Don't Even Think of Giving Up Until You've Read This

Dear Visitor,

As a savvy Internet user, you’ve seen plenty of offers, from get-rich-quick schemes to the latest weight loss fad. I won’t try to top any of them, I assure you.

Nor will I insult your intelligence by offering a miraculous cure for your loneliness or the sad feelings that come from being down on your luck and wishing you had a better life. As a professional psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience, I know how hard it is to stop feeling lonely . . . and to dig out of the "poor me" rut. I've helped hundreds and hundreds of lonely clients reach that very goal. When you're lonely it feels like having a "delight deficiency syndrome." Hardly anything could be worse. 

Every day, I talk to people about loneliness, and I help them to find simple, but effective ways to make new connections, reach past isolation and restore lackluster relationships to their former glory.  So, I will not make any ridiculous claims or promises I cannot back up.

You may feel there's no way around being lonely, that you're just stuck and nothing can help you. But, I'm here to tell you that there is hope, even if you've been lonely for a long time and you have "chronic loneliness". There are reasons for loneliness, and when you attack the root of the problem, change will happen. 

In fact, if you are sick and tired of being lonely, I can say with absolute confidence that my Cure Loneliness e-Course can help you in a very  real way. I have developed a special, self-help course, at the request of my clients, to help you to stop loneliness in the here-and-now. It only takes 14 days to complete the course. Yet, it can take the place of weeks or months of therapy or coaching. And, it could save you years of frustration, plenty of  money and lots of precious time. 

Why 14 days? Anything less will probably not work and anything more will take too long.  It takes about two weeks to learn new habits. Less than that and your goals have a way of becoming wishful thinking, but don't become a part of your day-to-day behavior. Fourteen (14) days will give you the time to make a real change and to reap real results. 

You won't get rich by taking my course, but you will feel rich. 

That's right, if you take my cure loneliness course, you won’t automatically get rich, drop 40 pounds or become world famous. You won’t be able to predict the future like Nostradamus, and you won’t read people’s minds or discern the winning lottery ticket number. Unless you can already do those things.

But . . . you may feel like you’ve won the lottery.

  • Yes, you may jump for joy because you’ll feel better than you’ve felt in a long time
  • And you will feel the glow that comes only from touching others and being touched by them
  • Your current connections to others will strengthen and improve
  • You'll soon be making new connections
  • Your brain will be stimulated and it will stimulate you to get more out of life

If you suffer the pangs of loneliness, you may think happiness has eluded you, but I'm here to challenge that assumption. Happiness is a byproduct of living well, thinking certain thoughts, doing certain things and living in certain ways. The Cure Loneliness eCourse is designed to get you moving in a healthy direction . . . and by following the simple action steps, you'll put yourself in a position to attract genuine happiness.

Let's break it down into specifics. What exactly will my Cure Loneliness Course do for you?

The answer depends on how satisfied you are with your life and how happy you feel. If you’re like some of my clients, you may feel tired or bored, unfulfilled, empty inside, misunderstood, left out, unknown or unloved, and you may battle a sense of vague unworthiness and illusive sadness . . . even though you may be part of a big family, have a good marriage or have a good job and work for a successful company.

You may even feel lonely and sad in a crowd. Or, in the midst of a so-called good relationship. Or, are you in a relationship in which you feel as though you are taken for granted? Are you craving attention, but you find yourself sitting on the sidelines, being ignored? Feeling as though life has passed you by. 

You may have everything, yet feel like you have nothing – nothing that really matters. You may suffer from a lack of purpose, feel disconnected or disenchanted, and suffer from the fear you’re going nowhere in your life. Maybe all the big stuff is there, but the little things are lacking. Maybe you wonder why you don’t have more reliable and trustworthy friends, or more of them.

Wondering why no one makes you feel special. Why your best friends have love and you don't. 

Well, you can change it now. All you have to do is to READ, THINK AND ACT. You'll spend a few minutes a day, for fourteen days, doing that very thing. 

When I built the Cure loneliness Course, I had a clear purpose in mind. My aim was to make the "Best Possible Course" on overcoming the disabling and disillusioning effects of loneliness. A course featuring:

  1. Clear thinking
  2. Powerful strategies
  3. Innovative approaches to defeating old, worrisome patterns
  4. Enough encouragement to keep you motivated 
  5. Friendly reminders on the most important points

How The Cure Loneliness Course Works

The Cure Loneliness Course delivers on all fronts while offering you a simply incredible value. Just read a brief lesson, think about it and try one or two strategies later on that day. Have fun while you try the suggestions and techniques. Keep it up for two weeks . . . and you'll see why the Cure Loneliness Course can be a life changing experience. 20 - 30 minutes a day is the time you'll need to invest. 

