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Hi. I'm Richard Hamon, a licensed marriage and family therapist, life coach, and publisher of self-help materials. As a Relationship Specialist, I'll help you to find first-rate solutions to your relationship problems, build lasting and authentic happiness, and make love last.

All the digital products I offer are original, and every single one is based on my 40 years of experience as a successful psychotherapist, relationship coach and mental health specialist. You'll find one-of-a-kind eBooks, eCourses and audio stress management programs.  We have a large collection of self-help resources that will guide you in forging a life of heart, and fulfilling your potential in life. Please explore our site, and let it inspire you to dream, reach for the stars and discover your ultimate problem-solved destiny.

Happiness comes to those who dare to dream and do the work they love and believe in. 

Depressed, worried or feeling sad?

Watch our depression video and learn more about how to address this ever-growing problem. 

While you're here, check out my articles, videos and audios on:

  • dealing with loneliness
  • putting the passion back into your marriage
  • solving relationship problems
  • enhancing your spiritual life
  • overcoming stress
  • meditation and relaxation
  • dealing with ADHD
  • parenting advice/effective parenting
  • relationships with pets
  • and more. My articles draw inspiration and insight from the thousands of cases I've worked with over the past four decades.  Many years of clinical experience and training as a professional therapist and change artist will be your guide.
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Richard Hamon, Lexington, KY therapist

Parenting Tips and Techniques 

Get help with parenting problems and discover how to motivate your children. Watch our brief video for tips and ideas that you can use to improve your relationship with your child. 

Meditation is a Powerful Self-help Tool and Much More 

Would you like to experience Meditation for a few minutes? Try my 10 Minute Meditation audio and experience it right now. 

Relax, float above your problems and let go of stress

As a professional relationship therapist, I’ll guide you in designing a new life, cutting-edge relationships or bringing the magic back to your troubled marriage. Are you struggling with a stubborn problem at home or work? I can help. Whether you’re interested in therapy, my original eBooks, stress MP3s, or other digital products, I hope you'll find my happy-relationships website helpful.

You can pick up a copy of my "relationship help" eBooks for a fraction of the cost of a single therapy session . . . and you'll learn professional tips and tools (and insider secrets) for making your relationship work. Try our powerful eBook, The Ultimate Relationship Solution, and learn how to use the wisdom of Near Death experiences to turn your biggest relationship problems into opportunities for making your relationships better than ever. 

Scientific Hypnosis MP3s:
Beat Stress, Relax Deeply, Develop Your Spiritual Life
Harness the Power of Your Inner Mind

Discover what reaching a deep state of tranquility will do for your mind, body and soul. Find out how our therapeutic  Audio Programs can help you to:

  • defeat damaging stress patterns
  • protect your heart, support your brain
  • enhance your precious relationships 
  • find peace of mind
  • improve job performance
  • get closer to your Higher Power

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Make Your Relationship Sizzle and Shine

  • Worried About Your Lover's Rejection?
  • Find Out How to Put the Passion Back into Your Relationship 
  • Fuel the Flames of Romance and Keep Your Love Alive

You Can Find All This and More in
Relationship Gold
Our Most Popular e-Book

Before you make a new life plan or write out your new year's resolutions, find out what Positive Psychology says will make you happy.  Click here to see what The Secret to Happiness reveals about how you can live a longer, happier life.

Building great relationships helps everyone. 

Together let's change the world . . . one happy relationship at a time!

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