Now you can learn to use your natural ability to put the Ultimate Relationship Solution to work for you:

  • To reinvigorate your hum-drum relationships
  • Have more fun
  • Live and love without fear
  • Stop feuding with friends and co-workers
  • Recover and rejuvenate lost relationships
  • Overcome the fear of rejection
  • Find more joy in your marriage
  • Eliminate tiresome arguments and fights...

And, if you’re like most people, start enjoying life a whole lot more!

Impossible? Not if you've seen the results of the research on Near Death Experiences taking place around the world.

Dear Internet Friend,


If you’ve ever wished you could find a secret formula that would turn problematic relationships into success stories (while making your partner and other people feel you are wonderful and irresistible) then this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here's what it's all about: My name is Richard Hamon. I'm a professional therapist and coach with 36 years of experience helping people solve their relationship problems.

Something incredible happened to me in December of 2003, which forever changed my view of relationships. I suffered a terrifying Near Death Experience (NDE) in which my heart stopped beating and my brain stopped functioning. I was gone for over 15 minutes. No one knows how I managed to make it.

Some called it a medical miracle. . .

My cardiologist said I had an angel sitting on my shoulder.

I spent the next two weeks in the hospital, and three months recovering. My brush with death changed my life forever. In a few short days (after coming back from the other side), I felt more joy than ever, and I began listening to the incredible voice of wisdom that flowed through me.


My relationships started to change while I lay strapped to my bed in the Intensive Care Unit... before I could hardly move... you should have seen the look on the faces of my family and friends when they saw the change in me. As the days went by, I began see my relationships in a different light. And I began to use the special techniques that were being imparted to me.

What happened to him? Everyone said.

That's easy to answer. I’ll tell you what happened... I died, and when I came back to the land of the living I SAW THE TRUTH ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS -- a beautiful, exciting truth few ever see.

As a result, I experienced a 150% improvement in my life because

  • My relationships were better than ever... and   
  • I became absolutely fearless as the days went by... unafraid of rejection for the first time in my life,                
  • Unafraid of saying what I wanted to say,                
  • Unafraid of what others might think...     
  • Approaching every relationship in my life as though it were worth its weight in gold, and acting as if my relationships had been infused with magical powers of happiness and joy.                 


But it’s not magical at all. You see, anyone can do what I learned to do - it’s been buried inside you all your life. You just need to shake it loose. And you can if you learn the ultimate relationship secret...

Now you can benefit from my experience, without having to have your own NDE. Because I will share the same exact strategies I used to turn my life around with you.


  1. Ending up ALONE in a relationship . . . like a stranger in a crowd
  2. Or watching your new, exciting relationship partner slowly become a stranger from a strange land, who speaks a different language than you, or who wants different things than you want. 
  3. Standing by and watching your spouse treat neighbors and friends better than he/she treats you
  4. Or having a child come along, then watching your romantic life go down the drain . . . and you and your partner drifting apart
  5. Getting on that stuck-in-a-rut slippery slope that leads to divorce or relationship ruin . . . and not knowing what you can do to stop it
  6. That sneaky feeling there's something wrong with your relationship, but you can't quite put your finger on it
  7. Feeling your partner may be disconnecting from you . . . or having an affair!
  8. Fearing your special relationship is growing more and more ho-hum, and the passion is going out the window
  9. A family member or friend has lost their interest in a relationship with you
  10. Realizing things aren't as good as you thought in your marriage . . . and

     You look around your life and realize many of your relationships are broken -- hopelessly broken

In any case, no matter what your problems may be, there's hardly anything more confusing, upsetting or personally damaging that having  relationships issues . . .

Ultimate Relationship Solutions can help you figure out what to do to save your relationship(s) . . . and to save them in the here-and-now, not putting it off until someday . . .

when someday may never come.

I, too, had terrible relationship problems, and then a NDE came into my life, changing everything.

Yes, my Near Death Experience saved me in countless ways.

Here’s what happened...

When I died in December of 2003 I wasn’t out for more than several minutes, but that was just enough time for me to see a light I’d never seen (and long enough for my doctor to be worried about brain damage).

