Types of Relationships

There may be many types of relationships, but all are important to our health, happiness and vitality. It's so easy to play with relationships, never taking them seriously, but nothing could be more important than relationships. In fact, relationships make the world go around. 

Man in background trying to talk to his spouse, but she has her hands over her ears and eyes closed.Relationships Are Never Easy

If you master your relationships, you will possess the keys to happiness and success. Your life will be meaningful and rich. You'll be satisfied and fulfilled. You'll be loved and cherished for the rest of your life. Perhaps relationships, meaningful work and time for leisure make for the happiest possible life. 

You'll find some of our most popular relationship articles here, and get help for many of the most common relationship problems, so you can master your relationships and get more joy from them now.

Relationship Skills You Can Develop

  • How to handle change in relationships
  • What to do and not do in different situations
  • How to make your relationships work for you in every way
  • Discover how to be happier and healthier, and live longer by having great relationships
  • Get your relationships to pay big dividends in terms of peace, love and happiness
  • How to overcome relationship problems
  • Make love grow stronger and more resilient
  • How to deal with different types of relationships

Relationships change over time. They are living, breathing arrangements that are constantly evolving. Relationship partners change as they age. Change is scary. Yet, a good relationship can stand the test of time, and get better and better as time goes by, becoming more precious and desirable . . . if, you make your relationship a priority, and both partners are always growing and improving, and seeking to become better partners. Thus, the relationship never becomes stagnant.  

Great Relationships Make Us Happier and Healthier

The best way to ruin a good relationship is to ignore it. Just when you think all is well, and you get busy with everything else, your relationship can get into real danger fast.  

Yes, relationships can change in undesirable ways and bring you big surprises, especially if you haven't learned how to cultivate and manage your relationships. It pays to keep your beloved relationships tuned up and never to let them go. It pays to learn effective relationship skills and to develop a tool box of relationship skills and techniques.

A Manual Would Be Nice 

Relationships would be much easier, if only someone had given us a relationship manual. Chances are, though, you learned about relationships like the rest of us did . . . through trial and error.  Well, it's never too late. Now you can have that manual. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. 

Check out the articles listed below and learn about proven and effective relationship strategies and skills. These articles explore seven different types of relationships and relationship problems, and will help you to improve or fine-tune your most valuable relationships. 

7 Types of Relationships

Happy Relationships

Passionate Relationships

Work Relationships

Career Decisions and Relationships

Pet Relationships

Retirement and Second Careers

Stop Loneliness 

Four Basic Kinds of Relationships

Get the Relationships Right
in all Four Spheres of Your Life . . .
Find Happiness and Peace of Mind

Group of coworkers smiling in agreement over a paperLife is Good When Your Relationships are Working Well

There are four basic types of relationships:

  1. Friendship
  2. Family
  3. Romantic
  4. Professional

Our relationships are interwoven and grow into a rich tapestry of beautiful threads. When we maintain strong, healthy relationships in all spheres of our lives, we attain peace of mind. Successful relationships give our lives meaning, grace and joy. 

Relationships can change in ways that throw us off balance. 

For example, a Friendship can turn into a Romantic Relationship. This Romantic Relationship can turn into a Family Relationship. A Professional Relationship can turn into a Friendly relationship. Relationships are dynamic and ever changing. 

How can you turn your relationships, even the flawed ones, into pure gold? How can you prepare for the changes that will come? 

Fortunately, anyone can learn how to build and maintain better relationships at any time during the life cycle. All it takes is a little courage and wisdom, and the willingness to have fun. And there is no better time than NOW.

Sometimes people don't hang around long enough for us to decide what we want to do. 

If you're feeling lonely and down in the dumps, it may be time to do something about it because loneliness is harmful and dangerous. The ill-effects of loneliness:

  • Weakens your immune system
  • Makes it harder to sleep
  • Courts anxiety and depression
  • Invites a more pessimistic thought process
  • Is hard on your heart
  • Leads to worrying and dwelling

You Can Stop Loneliness

Loneliness is an epidemic in today's disgruntled, discombobulated world. And it's getting worse every year. But you can overcome loneliness and learn to thrive in even the hardest times.

At the request of my psychotherapy clients, I have spent the past year writing and testing a new email course, designed to help people of all ages and descriptions move past their loneliness and design a new, well-connected life. Our Cure Loneliness e-Course will hold your hand as you learn new strategies and skills to address loneliness and lead a happy, fulfilled life of meaning and purpose. 

Get connected today and discover a genuine and lasting approach to your relationships. A happy marriage can add six to seven years to your life.  Investing in your marriage or long-term, committed relationship can be the best decision you ever make. 

Feel free to Contact Us with your questions about relationships or for information about our online relationship advice. Are you struggling with relational questions:

"What kind of relationships do I want to be in?

How can I make my relationships more satisfying?"

"Am I getting what I want out of my relationships, or am I struggling?

"Why are my relationships struggling and what am I doing wrong?"

"Do I feel lonely inside my relationships?" 

"How can I keep my anxiety and depression from ruining my important relationships?"

"What types of relationships am I best at?"

We can help you to sort your relationships out, and help you to redesign any relationships that are letting you down. By paying careful attention to your relationships, and upgrading your relationship skill set, you can design an enormously exciting life. 

Relationship Gold 

Want powerful Relationship Tips and Problem Solving Techniques?

Want to discover how to make your relationships pay off, big-time? 

Relationship Gold, our eBook on the Alchemy of Relationships, can help you to learn how to turn ordinary relationship problems into golden opportunities for positive change and assist you in re-designing your ho-hum or broken relationships.

The only Relationship Manual you'll ever need. Learn more . . . 

In my nearly 40 years of practice as a professional Psychotherapist, I've seen how relationships make all the difference in the lives of my clients and their families and friends. What makes some clients more successful in therapy than others? It's the quality of their relationships, or the effectiveness of their support system. 

Clients who are going about it alone, without a good support system or network, tend to do more poorly than those who have a lot of support at home.

Lone wolves struggle. 

Happy wolves who live to a ripe, old age are part of a team, known as a pack, or a super support system. 

Need to Repair a Relationship
Before You Lose it Forever?
Want to make True Love more than just a Fairy Tale? 

Find help for your broken relationship. Instead of giving up, or burning an important bridge, learn how to repair a relationship and bring back the love, care and concern you've been missing.

If you you're thinking about someone you've hurt or wronged, but don't know how or where to start to make it better, check these articles out . . .

Get Relationship Repair Tips

Make True Love Last

Spice Up a Relationship Stuck in a Rut

Add Passion to Your Ho-hum Relationship

Use the Power of Love to Grow Your Relationship 

Overcome Trauma and Save Your Relationship

Communication: The Relationship Cure

Young men playing soccerWhen You can Make Peace In Every Step, Life is So Much Fun

Want More Relationship Help? Need to get your game on? Yearn to get along with others Instead of Stumbling over Conflict? 

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Relationships really matter, and they make the world go around. If you want to be happier, all you have to do is improve one or more relationships in your life. The magic will happen. 

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