successful, if he hadn't had the neurological disorder. And his relationships would have been more satisfying. He's always enjoyed big ideas, but rarely been able to follow through on them. A reality that can be quite disconcerting.

Since ADHD is so hard on people, and it limits their level of achievement, it is important to get help for it. Studies show that ADHDers who do not get help are less likely to achieve their goals in life or to reach their full potential than those who do not have it.

Getting the Help You Need

1. Medication may be very beneficial in making it easier to go to school or succeed on the job, and to improve relationships.

2. Learning ways to keep your ADHD in check can be beneficial, as well.

3. Getting an ADHD coach, who can help you to learn practical ways to improve your daily functioning, is also a good idea.

4. Dr. Daniel Amen writes about the importance of supporting your brain, if you have ADHD, by taking supplements, getting ample exercise and determining which kind of ADHD you have.

5. A good first step, is to subscribe to ADDitude Magazine, to learn more about the disorder. Go to for more information.

The key to overcoming the harmful effects of ADHD is to find out if you have it and then to take action.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

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Richard E. Hamon, LMFT, CCMHC, NCC Licensed Therapist Certified Coach Board Certified Supervisor

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