In some ways, what I had was a classic Near Death Experience (NDE), and I saw something different... something that can help you immensely.

I don’t know how it happened, but I was given a second chance... a second chance to get my life right.

And all I wanted was to make ALL my relationships right! I could bear to leave NONE behind because I suddenly realized relationships were far more important than I’d ever imagined!

You see, through that amazing whirlwind NDE I discovered the SECRETS to incredible relationships... secrets that have changed my life forever.

PLUS, as a professional therapist . . . 

I’ve been using lessons learned from my NDE, and the Ultimate Relationship Solution, with many of my clients - adults, children and families - and it’s been helping them to change their lives, and working for them better than so many of the tried-and-true therapeutic techniques I had used in my many years of experience as a relationship therapist.

Although I have been a professional helper all my career, it wasn’t until I died and endured this extremely painful but illuminating experience that I understood the root of success in relationships.

You could say I saw it while "on the other side," and when I survived and returned to my life... I couldn’t believe what was happening... I couldn’t believe I was alive... my life was permanently transformed!

Even while I remained tethered to a hospital bed with a hefty breathing tube stuffed down my throat and a butterfly IV stuck in my neck, and my nearly lifeless body hooked up to a dozen beeping, flashing machines, I was filled with joy... because I saw and felt the incredible truth burning inside.

The same truths that can help you to change your life and . . .

  • Restore lost and broken relationships
  • Vanquish your fear of tricky, fearful and sensitive social situations
  • Repair your most hopeless and abysmal relationships
  • Help you to find joy in the smallest and most trivial matters
  • Assist you in immediately finding the courage to share yourself and give of yourself as you never have before
  • Stop all the arguing and fighting in your relationships
  • Relate to your loved ones and all the people in your life more frankly, deeply and easily than ever before
  • Help you to develop a network of quality relationships that will provide the foundation for your long-term success and happiness and more!

My near death experience (and the ultimate relationship solution which it gave me) helped me to accomplish all of those tasks... and it didn’t take me long to start sharing my newfound truth with my clients...

And darned if they didn’t start seeing the same kind of remarkable results, too!

Encouraged by their success, I began to talk to everyone about this new way of living... and I saw how one person after another was able to get results with this innovative system - results which often enabled them to lock into a kind of success they had never experienced in their relationships.


Read about a few of the actual case scenarios from my professional practice:

Case #1: A re-married couple whose marriage was on the rocks because their blended family of seven combined kids were driving them nuts!

"What we need is a miracle!" they said.

"Okay, I’ll give you mine," I told them.

I dared them to put the ultimate relationship solution into action, and when they did, something wonderful happened. A little ray of light... a smidgen of progress emerged from the dark corner of their busy, chaotic lives... and before long, the kids were behaving and the adults were finding time for their happy relationship.

Case #2: A lonely, depressed young woman whose career was the only bright spot in her entire life. She had recently ended a relationship with a married man and was feeling lower than low.

Depressed and worried about the grim future, she had withdrawn from most of her relationships and was on the verge of isolating herself into oblivion.

I shared the secrets of the ultimate relationship solution with her. She was intrigued by the elements I had added to the Golden Rule, and decided to try the strategies with her mother. She had been at odds with her mother for many years.

What happened surprised us both. Her mother accepted her with open arms and before long they were having the best relationship ever. My client applied what she had learned to other relationships, and her social life exploded with satisfaction and pleasure.

Case #3: A father and his 17 year-old son who said they hated each other. Their relationship had come to blows on more than one occasion.

I told them about my story... and about how I saw the light that had allowed me to make big changes in and transform my life.

I revealed one secret after another... they went away shaking their heads. About three weeks later I received a call. It was the father. He told me he was enjoying the best darn relationship he had ever had with his son!

Case #4: A beautiful 40 year-old woman who said she never wanted to have another relationship. By listening to her story I learned that a couple of really bad relationships had clouded her outlook on life.

As I began to talk to her about my life-changing experience, which led to the ultimate relationship solution, she began to see that if relationships had harmed her in the past, new relationships could heal her in the future.

She got to work revamping and improving several relationships, and an amazing thing happened... she developed a new confidence in herself and a new vision for the relationships in her life. Within a month she was having the time of her life!