So, the answer to the question, What can my Cure Loneliness Course do for you, may depend on where you are in life and how ready you are for change. If you’d like to stop feeling lonely, and you’re ready to take the first step to do something about it, then my cure-loneliness formula may be the

  • game changer you’ve been looking for!
  • the break you’ve been needing!
  • the ultimate answer to one of the most puzzling and troubling questions of your life, such as, Why am I still feeling this way?
  • and, Why can't I fix it? 

If you want to stop feeling like just another stranger, a mere face in the crowd, or the quiet person sitting in the corner watching everyone else have fun, then my Cure Loneliness Course may be the ticket you need to sail past the lonesome blues. After nearly 40 years of helping my clients to find workable and sustainable solutions to their problems, and lead happy lives, I know what works and what doesn’t work, and I've captured what my most successful clients have done to break free from the chains of loneliness and put it all in my course.

I've installed the most effective ideas and strategies into the basic fabric of the course – a  course that teaches you how to embrace the attitudes and skills you’ll need to overcome loneliness for good. And, to ensure you never have to suffer the indignity of loneliness again. If life happens, you get a bad break and you wind up feeling lonely, you'll know what to do about it and how to stop it -- stop it dead in its tracks.

Even if you're ADHD, you can relax knowing 

  1. I've broken the material into bite-size chunks that you'll find interesting and creative
  2. It's enjoyable and fast-paced 
  3. You'll get just one lesson a day (because I know that one step at a time is all that anyone can find time for these days)

There's nothing complicated or laborious to try and figure out or memorize. 

The focus of the training is learning new ways of doing things that will work.

As a seasoned therapist, my whole approach is about making changes that stick. And making a difference in someone's life that stands the test of time.

With the Cure loneliness lessons coming to your inbox on a daily basis for two weeks, you’ll be able to move on with your life and create a problem-solved future that can be better than anything you've ever imagined. I want you to know there is genuine hope. You can have a brighter tomorrow, if you seize the moment of change.

That moment is now. 

But, I suggest there will be more of "the same old same old" for those who are not willing to make a new decision or try a new plan. Loneliness doesn't improve on its own, unless you get lucky. And, like anxiety, it only gets worse, if you fail to do something about it, often mushrooming out of control. Or, it snowballs, if you will, growing bigger and bigger as it rolls down the hill, generalizing to other areas of your life.

Not everyone does what’s needed to lead a happy life. Not everyone is willing to try something new. But, I guarantee . . .

if you don’t do something different – especially something effective, tried and true – you’ll wind up getting more of what you have now – and that’s all.  

If you seize the moment and make a change, you won't end up sharing the fate of a lone wolf, who leaves the safety of the pack because of squabbles with its family or the desire to face the world all by its lonesome self. What happens to most lonesome wolves in the wild? They might last for a year, if they're lucky. Why? Life is hard when you have to face it all by yourself. There is strength, unity and safety in a pack. Remove yourself from the safety net of your supportive peers and loved ones . . .

and you face perilous odds.

Yes, wolves have a hard time of it, and so do people. Survival is no easy trick. A lone wolf has to learn from its mistakes and make amends, or else. The wolf will have to do something different, if it wants to survive. Even a big, tough alpha male won't make it for long, if alone. No matter how intelligent, beautiful, talented and charismatic you may be, if you cut your ties or drift away from your support system, you'll be vulnerable, lonely and sad, prone to illness and depression, emptiness and fatigue. You'll suffer from a lack of meaning and perhaps purpose.

Lonely people often feel like lone wolves, misaligned, forgotten or unwanted. Those feelings take a toll on them, and depression and anxiety are quick to ensue.

But, here's the good news:

  • You don't have to be alone
  • You can do something different
  • You can make a new plan
  • You can decide upon a different course of action
  • You can repair the broken links to your support system or build a new one

After all, how can your future be different than the past or present, if you don't do something fundamentally different than you've done before, so you won't have to keep facing it alone? 

Remember, here's the bottom line:

If you don't do something different, you'll never have more than you have right now. 

