Loneliness Articles
by Richard Hamon
a Lexington, Kentucky Therapist

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Loneliness is a Drag

Okay, everyone knows loneliness is a drag. But what can we do about it?

The two biggest reasons people write to me for help via my website are relationship problems and loneliness. I see a plenty of lonely clients in my therapy practice as well. Loneliness seems to be a fact of life today.

Although there are more ways for people to keep in touch and reach out to others today than ever, loneliness seems to be an epidemic. You can be in a relationship, even a marriage, or a part of a large family, and you can work for a big organization, and still be lonely.

Why are so many people lonely?

The reasons are many . . .

1. You can suffer from chronic depression and loneliness.

2. You can suffer from the breakup of a relationship.

3. Because you are grieving the loss of your life partner.

4. Maybe you've made bad choices pertaining to your relationships, and loneliness is a consequence of poor decisions and behaviors.

5. Shyness and social anxiety lead to loneliness, also.

There are many factors contributing to loneliness. Sometimes the cure is to understand where your loneliness comes from and then to do things differently, and to make changes that will bring you close to others again.

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