Case #5: A recently married couple confessed their marriage was boring and devoid of passion, and their love life had virtually disappeared.

Instead of taking the typical marriage and family therapy approach, I revealed a few secrets of the ultimate relationship solution, and encouraged them to begin experimenting with the new ideas about how to relate to each other.

The next time I talked to them there was a new joy in their voices, and they had turned the corner. Soon, they were relating to each other like teenagers in love, and living the life of their dreams. It was great to see them enjoying the kind of marriage they had always hoped they would have.

No matter how bad your relationship
may be, there is HOPE...

As long as you are willing to learn a new way of conducting your relationships! You can do the same thing my clients have done, you can change your relationship, too... and you can do it more easily and quickly than you might imagine!

The ultimate relationship solution is universal, and it works for people everywhere. You can enjoy the same level of success in your relationships as I have in mine. You don’t need to be a psychotherapist. All you need is a sincere desire for change and the willingness to do something different.

     If you keep doing the same old thing you will get the same old        response...

     there is one irrefutable fact:

     The Same Old Behaviors = The Same Old Results

If you’ll do your best to try my simple but powerful strategy, you’ll have the same exact success my clients and I have had... the same life-changing results.

Read What My Clients Say

Richard, after reading your first page, I had a shiver go down my back...

I felt like your book was written just for me. What can I say? I loved it! It’s so insightful and meaningful... and it says just what I needed to hear about how to heal my problem relationships and make my good ones even better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary Ann Kellog 
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Richard, I do not read. I don’t like to read. I don’t have time. I hate to read, to be honest. Boring! But, your book makes me keep reading.

I want to find out where you’re going next. I like your ideas -- the way you think. And I can’t wait to get to the next insight. Because I just know it’s going to open my eyes to something. That’s what you do. You open eyes and minds.

Dawn Jones 
Cynthiana, Kentucky

Your book makes me stop and think!

I want to thank you for writing your new eBook on your near death experience. I must say, your book is a slow read because it makes me stop and think! Even when I put it down, it keeps working on me. Your inspiring ideas about how to stop screwing up my relationships are making a real difference in my life. I just have one favor to ask. Would you please write another book soon?

Sincerely yours,
Judy Peters
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Richard,

I am totally enjoying your book and the insights you share. It is wonderful! And I think it will help a lot of people realize what it feels like to walk in the shoes of someone else... I know it is doing that for me.

What you say about relationships from the very beginning is wonderful and so helpful! Thank you so much. You are a good teacher and friend -- and that’s an understatement. You know exactly what I am dealing with in my relationships.

Your book is so hard to read because the tears are rolling out my eyes, blurring the words on the pages, as I sit on the edge of my seat, discovering the miracle of your story!

Susan Bremer
Raleigh, NC

You can grab your copy of my ultimate relationship solution eBook for less than a third of what a typical therapy or coaching session costs.

You’ll learn a whole lot more. The equivalent of dozens of sessions have been packed into this 210-page eBook, and all the lessons I learned from my experience with death.

Lessons that will enable you to view your relationships through an entirely different lens.

You can use the Ultimate Relationship Solution to help you live an extraordinary life!

When you get stuck with a hard-to-solve problem or you need an inspirational pick-me-up, just open this one-of-a-kind eBook and you’ll get the motivational push you need. Many of life’s timeless, forgotten and never-fully realized truths will be right at your fingertips. Truths I had to die to see!

It’s been years since my Near Death Experience, and I’ve spent that time working with every aspect of the ultimate relationship solution, helping my therapy and coaching clients to use the strategies in creative and courageous ways. I had to write this eBook because I had to tell people about what I discovered... and find a way to reach others who might need this information - others who are struggling with less than desirable outcomes in their relationships.

Truth is... I had to write this book because I felt I had to get this information into your hands because I feel a powerful obligation to to share what I learned with others. And to do so at an affordable price.

Plus, combined with the latest research on relationships, this information can make a big difference in many lives.

WHO KNOWS . . . What a NDE could do for you?

