Near Death Experience Wisdom

Near Death Experience wisdom provides us with exciting insight about the spiritual world, and what happens when we die.

The vast majority of Near Death Experiencers say there is nothing whatsoever to fear about death. Not only does life continue, but it continues in a beautiful world. So, if you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you can take solace in knowing they are in not only a better place, but a wonderful place.

Here are a few traits of the average person who has a NDE:

1. Near Death Experiencers (NDEers) encounter an overwhelming sense of bliss, and they come back to life carrying their bliss with them.

2. They feel an enormous sense of gratitude, as well, and feel thankful for that which they previously took for granted.

3. They find joy in the smallest of things.

4. And, NDEers treasure their relationships, finding the beauty in them, and not the flaws and faults.

5. The feel a powerful connection to everyone, and have a strong sense of compassion, wishing no harm to any creature.

So, try keeping in mind that Near Death Experience wisdom tells us that life should be lived without fear and foreboding, and all of us can benefit from finding our bliss in life, and reframing our relationships in positive ways.

You see, those who have not had a NDE can learn a great deal from the NDE wisdom of thousands of NDEers, and use it to enhance their lives, inside and out.


By reconnecting with your sources of joy, your loved ones, your world, and begin noticing the beauty of the greater world all around you.

Near Death Experience Wisdom:
Begin Your Second Chance Now

Near Death Experience wisdom reveals there's no better time to begin your life anew than now. Simply start applying the knowledge we've gained from thousands of NDEers around the world.

Big Lessons we can learn are  fostering Fearlessness, kindling Boundless Joy, building Deep Gratitude, Loving and Serving Others, Treasuring Your Relationships, investing in A Rich Inner Life, etc.


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Near Death Experience Wisdom: Acting As If

By employing the genius of an old, trustworthy technique, acting as if, you too can benefit from the wisdom of Near Death Experiences.

You don't have to be struck by lightening to die and have a NDE, like Tom Sawyer did, which lifted him above his usual fears. You can live fearlessly, too, just by acting as if you've had an amazing revelation that left you feeling great power over fear. And, by dedicating yourself to the conquest of fear.

Start by selecting one area of your life, which has been hampered by FEAR. Simply vow to overcome your fear and to do the opposite of what you'd normally do . . .

. . . and do the very thing you're afraid of doing.

Afraid of preparing for a profession you love, but fear you'll fail at doing it? Then sign up for your first class on the subject. Or call the registrar at the school where those classes are taught and request an application. Or talk to someone who does the career for a living and ask for their advice on how you can get started.

Just start acting like you have no fear whatsoever and do it. Act now!

Do the same for compassion and take a gratitude meditation workshop, or buy a good book on growing your gratitude and becoming more aware. Volunteer to help those in need, and you'll connect to your heart center and feel greater compassion.

As for joy . . . anyone can feel more joy by taking time to reconnect with lost friends, finding time to do the things you love, and stopping to smell the roses. Learn to celebrate the MOMENT.

Do you want to feel the bliss NDEers feel?

Close your eyes and tune in to the wonderful world within you. Christ thought of it as visiting with his heavenly father. Buddha saw it as becoming one with the divine pulse of life. However you want to see it, get in touch with the universal actuality, then open your eyes and look at just how lovely everything really is.

Notice the beautiful silence and tune into the beauty of a quiet moment. The joy will grip your being and flow through you like a gentle brook. There is joy to be found everywhere, and stop the train long enough to become a part of the bliss we carry within, always waiting to be activated.

Remember to let Near Death Experience wisdom guide you on your journey through life, and you'll be happier and more successful.  

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