The Tragic Results of Loneliness

Think about what can happen, if you don't do something about your lonely feelings, even if they are secret feelings that you've been hiding from others. What are the consequences of feeling lonely for a long time?

The Results of Chronic Loneliness 

  • Your immune system wears down and you get sick more easily. 
  • Stress hormones are triggered that keep you physically and emotionally beaten down.
  • Cardiologists believe loneliness places a strain on your arteries, as lonely people tend to have more heart problems than other people.
  • You may exercise less because you don't feel good, which will only ill-affect your overall health.
  • You'll have an increased sensitivity to depression. 
  • You'll lose some of your mental sharpness -- memory and problem solving skills may suffer.
  • You may be more likely to engage in self-injurious behavior like smoking and drinking to escape lonely feelings. 
  • You may do desperate things to make yourself feel better.
  • Lonely feelings lead to negative thinking and a pessimistic way of looking at the world and yourself.
  • Sleep is often impaired, making mental, physical and emotional issues worse.
  • Lonely people tend to abuse food, drugs, alcohol and other things more than other people. 
  • Lonely people tend to take poor care of themselves, leaving themselves vulnerable to sickness.
  • Lonely people often feel cheated by the world, or  let down by loved ones, and fall into a vat of self-pity. 
  • Low self esteem tends to plague lonely persons, along with poor self-confidence.
  • Lonely people often neglect their diets, resulting in a host of other problems, like decreased health and well being.
  • Loneliness can drive you to make poor decisions and to fail in social situations when an opportunity does finally come along for you to shine.
  • Fall into an addictive or escapist pattern of behavior. 
  • Etc. 

All-Important Connections: A Case Example

Let's face it. Life is about making connections.

A well-connected individual feels secure, happy and self-confident. Connected individuals are happier and healthier, and more productive. They accomplish more and smile more. They feel good. They receive help from others when they need it. 

This point became crystal clear when I participated in a group with heart patients who came together twice a week to express their feelings and to offer love, encouragement and support to one another. The group members grew so close together, they thought of themselves as family members, and called one another brother or sister. Their sense of connection was so strong and powerful it obliterated their loneliness.

It made me realize that when your connections are iron-clad you can't feel lonely for long. 

On the other hand, those who are not well-connected, feel alone, isolated and quite often misunderstood. Lonely and depressed, they struggle to find their way out of the dark forest of despair. And, the lonely feelings take a toll on physical health. In time, chronic lonely feelings will attack the whole person, sabotaging their total welfare, even wrecking their sense of purpose in life.  

Many of my clients walk into my therapy office after spending years being frustrated and alone, and wondering about their sanity or their ability to ever be happy. The few good relationships they may have are often in decline. Loneliness may be keeping them from being successful or productive, and they no longer feel useful, significant or important. 

Please, don't let that happen to you. Take steps right now to end your loneliness and get a new start. Do something different before you get stuck permanently. If it has happened to you already, the sooner you act to change things the quicker you'll feel brand new again. 

I wrote the Cure Loneliness Course for folks just like you. It consists of proven techniques I've used in my practice (and those used by my colleagues) to help lonely people get unstuck and to start climbing out of the loneliness rut. 

A Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with The First Step

You'll get something special when you take the Cure Loneliness Course -- a push in the right direction. A gigantic push that can potentially move you light years ahead.  

As a psychotherapist in private practice, I take several courses every year to maintain my commitment to ongoing education and to keep my license up to date. Thus, I am always learning and seeking to gain more knowledge to help my clients escape from thoughts and actions that enslave them to the chains of loneliness, chronic depression and social anxiety. In creating the Cure Loneliness Course, I’ve taken a mountain of information and drilled it down to the very best techniques into an easy-to-understand and apply course that will come to you via email, a course you can take in the privacy of your home, and complete in two weeks. 

If you’ll invest some time in learning and trying the new approaches, you'll build the habits that will bring you success. You’ll need time to practice new action-oriented steps, and you'll progress rapidly. I wanted to go deep enough to offer you something that'll make a significant improvement in your situation. And the course does that very well, over a period of two weeks.

That gives you enough time to really grasp the new information, and to try it out in your day-to-day life, but doesn’t take too much time – because I know you’re in a hurry, and you want to change fast.

