Near Death Experiences
 Give Us Messengers of Light

Near Death Experiences from around the world reveal startling truths about the process of dying, and show us how to live in a happier, more spiritual way. Near Death survivors are being touted as "messengers of the light." Is God trying to tell us something about how we can get our lives right and save the planet?

A New Day is Dawning: Near Death Messengers Show Us the Way

Personal Transformation

Near Death Experiences, for most people, constitute a personal transformation, bestowing numerous benefits and leading to major changes that last for the rest of one's life.

Change is hard for us all. Most people find it difficult to make changes in their lives, especially to make them stick, whether it's eating a strict diet or trying to exercise more. Even those who want to change have a hard time doing it.

But Near Death survivors make momentous changes in their lives and go on to lead fundamentally better lives after their NDEs.

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What Can We Learn from Near Death Experiences
and Near Death Survivors,
Messengers of Light?

Not too long ago, doctors thought patients who had a brush with death were fantasizing when they told stories about what had happened to them. Now we know from decades of research that Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are perfectly real. And they may be unique in their ability to change a person's life in ways that seem almost impossible.

Something amazing happens in the brains of NDE survivors who undergo a total life transformation. They have the ability to enjoy life more, to live fearlessly, and they find they've acquired new knowledge, talent and skill. Near Death Experiences alter the way survivors view and live life in fundamental ways.

Awe-Inspiring Messengers of Light

Authors, like Kenneth Ring, have described Near Death survivors as "messengers of light," since they have encountered the light of healing and wisdom on the other side, and have returned to planet earth to lead lives that inspire others. 

Those who had little interest in relationships before their NDE, find they have a deep-seated interest in improving their relationships.

Self-centered types become more loving.

Ambitious types become more spiritual and less materialistic.

And so forth. Yes, Near Death Experiences make a huge difference in a person's life.

Near Death Experiences:
Baptisms of Light

Many NDErs talk about the other-worldly light they encounter on the other side -- light that is more than physical, and so amazing it cannot be described. It is a light of love, and some say it is God. In any case, the light is infinitely powerful, healing and merciful, and it touches the brain, heart and soul.

After experiencing the light, or being infused by it, the person often makes a miraculous recovery, and goes on to lead a life that would have been impossible before their Near Death Experience.

What Makes the Messengers of Light
So Special?

From the Mountain top you can see what's Real

A Near Death Experience takes you to the proverbial mountain top, and it forces you to see the light. Thus, NDErs are Great Role Models. What makes them so special?

  • Messengers of the Light place a high priority on spirituality.
  • They see the illusions that plague the world.
  • They love people, animals and all creatures with a zest that is hard to imagine.
  • They look for the good in others, and find the common ground among all people.
  • They are open minded, and are able to make sweeping changes in their lives.
  • They can and do revise their beliefs, instead of going through life stubbornly defending their old ideas.
  • They are able to suspend fear and doubt, and act boldly.
  • And a trait that impresses me very much is their penchant for learning from their mistakes. After going through a lightening-fast review of their lives, during their NDEs, they come back to their former lives only to turn things upside down, and to try their best to correct the mistakes of the past.
  • They give others an unselfish and unconditional live.

Near Death Experiences produce survivors who become artists of life who paint the canvas of their lives with the light of the beyond. I think of them as Light Gatherers. Seekers who are on hero quests. They can show us all how to live happier, more meaningful lives.

How You Can Be A Messenger of Light

Pretend that you've had a mind-boggling dream in which you saw the light of the beyond and it penetrated every cell of your being and energized you in a remarkable way. Like your very own mini Near Death Experience. Imagine that you feel bran new, and that you have a new lease on life. You are filled with humility and joy, a powerful sense of tranquility and boundless love for everyone.

You feel attracted to strangers and want to say hello and give them a hug. You see the beauty in every child's eyes and want to get down on the floor and play with them. You feel an affinity with all the creatures of the world, the squirrels and birds, the frogs and butterflies. You see only the good in your enemies.

You are transformed!

Now Act as If You've Had an NDE

Act as if you've had a NDE and paint your life with light


Take one day and live your life as though you had just had one of the most powerful Near Death Experiences possible. Here are a few steps you can take.

