Heal Yourself Through Writing

Writing can be therapeutic, and often you can heal yourself through writing and solve your problems. Writing is an overlooked self-help tool. Let's take a look at how you can use writing to improve your mental health and increase your happiness.

Research Says Writing Has Numerous Benefits

Studies show that writing about emotional issues helps to reduce stress by reducing the body's cortisol levels, an important stress hormone.  Writing to heal yourself is a matter of tackling an important problem and putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper. 

You'll feel and sleep better, after you get your thoughts and worries off your chest. Sound sleep improves the body's ability to heal, and will help you to recover from painful experiences faster. Simply by getting your thoughts on paper will make you feel like you're beginning to improve the situation. 

New studies show that expressive writing can improve mood and lessen the effects of psychological trauma. It can help victims of trauma and abuse recover more quickly. And writing can assist you in your quest to better know and understand yourself. So, remember, you can heal yourself through writing on many levels. 

How You Can Heal Yourself Through Writing

First, find a suitable notebook, journal or diary in which you can write your deepest thoughts and ideas. You might select a nice pen you would enjoy using, as well. Now put your notebook and pen in your desk drawer for safe keeping. At least once or twice a week, you will sit in a quiet room and write your thoughts or feelings in your notebook. Writing your deepest thoughts and feelings will give you the most benefit. 

Try writing your dreams down, too. Dreams offer a doorway to the inner self. 

Want to heal yourself through writing, but don't know where to start? I suggest getting rid of your inhibitions and just going for it. Just do it. 

Where To Start

You could write about upsetting events or memories, really pouring your heart out . . . to your paper therapist. You'll make more sense of the distressing events and come to terms with them in meaningful ways. Say all you want to say, and you'll feel a real sense of relief and catharsis, after you've finished for the day.

When no one will listen, journal writing gives you a chance to turn to yourself. Writing your innermost thoughts down is so therapeutic. Just trust yourself and see where it leads you. If ideas come, jot them down before you forget them. 

Try this . . . develop a plan for solving problems.

1. Make a list of worries or concerns you have.

2. Then write down ideas for dealing with each issue.

3. Ask yourself questions, to which you’ll seek an answer by listening within . . . simply close your eyes and write what comes.  

A Cool Way to Heal Yourself Through Writing: Write A Letter

Letter writing is a lost art, and letters offer a great way to heal yourself through writing. You could opt to write a loving or heart-felt letter to someone you care about, venting your heart and touching upon your most earnest feelings. You needn't mail the letter, just write it in your journal. Chances are, you'll feel better afterwards, especially if you put things you've always wanted to say but never said in the letter.

Read Your Journal and Lower Your Stress More

Many of my clients report that simply reading over their journal entries at a later date also helps them to understand themselves better. Also, it reduces stress and improves mood. And it provides a general emotional boost.

Now, you can add more thoughts and feelings, or analyze previous writings, which often leads to an even stronger sense of relief, along with a optimistic attitude.

Here's one of my favorite methods: sketching. Yes, you can sketch in your notebook, too. Or doodle. Have fun and free your mind. Let your feelings roll onto the pages. Decorate the pages. Underline key passages. You'll soon be healing yourself through writing! 

In Sum

You can write your own ticket to healing from stressful events by engaging in expressive writing. Just grab a notebook and pen, find a quiet place that's conducive to quiet reflection, and start writing your thoughts and feelings.

You'll feel better in a jiffy. I promise. 

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