Again, there is no magic pill you can take, and I can’t wave a magic wand to end the loneliness and quiet sense of despair in your life, but my course can give you a realistic chance of making huge progress in the here-and-now, and put you on your way in virtually no time at all.

No matter how long you’ve been lonely, or for what reasons, even if you’ve suddenly found yourself feeling lonely for the first time in many years, the Cure Loneliness Course can show you how to overcome the crap and pain in your life, the utter disappointment and the mental anguish, sense of sadness and shame, and the depressing boredom, starting right now.

Whether you’ve felt lonely for the past five minutes or past five years . . . 

you can solve your loneliness problems quickly and effectively by employing well-tested, ingenious and creative strategies, some of which you’ve never heard of before and won’t find anywhere else, that can make an immediate difference in your life, even before you have mastered your new concepts and skills. You can do something about it now, at last, if you wish. 

Reflective Woman Looking Out WindowReady to Make a Change?

If you want to Cure Loneliness
You Have to Do Something Different . . . and Bold

If you really want to survive your loneliness and start a new chapter in your life story, where you will feel better and start having fun again, you’ll want to forget about much of the traditional advice – it doesn’t work and it’s based on myth.

People will tell you, “Oh, just be patient. Romance will come, in time. After all, you’re a good person, and good things usually come to those who wait.” You know what comes to those who keep waiting? Nothing – nothing but more of the same. Unless a stroke of luck falls from the sky and bangs you on the head. 

Well, all the so-called good advice people give you, may only get you in more trouble . . .

  • Turning to food. Eating your anxiety and depression away only makes it worse. Plus, you put on weight!
  • Drinking your loneliness away only makes you feel lonelier, in the end, far more depressed and hopeless.
  • And your “alcohol crutch” can lead to many other problems, such as addiction, career and family problems, as well.

Advice like,  “Oh, you don’t have it so hard, what are you complaining about? At least you’re not starving.”

Or, “Stop being so shy, get out of the house, be bold and go out and make something happen.”

Or, Let’s go out to a bar we’ll do some eating and/or drinking and find some dates.” 

Guess what? Alcohol and depression travel in the same synoptic pathways in the brain. Alcohol intensifies feelings of loneliness and doubles or triples your depression. I always warn my clients not to drink if they’re battling depression, or they’ll wind up much more depressed.

And possibly suicidal or accident-prone.

Don’t do that to your brain. Treating your loneliness through some type of addictive behavior only sets you up for more heartache than you deserve. If you want to feel better, you have to attack your loneliness at the core, or at the level of the underlying issues. If you want to feel more down and hopeless, drink.

To reiterate, If you want to cure your loneliness, then you'll need to make a constructive change, where the root of the problem resides, at the fundamental level. A fundamental change. That way, you’ll do something that actually helps.

You'll find techniques and strategies in my Cure Loneliness Course that are designed to do that very thing, to address the core issues and make a permanent change, where it will stick. Sometimes that means learning to respond differently to a given stressor, or choosing a more productive and helpful response rather than a destructive one – a destructive one that fuels your loneliness and sense of isolation. 

Turning Losses Into Victories and Problems Into Solutions

One way to deal with a difficult situation that you can’t seem to change is to react to it in a new and different way. You see, every problem has a gift waiting for you, hidden deep in its hands.  

If you suffer from bad acne, you may not be able to curb the acne, but you always can decide how to respond to it differently than you have in the past. Acne doesn’t have to stop or defeat you. You don’t have to let your acne freak you out! It doesn’t have to be a social turn-off, or keep you home. You can still go out and have fun. People will still like you, even if you have severe acne, as long as you like yourself, and you treat them respectfully. You have to react in a healthy way to the problem, then you’ll have more friends and more fun! Armed with the right attitude, nothing will stop you.

My course will show you the best possible ways to respond to lonely feelings, while attacking your loneliness at the fundamental level, so you can get short-term and lasting, long-term results. 

Lost your true love? 

Let’s say you and your lover have grown apart, and the psychological distance you feel is killing you. You spend a lot of time alone, feeling sorry for yourself and wishing things were different. You may be worrying about your relationship, wondering if your lover still cares. Or, you may feel resentful, possibly even bitter.  It’s a rough place to be, worrying and not knowing.

Well, you could respond to the problem by thinking and analyzing, and dwelling on the problem, stressing out, night and day, and eating comfort food just to get through each lonely night.

