Cure Depression Articles
by Richard Hamon
a Lexington, Kentucky Therapist

This article will help you to cure depression. Depression is a common illness that affects both men and women, although men may show they're depressed in different ways than women. Once thought to be a syndrome experienced by women, we now know that depression affects both sexes.

There are several kinds of diagnosable depression, and clinical depression is a serious disorder requiring medication. For those who suffer from mild to moderate depression, there are many natural techniques you can use to decrease depression and or possibly even resolve it. We'll take a look at some in this article.

Situational depression can affect anyone. Sometimes life events will get us down. If, for example, you lose someone who is very close to you, you'll probably travel under the dark clouds of depression, for a while, as you deal with and adjust to the loss. Then, if something goes wrong, or you experience another loss, your depression may linger. Every situation is different. Often it takes a creative, integrative approach to cure depression and help you to feel better.

But, if you have a good support system and you lead a balanced life, and you understand that your situation is only temporary, you may be able to work through your depression fairly quickly.

Case Example

One of my clients lost her brother, her boyfriend and her grandmother in a period of three or four months. The quick succession of losses kept her from getting over the first loss, much less the losses that followed. It took time for her to cure her depression.

Let's examine a few positive steps you can take to improve your depression -- step to enable you to deal with it in the best you can.

Cure Depression: Ways to Decrease Depression Naturally

Tips to Cure Depression Or Decrease Depressive Symptoms

1. Stay Active -- get plenty of exercise. If you don't feel like exercising, move around as much as you can -- avoid sitting on the couch, eating comfort food and feeling sorry for yourself (so easy for anyone to do)

2. Spend Quality Time with People -- remain socially active, even if you don't feel like you have the energy to go out and be with people. Avoid isolating yourself. Let others to lift your spirits.

3. Guard Against Pessimistic Thinking -- it's so easy to see the world as a dark place when you don't feel well, and to think overwhelmingly dark thoughts. The problem, though, is that negative thinking deepens depression. In fact, dark, illogical thinking can sometimes be the cause of depression.

4. Avoid Assuming the worst when something else goes wrong. Or telling yourself how terrible something is, when you can look for ways to make things better, or to find a toehold to begin your climb over that proverbial wall that separates you from your goal.  

5. Try to find the good in every situation, and keep from dwelling on the negative aspects of the situation or event. Use Reframing skills to see the good in a bad break, or to turn a problem into possible solutions that may be hidden at first.

6. Surround yourself with optimistic people. Your choice of friends can influence your desire to feel less gloomy and to get control of your sadness in a significant way.

7. Stay busy. Participate in a favorite hobby, make a scarf or a quilt, write the next great novel, or do something you like doing. You may not cure your depression, but you'll feel a little better soon. Get up and do something. Don't sit there and think.

Cure Depression: Get Counseling

If your depressive symptoms become chronic and resist your efforts to change them, it may be time to seek the help of a mental health professional. He/she can diagnose your type of depression, offer therapy and refer you for medication. Your counselor will help you to get to the bottom of things and inspire you to make positive changes.


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