1. Tell people how you feel -- give them your positive thoughts and emotions -- shower them with light

2. Share your enthusiasm for the little things in life, stop and smell the roses

3. As you go through the day, laugh and play more, be youthful and light hearted

4. Do something you've always been afraid to do -- you can do it because now you have no fear

5. Throw yourself into the beauty of each shining moment of the day, and make the present truly precious

6. Correct your past mistakes, say you're sorry, find a way to make it right

7. You can now do all the things you only wished you had the courage to do before

8. Forgive, forgive, forgive, and let go of resentment

9. Practice the art of Unconditional Love in every encounter throughout the day, accepting everyone without reservation -- no excuses and no exceptions

10. Take interest in everyone, even those with whom you would not have before, reach out to and acknowledge everyone's beauty and worthiness

Acting As If You've had a NDE:
Day Two

If you want to continue your experiment, keep doing the things you did well the day before. If you smiled more, keep smiling, and smile at strangers and friends alike. if you spoke more from the heart, keep doing it. If you stopped by an old friend's for a visit, find time in your busy schedule to continue stopping to visit with people. So, keep building on your improvements and strengths.

If you want to try something new, go ahead. For example, If you want to learn new things, then read a book or take a class, but by all means continue searching for knowledge. Avail yourself of new experiences. That's what Near Death Experiences do for those who have them.

Day Three and Beyond

Keep building upon your recent changes -- changes that Near Death Experiences produce in most people. Perhaps add a new one or two.

  • Take your light into a room and shine it on everyone.
  • Spend time in nature, looking and listening and taking peaceful walks.
  • Pick up trash on the side of the road or clean up a littered creek.
  • Walk the dogs at an animal shelter.
  • Keep acting like you've seen the light and you are starting a new life there is no way you can contain your enthusiasm, so let it fly.
  • Call up an old friend and offer to take them out to dinner, then listen and be there for them. Make it all about them, not you.
  • Find the good in others and point them out.
  • If people have problems, then look for the good side, the exceptions to the rule. Think of the common ground you have together.

Every day, just make another step forward. Just keep moving in your new direction. It doesn't have to be perfect.

In the coming weeks, continue to visualize the light and how it can inform your every decision. Stretch yourself -- keep being the "new" you.

It takes about three weeks to form a new habit, and after a month or so, you will have formed several new habits. You will have become a more caring person. More assertive and optimistic. You will have a bounce in your step. You'll be viewing the world in a healthier way.

Learn all you can about Near Death Experiences. Read NDE books and articles, and soak up the information. Find out what the NDE research says.

As time goes by, you can make your life more and more like that of a Near Death Experiencer. Continue to visualize the new person you want to be. Keep trying to make changes in your life.

Emulating A Life Review

Imagine you have had one of those Near Death experiences that resulted in a Life Review. Sit in the silence and just let your mind shuffle through the most important scenes from the movie of your life. You'll see the mistakes you made and the failures and the successes.

Then, do what a NDEr would do. Make a plan to improve. How can you make some of those mistakes right? What can you do differently now? What's a better way to handle things? What do you feel a need to go out and do to clear your conscience?

Take inventory of your life, so far, and write down the things you want to address or change. What are the low and high points of your review? What mistakes do you wish you'd never made? Go out and correct those errors right now. That's what NDErs do.

An honest life review can be depressing, and can make you angry at yourself, but it can be inspiring, too. For an NDEr, a life review is a constructive tool for change. Use your life review to become a better person and to lead a better life.

Near Death Experiences
Move People to Care for the Environment

Most Messengers of Light develop a powerful desire to take care of planet earth and make sure we keep her beautiful bounty in tact. Many had no such interest before their Near Death Experiences. But afterwards, conserving the world's fragile eco-systems become a central theme in the lives of Near Death survivors.

Doesn't it make sense that we should all take a cue from those who have seen the light and dedicate ourselves to keeping our lovely planet healthy, beautiful and strong, while protecting it from the powers of greed and materialistic destruction? Saving it for generations to come, to the best of our ability, and leaving the world as we found it? Let the mountains be mountains and let the glaciers be ice, and keep our air, soil and water clean.


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