You could react to the problem by jumping on your partner and blaming them for everything, thereby driving them away, so you’ll end up even lonelier. And, you could tell yourself your life is over, that you can’t take it, that all is gloom and doom, and then you’d feel more depressed. You might have to go on anti-depressants, which may cause weight gain, loss of energy and zap your love life.

But, what if you were to take a different approach, a more therapeutic and helpful tact? This  is exactly what the Cure Loneliness Course will show you how to do.

Here are a few sample steps you might consider:

1. Tell yourself it’s disappointing, but not the end of the world, then search for solutions
2. Problem-solve and brainstorm ways to spend more time together
3. Increase your exercise so you feel better and stronger
4. Engage in a favorite hobby or discover a new interest as a healthy diversion
5. Reconnect with some old friends and spend time together
6. Volunteer at a non-profit organization that helps people in need, which, in turn, will inspire you
7. Spend time recalling the good times of the past, when you and your friend were together, and using guided imagery techniques to make you feel good and to relax in a powerful way

By engaging in any of the above-mentioned activities, you can reduce lonely feelings, have more fun and make each day more interesting – and soon you’d start feeling a little better and looking forward to tomorrow, instead of dreading it.

And, you will entice your partner to enjoy being with you more.

These are just a smattering of the tips you’ll find in The Cure Loneliness Course, which helps you to take the bull by the horns, to take charge of your loneliness or depression, and to think and act strategically, while helping yourself to cope with adversity and stress more effectively.

The Tips, Strategies and Techniques Presented in Cure-Loneliness Come from Over Four Decades of My Professional Experience as a Psychotherapist

What makes my Cure Loneliness Course unique?

The material comes from my successful counseling and therapy practice, and is based on the successes of many clients.

Working from a place of success is so much easier than working from a place of failure, problems and despair. Or focusing on the all-mighty problems, which can seem so great they appear insurmountable.  You learn how to act just like the world's most successful people -- people who have licked the loneliness curse. And curse is exactly what it is. You know, if you've been suffering from the pains and pangs of loneliness for very long, you may feel doomed to live the rest of your life suffering. 

Not only is my loneliness course positive, but it's very therapeutic, reaffirming and reassuring.  As I mentioned, my course is based upon a lifelong career of working with organizations, families, couples and individuals to restore broken relationships, overcome past traumas and mistakes, and to find genuine, lasting happiness.

I’ve learned some things along the way -- methods that work and those that don’t. After all, I've watched first hand as clients succeed and some fail. I've noticed the patterns and found the blueprint for what successful people do to rise above and conquer their loneliness. 

You know, some things work better than others! You have to know the difference, or you’ll just spin your wheels and waste your time, very possibly getting more stuck and feeling more hopeless than ever. And you could become lonelier and more desperate, as time goes by – lonelier within the prison walls of your marriage, family or work place. Maybe you suffer chronic, debilitating loneliness, yet you’re surrounded by people, or in a crowd, while wishing some miracle would wake you up and snap you out of your dreary doldrums.

Since miracle cures rarely happen, some have resigned themselves to their fate, thinking love has passed them by, or God has forsaken them, or the cosmic universe has left them behind. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Your potential is to be happy, and it can be your destiny, if you know how to go about it in the right way. Yes, you can be catastrophically lonely in the present, but deliriously happy in the future, if you seize the moment of change and apply newfound strategies and skills. 

All you have to do to start feeling better right away is to read the daily email lesson I'll send you for the next two weeks. 

It's just a matter of A, B, C: 

     A. Read the Cure Loneliness Course

     B. Learn the basic concepts

     C. Try the action steps -- in just a few minutes a day -- play, experiment and have fun

Yes, play, experiment and have fun!

Follow this simple formula and your destiny could very well be love, peace and happiness, at last. Possibly even ridiculously enviable happiness! Yes, imagine your friends looking at you in your new way of being, and thinking, "What happened to her/him?" They might see you acting differently and scratch their heads. Sooner or later, they might even ask you what your secret is.

I believe your destiny is to find your true self, and to hit your stride as an individual, who has, in fact, a unique and meaningful purpose in life, if that's the desire of your heart. And, if you do the right things, you will never be lonely again, at least, not for long. My job is to help you accomplish your potential in life. And I take my job seriously. Just ask my clients. They know how hard I work for them. 

Think about the almost impossible things that some people have accomplished, coming back from terrible injuries through hard work and rehab or overcoming the most debilitating problems life can throw at them.

