Learn How My Near Death Experience Changed My Life And Can Change Yours

My eBook, The Ultimate Relationship Solution, is an incredible true-life story about an experience I had a few years ago -- an experience that changed my life. In essence, I had a Near Death Experience (NDE). In fact, I died on two separate occasions, but came back to the land of the living with a complete and powerful view of how I should best live my life . . .

and how anyone can transform theirs!

After I came back to life, I made several extremely important changes in my life that made me happier, more successful and more joyful than ever before. In other words, my unforgettable experiences transformed the way I live my life, conduct my relationships and experience every waking moment of my day-to-day existence.

A couple with child in the lightEmbraced by the Light of a NDE, a Person is Never the Same

Clients, friends and colleagues urged me to write an eBook about my experience so I could show other people how to change their lives, and help them to live more bountifully . . .

How to LIVE a life without fear, worry or desperation.

So you need relationship help? It’s right here in my book. You can solve almost any conceivable relationship problem by reading the book and find helpful tips on improving just about any aspect of your life. You can become a better communicator, be more creative or be more popular than you ever imagined possible.

What sets The Ultimate Relationship Solution apart from other books is how it accurately details my terrifying NDE, which led me to numerous surprising insights and u>quantum change strategies, and clearly spells out how you can use these same strategies to revolutionize your life . . . how to conduct relationships for maximum happiness, how to achieve real success, even how to save a lost or broken relationship. Order here ..

Not only did my NDE shock me to the core and awaken me from within, but it helped me build on many, many years of professional experience helping people to improve their relationships and marriages! Now I have a comprehensive arsenal of strategies and interventions that I can put in your hands.

You know, I led a wonderful life before the fateful day in December, 2003 . . .

when everything changed instantly due to an unexpected and shocking near death experience. After collapsing in the emergency room of a local hospital, doctors told my mother and wife not to expect me to live. In fact, they said, "Bring the family in . . . as soon as possible."

Well, to make a long story short, it just got worse and worse, until there was no hope . . . and then, as if miraculously, a ray of sunshine slipped through the darkened blinds . . . and, in time, other rays appeared . . . in the end, I not only survived, but in so many ways, I came back stronger than ever!!!

I want you to read more about my Near Death Experience (NDE) and extract the secrets and suggestions I have compiled for you there. You, too, will be amazed to learn about the strange progression of events that let down an incredible path of enlightenment and truth.

And you will discover ways you can re-ignite your relationships with new passion, hope and light.

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They Called My Family In!

When I reflect on it today, it seems so amazing. They even instructed my mom and wife to call the family in . . . to say goodbye!

How fortunate I feel to have lived through that gauntlet of trials and tribulations. I not only lived, but my NDE provided me with a powerful array of revelations about how to live my life even better and solve my most stubborn relationship problems.

I also realized how anyone can get the relationship help they need, and conduct happy relationships that will bring them great success, inner peace and joy.

When I wrote my e-Book, giving an honest and poignant account of my NDE, I had no idea how people would react (I mean, it's not the usual subject matter for dinner conversations). Since then, so many people have written notes of gratitude and thanks for my book that I feel even more deeply moved and blessed than ever!

So, you might want to check into my eBook about my life's single most amazing and powerful experience. And discover how you can learn from my painful and enthralling experiences. I know you will devour my compelling new vision of how to lead a radically different but joyful and deleriously happy life . . .

Find out how I discovered the way life should be lived in the twenty-first century, full of possibilities for personal growth, lasting happiness and genuine success.

In this book you will find:

  1. A startling and accurate rendering of that fateful day when I was pronounced clinically dead and my ensuing two week-long struggle to survive.
  2. A complete discussion of my near death revelations with detailed information about how you can use them to get the relationship help you need and to transform your life.
  3. A specific step-by-step method for solving your relationship problems and turning your relationships into the relationships of your dreams.
  4. An enlightened approach to gaining more happiness – genuine happiness – than you ever thought possible.
  5. An impassioned vision that you can use to change the world, one happy relationship at a time.

To find out more or to grab your own copy go to the following link. You’ll learn how you, too, can re-examine your life and your relationships with an eye toward becoming happier and more fulfilled than ever before. Take advantage of motivational insights and quantum change techniques drawn from an inspired near death experience, plus three decades of professional experience, to awaken the potential for cutting-edge happiness and success in your life!

Click here to purchase my eBook.

If you've had a NDE, please complete our NDE Survey. Help us to gather information about NDEs.

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