The vast majority of Near Death Experiencers come back to lead transformed lives. Only about 5% of the population has a NDE, so you may not get your chance. But you can learn from my experience, and you can apply the steps and strategies to your life, without having to have your own terrifying brush with death.

I've made my living as a professional therapist for over 35 years, and yet I learned so much from my NDE it literally became a life altering experience, a transformational miracle, a complete game changer for me.

So I have had to write as much of it down in my book as possible, in hopes that you too can benefit from the most incredible experience of my entire life. I am putting this inside information into your hands and trusting you'll use it to bring about desirable and important changes in your life and your most important relationships.

As an eBook, people from all over the world can lay their hands on it instantly, and refer to it as a quick, yet in-depth guide.

Get it now . . .

No waiting in line at the book store. No ordering a print book and waiting days for it to come in.

My Ultimate Relationship Solutions is meant to serve as a resource, healthy reminder and a problem solving manual.

-- If you're starting a new relationship, use it to help you get things off on the right foot

-- If you're trying to improve or affair-proof your marriage, use it to provide that extra layer of protection

-- If you're trying to save a lost or broken relationship, use it make a healthy intervention right now, and comprehensive resource for later

-- If you're interested in building rock-solid relationships, leading a more spiritual life or finding true success, my Ultimate Relationship Solutions will be your guide.

One of the participants in a seminar I led, after my NDE, a psychiatric nurse, wrote me a touching letter, which I’ve enclosed here:

Dear Richard,

I did not want to leave work today until I put my thoughts on paper. After hearing your presentation related to your experience (NDE), I can tell you it was energizing. It is great to be recharged. Your message was a wonderful thing.

I have experienced those angels in the hospital and I also will never forget them. But wait - sometimes I do forget them. Thank you for the reminder. Remembering those personal experiences (thanks to hearing your words) helps me to leave the office with an energized, positive and compassionate attitude.

Your informal presentation today was more uplifting than any seminar I can recall.

Sometimes I need a reminder to increase my compassion. Thanks for that reminder.

Steve Parrish

The same information I presented to Steve and the other seminar participants that day, I've enclosed in my eBook.

Since I want you to get a hold of this information, and because I want to spread the word, here’s my offer...

When you purchase my Ultimate Relationship Solutions, You get the NEW, IMPROVED version of the eBook... and four exciting BONUSES, all of which will help you solve a particular kind of relationship problem. All four reports and informational guides contain insights from my professional practice -- clinical insights guaranteed to be reliable and helpful, and trustworthy. 




You’ll also receive four special bonus resources to help you enjoy greater success with your all-important relationships! 

"How To Conduct Successful Relationships With People Who Have Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder"

Unlock the mysteries of dealing with people who have problems paying attention or keeping focused. Adults and children have Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and it creates barriers to good relationships. Whether you have a form of ADHD or your friend does, this report will give you guidelines and tips on how to overcome the barriers posed by ADHD. You’ll learn how to deal with ADD and relationships, and take the pain out of your interactions. After reading this report, the realities of ADD and relationships will no longer mystify you.

"Relationship Make-overs Will Help You To Rebuild Lost Or Damaged Relationships"

Want to refurbish an old, neglected relationship but not sure where to start?

You’re sure to benefit from reading this resource on how to rebuild trust and re-establish your lost connections. Learn a proven, step-by-step process for repairing broken relationships. All you need to win back your share of love and happiness in your damaged or neglected relationships is a healthy dose of sincerity and desire!

"Special Report On Solving Anger Problems In Your Relationships"

Your ticket to overcoming anger problems and dealing with angry people in a constructive and assertive way. When you learn effective anger management and communication techniques, your relationships will be much more enjoyable. You’ll learn how to deal with abusive relationships and get the help you need.

Relationship problems got you in a bad mood? The eBook shows you how to deal with it before it infects other people.

Relationship problems got you down? This special report will be your guide in overcoming anger and conflict issues.

"Play Your Way To Happier, Healthier Relationships"

Bring a new spirit of play to your romantic relationships and find more pleasure in every day life. This 14-page relationship guide will show you how to stop working so hard at your relationships and have more fun in all you do. It will help you to boost communication, enhance love and give you lots of healthy relationships.