Think of the amazing story of Victor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor. 

Victor Frankl, not only survived life in three concentration camps, but wrote a classic book, Man's Search for Meaning, which outlines the struggle he and others had in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Frankl, no doubt, was very fortunate, but he kept himself alive by finding meaning in his awful circumstances and imagining the possibility of his eventual release. 

There is hope for those who dare to break free from the chains that bind them. Yes, as I stated earlier, there's hope if you are bold enough to dream and dare to do something different. First, you must believe. 

But, what if you don't make a change? 

If you don’t tackle the pernicious loneliness syndrome in your life, your feelings of inner angst and despair may permanently attach themselves to your being or express themselves as strange behaviors. 

You may have given up or stopped looking for your claim to happiness, but it is there, hiding like a little known secret in your mind, hidden in your DNA, written on the cells of your being, a potent code imprinted upon your soul, your very own deed to happiness, waiting to be discovered.

Some ill-informed pessimists may think that’s BS or a line of pie-in-the-sky psychology, but let them bury themselves in negativity and intellectual defensiveness. The truth is clear and present, simple and real – the truth is there for those who dare to uncover its hidden promise, and the path to freedom.

The scientific fact is, your loneliness can be considerably reduced and, in some cases, completely resolved. And it may be much easier to do than you may think. You need a sequential, structured plan. The Cure Loneliness Course can do that for you, and give you the support you need to learn how to go about things differently. And, it will be enjoyable and interesting to tackle a new learning opportunity every day.

Take a Look at What Clients Are Saying

The Cure Loneliness eCourse isn't just another course. When I set out to create it, I wanted to build the best possible course on overcoming loneliness available today, and to make it so helpful and therapeutic anyone could benefit from taking it. As a professional psychotherapist, I have devoted my life to helping people, and I am known for taking lots of so-called impossible cases, so my goal was to create something special -- something powerful, inspirational and therapeutic. And, that's what people tell me I've accomplished. See what my clients are saying below. 

"Thank you, Richard, for what you've done. Your insights are spot on and your change strategies are nothing short of inspirational. I thought I was beyond help." 

--Barb Reynolds

"Your Loneliness eCourse! I loved the suggestion of simply getting a bird feeder...perfect for a convalescing person or someone who can't get out and about. And your simple suggestions on making changes that result in endless rewards."

--Kay Whitehead 

"Richard, I feel like you shined a powerful, bright light onto my life and illuminated all the dark areas. Your course was therapy for my soul." 

--Jim Lowry 

"I've suffered from loneliness and depression for many years, and I never thought I'd be able to lick it. But, your Cure Loneliness Course gave me hope. So far, I've only tried a few of the techniques, but everything works just like you said it would. Thank you for opening  my eyes." 

--Dee Lester

"Dear Richard, I finally met someone, after trying one of your tips. So, everything has changed. I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks so much."

--Liz Arnold

"Your no-nonsense suggestions about how to nip loneliness in the bud really made a difference. I like your direct, straight-forward approach, and your crystal clear take on things. I will  keep this information for the future. Thanks."

-- Justin Kellog

"What I loved about your Cure Loneliness Course is the amount of skill you have for dealing with different causes of loneliness. Yet I felt like you wrote this course just for me. Thanks a million."

-- Susan Wainright

"Great course and the once-a-day lessons helped me to build new skills fast enough. There was still time to learn all the new things I wanted to learn."

--Rebecca Helmers

"A thorough and well organized approach to living a more satisfying social life. Nice job. It has helped me so much."

--Sandra Johnson

"Dear Sir, all I can say is, Yippee! because your Loneliness course has made a real difference in my life. And I've had a chronic loneliness problem for over 20 years, maybe all my life. I never dreamed there were so many ways I could do something about it."

--Vassily Reynolds 

My Cure loneliness Curse was $247 . . .

   But I'm slashing the price for COVID-19
to a Mere $99!

When the COVID-19 crisis is over and people return to normal, the course will go back to the original price of $247.

Get your course now for only $99 . . .

You'll Get A Lesson A Day for Fourteen Days
Along with Action Steps to take Every Day

Managing loneliness comes down to tweaking attitude, behavior and awareness. Despite the complications and derivations, loneliness usually boils down to a few common causes that can be identified and addressed. Normally, change happens slowly, for most, or through a process of trial and error, which is why you can take years to replace a bad habit or negative thought process. My course drills down through stubborn layers of mental and emotional cement (and crap conditioning) that keep people stuck, to the major issues, and helps you to take steps to get free quickly and painlessly, while encouraging you to develop the proper awareness, mindset and the new behaviors you'll need to succeed.  