Save or revitalize your marriage and get out of a rut by following these playful techniques.

Four great bonuses and over 45 pages of inside information in total... so many fresh ideas, straight from the relationship therapist’s couch, that you’ll have no choice but to devour one bonus at a time.

And I’ll give you a 60 day guarantee, which says you can get your money back for any reason, if you don’t find the eBook helpful.

If you’re still not sure... read a few of the testimonials I’ve received from satisfied customers.

My testimonials are the real deal...

They come from real people who have read The Ultimate Relationship Solution, and they have spoken from their hearts.

Get your own copy or give the eBook as a gift to someone you love.

Think about what is in store for many people today...

people who will end up divorced...

or lost in a minefield of broken relationships and botched opportunities for love and happiness...

Some people will keep going around and around in the broken relationship cycle, grappling with unnecessary and needless problems, and unable to break free...

Others will go through the pain and misery of suffering another broken heart...

And some will keep getting angry and keep fighting and feuding... and struggling with the most problematic relationships... and keep doing the same old song and dance...

Recent statistics show that one of every two marriages will fail... and end in divorce. Yet people think it won’t be them...

And what used to be the seven-year itch... has become the five-year itch... which is becoming the four-year itch... which will soon be the three-year itch.

As more people find themselves feeling estranged and disconnected from their loved ones and somehow isolated from their own once-intimate and comforting relationships... and others go from one failed relationship to another in search of a lasting cure (when they really don’t know how to conduct relationships at all).

Isn’t it time to get off the treadmill of mediocre relationships and pump some warm sunshine into your life by learning the secrets of the ultimate relationship solution?

So you can begin changing your life before it’s too late...

Before reading your book, my views of a perfect relationship were tragically skewed. Thanks for straightening me out.

I feel like my relationships are all going up from here! And now I realize good relationships are not enough. I’m aiming higher, man!

Myles Parker

Columbus, Ohio

A book like this makes you realize the unbelievable influence we have on others, and the influence they have on us. It's such a spiritual book. It makes you think. And think again. Thanks to your book, I have found new possibilities for living my life.

Sharon Bromagin

Paris, Kentucky

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets
I Write About In The Book

  •  The single most powerful asset you will ever find to help you live a fabulous life without guilt, shame or regret.               
  • What you can do right now to begin solving your relationship problems and changing your relationships with precise action steps.       
  • The biggest, most heart-breaking mistakes we make in our relationships, and how to start reversing the problems in one day.                
  • Sure and simple ways you can restore lost connections in your life, increase simple but effective communication in relationships and bring back broken and troubled friendships.  
  • A simple tool you can use to earn anyone’s respect, and it works every time. Positive self-talk strategies that can literally alter the course of anxiety or depression and make it easy to nip relationship problems in the bud.                
  • How you can rely on your relationships to guarantee your success in life.   
  •  How to make the most of your precious relationships... while you can.         

This eBook comes with a 60-day guarantee. If you try the book out and you find it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

If THE ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP SOLUTION just helps you with one relationship or a single relationship problem, you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Yet, I’m certain it will do much more for you. This information will provide you with tools to make significant changes in your relationships. And... investing in your relationships is the best investment you can ever make.

PLUS, I know you’ll want to get the inside scoop on my near death experience impressions. I am confident you will find these intriguing, helpful and enlightening.

One advantage of an eBook is that you can download the material and start reading it in a few minutes. No shipping costs and no waiting periods...

Just order and dive in!

Keep it stored on your computer and use it when you need it.

Don’t forget the four bonuses I’m offering - bonuses which will help you to solve troublesome relationship problems.

With all this privileged information - information I’ve compiled as a result of my 35-plus years of experience as a therapist and coach - you’ll be able to...

Turn your toughest relationships into your biggest success stories and (if you’re like me) you’ll bring yourself a profound peace of mind... more profound than you ever believed you deserve!

A Second Chance

Get ready for a life-changing experience, which is what you’re in for when you read my book - a book which could have only been written due to an unforgettable and extraordinary experience - an experience which gave me a second chance at life...

And now you can get a second chance, as well...

By reading my book you will grab your own second chance!

The secrets and revelations that the vast majority of people do not have are yours for the taking. Information which many may never be able to find.

You’ll get the same help and instruction I give all my clients for a fraction of the cost, and you’ll get more... page after page of "how-to" information and bonus after bonus... each and every bonus developed and written by yours truly. In each case I sat down to write about something that could be truly monumental in its importance, each bonus is extraordinary, based on inside information from the analyst’s couch.

All said and done, this complete relationship package puts easy-to-follow instructions on how to get the ultimate solution in your hands and into action in your life!

I wonder, what will you do with your second chance?

Keep in touch after you get The Ultimate Relationship Solution and let me know what it has done for you.

Keep my e-mail address, stay in touch with me via my website, and don’t be quiet... write or call and let me know what my eBook has done for you. Tell me how your life has changed.

I want to hear about your successes.

I have been in the helping profession for three and a half decades... I am staying right here. I will be here doing what I love hopefully for a long time... so I will be here for you when you sit down and write to me about all your wonderful success.

I do this for a living. Helping people is not a sales pitch for me. I am a serious, hard-working professional, whose passion is helping others. I’ve written a truthful and honest book about an experience I never dreamed I’d have, and I want you to read it because it will help you to solve all kinds of relationship problems and help you to live a fantastically successful life... successful in the way you want to be... in accordance with your beliefs and values.

For just twenty five bucks, you can get your copy, your treasure chest of secrets that only a very, very fortunate person could have but once in a lifetime... if that often!

After reading it, let me know how it’s helping you in three or six months and in the passing years. I want to know how you’re doing. And if I can offer any suggestions, I will.

That is my promise to you!

Grab your copy of The Ultimate Relationship Solution Here:


When you click on the link provided below, you will be taken to a secure ordering page where you can type in your credit card information.

You may pay using PayPal or your credit card. Once your credit card is approved, you will be able to download the book as a PDF file in just a matter of minutes. Since the eBook will be in PDF format, you can open and read it in Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Adobe software to run this file, you can download and install it at the Adobe website for free.

CLICK HERE to get Adobe Acrobat Reader

THE ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP SOLUTION is a unique eBook. It is a true story that will stimulate your thinking in many ways. Soon you’ll be well on your way to learning about my near death experience and the incredible lessons I learned from it - lessons which will assist you in your life’s journey.It’s all in there. Like I said, I did not hold back.

All it will cost to learn how to succeed fabulously with your relationships, and to get ALL this information about so many important things is $24.95. You get all the strategies and all the years of experience, plus all the tips and inside information, and all the bonuses.

I believe you will find my true story, insights and revelations inspiring, and you will find it to be the best $24.95 you have ever invested in yourself and your relationships. You’ll begin to use at least some of these ideas right away, and it won’t take you long to see the benefits.

My Promise To You

I pledge that every word in this book is true and comes straight from the heart. There are no false claims or trumped up assertions. I want you to benefit from my ordeal and to use this information to make a substantial difference in your life. Use my eBook to get your relationship problems to take a hike.

As a professional helper, not an Internet marketing guru, I am serious about helping people... and I have spent nearly the last three and a half decades of my life doing just that, living that goal.

I assure you, if you put these simple but powerful strategies to work for you, you will notice a difference in your life, and new possibilities will open up. Work with this high-quality material, and you will be rewarded with better, more satisfying relationships and a deeper, more joyful inner life.

Yet... if, after reading the book, you feel that you need more help with a tough relationship problem, communication snag or trust issue, contact me and I will discuss further options with you.

My contact information is at my website or in the book.

More Readers Say

Dear Richard,

I want to thank you for writing a breathtaking eBook about your near death experience. The first time I read it, I devoured it. Now I want to read it again very slowly and savor every drop of wisdom. I will always keep a copy around.

Elizabeth Adkins,
Charleston, West Virginia

Dear Richard,

I started reading your book and was instantly drawn in... excellent job!

Joshua Finnichairo,
Palm Springs, Florida

This remarkable true story, spoken from the depths of the heart, combined with your vast professional expertise, makes your book delightful and fascinating reading. Thank you so much for telling a story that needs to be told.

Pauline Sweazy,
Winchester, Kentucky

Remember, if you don’t find my book helpful, you can have your money back. Otherwise, your $24.95 will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made... an investment that can reap gargantuan rewards over time! Who knows how much... over the course of a lifetime? Who could possibly calculate what improving your relationships could mean? Toss a pebble into a pond and the ripples go a long way!

I believe it was my purpose to write this book, and it’s my purpose to put it into your hands, to bring you some good news from the other side. I want you to have the opportunity to change your life that I had... without the death part, of course.

My book will tell you what I saw, experienced and learned from dying - and I share with you what was revealed to me, as a result of the experiences. I trust you will do something with it, if you are sincere about changing your old habits and patterns, and giving your relationships new life.

When you apply the principles of the ultimate relationship solution, you will find cold people will warm up to you and strangers will find you interesting, and your closest friends will see you as irresistible.

People will be drawn to you like a magnet.

If you want to draw good, fulfilling and trustworthy relationships to you like a virtual magnet then get my book and start putting the steps into action.

My NDE has taught me the importance of acting on my convictions, and doing what my inner self knows I should do.

If you want to try this, listen to yourself. Just do it.

Many times I’ve been angry with myself for NOT doing what I knew I should do, and later my inaction was proven damaging to my best interests.

But after my NDE, I began to act on my intuitive wisdom. Now I act swiftly because I know tomorrow waits for no one.

And our relationships can’t wait.

Thank you for reading my letter, and I hope you will give the ultimate relationship solution a try.

Good luck in solving your relationship problems and building exceptional relationships. Thank you for reading my letter, and I hope you will give the ultimate relationship solution a try.

Sincerely yours,

Richard E. Hamon, II, LMFT

P.S. After my NDE, as I recuperated at home...
I began to compile my new insights into a coherent form. Although words could not describe what I was feeling, I led a seminar for fellow helping professionals, and presented the revelations of my NDE.

Not only did this group of social scientists and hard-core working professionals love my presentation, but some said it helped them to renew their work!

Few managed to get through the day without shedding tears.

After the workshop, Jan, a clinical social worker, said,

"Richard, you’ve RESTORED MY FAITH IN MY PROFESSION. You’ve got to take this show on the road. You’ve got to find a way to share this information with others. I don’t care what it takes. Just do it! People need to hear this kind of thing."

And, remember that touching letter, sent to me by a professional helper? I thought you might want to read it again . . . 

Dear Richard,

I did not want to leave work today until I put my thoughts on paper. After hearing your presentation related to your experience (NDE), I can tell you it was energizing. It is great to be recharged. Your message was a wonderful thing.

I have experienced those angels in the hospital and I also will never forget them. But wait - sometimes I do forget them. Thank you for the reminder. Remembering those personal experiences (thanks to hearing your words) helps me to leave the office with an energized, positive and compassionate attitude.

Your informal presentation today was more uplifting than any seminar I can recall.

Sometimes I need a reminder to increase my compassion. Thanks for that reminder.

Steve Parrish


As I reread Steve’s beautiful letter today, I am reminded of those days right after my NDE, in which I saw the beauty and importance of human relationships as never before! And I am reminded of one of my favorite hospital nurses...

His name was James. He came into my room and quietly sat beside my bed. "Mind if I ask you a question?"

"No, go ahead," I said, wondering what was on his mind.

"Sir, what are you going to do when you get out of here?"

"Well, I don’t know, exactly" I said.

"I just wondered," he said. "I just have the feeling you’re going to do something special."

"Something special?"

"Yes," he said.

"What, I mean, where do you get that idea?"

Getting to his feet, he gave my shoulder a gentle pat. "I think you are on a mission. And I can’t wait to see what you do... when you get out of here... because you have a special job to do."

Well, I may not be sure of what my mission is, but I know this, I have written a book about my fascinating experiences and insights, and I have written it for you . . . because I want you to know, in some small way, what I have been so fortunate to discover about life and the world beyond.

I hope you will get my book, read it, and give yourself a chance to re-energize, change your relationships and supercharge your life.

I wish you every joy, happiness and success!

And . . . Won't you join me in my efforts to change the world, one relationship at a time?