What the Cure Loneliness Course can do for you:

  • Make you feel like yourself again
  • Kick self-limiting thoughts and behaviors faster than a lightning fast Internet connection can load a page (Well, maybe not that fast. But, it can get you off to a flying start in a matter of minutes) 
  • Help to build connections and get grounded solidly in your relationships . . . and stop feeling so lonely and isolated, so frustrated and cutoff from others
  • Get a positive lease on life that will make you more attractive, possibly irresistible, to other people
  • Regain your mental sharpness, energy level and self-confidence. 
  • Get your mojo back, your spirit and a healthy sense of self 
  • Help you to meet new friends
  • Make it easier to give up any destructive habits you may have
  • Assist in repairing lost or broken relationships
  • Allow for spending more time having fun, doing what you love, and enjoying life more with others -- not alone
  • Get you in an upbeat mood so you can improve your sleep, exercise more and take care of your health
  • And more

You may be asking, How do I get things started to make all these changes?

You just read the course lesson once a day. For a total of fourteen days. You’ll get one powerful lesson a day and, on the last day, you’ll receive a special email from me giving you extra bonus material and offering further help, if you should get bogged down or need a little extra support in plowing through your issues.

If you’ve gotten stuck somewhere along the way, I’ll offer my personal suggestions and give you recommendations to assist you in breaking free. And it will cost you nothing extra.

That is my promise to you.

I'll tell you about the lessons . . .

Each lesson begins with a few basic ideas or concepts, then moves into practical, but creative strategies you can use to sandblast the loneliness out of your life. You’ll have twenty-four hours to try one or more of the strategies out for size, before receiving the next learning module. Fourteen days gives you time to learn the new material and get started developing new habits. It’s not too much to overwhelm you, and it’s not too little to really help. Plus, you’ll find each lesson a pleasure to work with, since the new material will help you put the missing pieces of the loneliness puzzle together, perhaps for the first time ever.

Just 15 - 20 minutes a day is all the time you’ll need to take the lessons, read and digest the information, and then a little time to do the action steps. That's all you’ll need to conquer the beast of loneliness, and the years of living in isolation, exasperation and personal disenchantment. Keep it up for two weeks, and you’ll have begun a new, successful chapter in your life. You’ll have a new way to act, a new reason to greet each day with purpose and resolve, and the power to find hope – real hope for tomorrow – and that all too elusive dream of peace, love and happiness, which will now be firmly in your grasp.

I've helped people from all walks of life...attorneys, doctors, priests and ministers, jockeys and domestic workers, entertainers, teachers, politicians and social workers, to name a few, and all age groups, to solve their problems and reach their goals, so they could enjoy life again and find the lost path to their dreams. Every single client who has ventured into my psychotherapy office over the past 40 years has felt lonely, sad or misunderstood in some way. Often a “lonely despair” lurks down deep in the pit of the stomach, blocking the road to happiness.

And, I’ve learned if you teach people how to overcome their loneliness, many of the other problems or symptoms will improve or go away, too:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Feelings of emptiness and loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anger and depression -- two sides of the same coin, often depending upon your sex
  • Spiritual bereft 
  • Social anxiety
  • Sexual problems
  • These symptoms and  more may improve, seemingly on their own, when the clouds of loneliness begin to disappear. Many of their symptoms will fade like old bruises, and a rosy tone will appear on the skin, while a big, youthful grin replaces an old, frozen frown.



You’ll . . .
1. Uncover the sources of your particular type of loneliness and interventions that match it

2. Take specific steps to overcome the lonely person’s thought patterns

3. Get guidance on how to ditch the old habits that keep you lonely

4. Find a wealth of proven ideas and strategies that have worked for my psychotherapy and coaching clients over the years . . . 

5, Secure a set of strategies, tools and techniques you can use to combat loneliness

6. Gain tips on how to tap into nature’s healing powers and find inner and contentment

7. Discover how to make more friends and how to be more attractive to others

8. Receive help in overcoming tendencies toward shyness and social withdrawal

9. Realize different ways to increase your overall happiness

10. Have fun learning little things that will make a big difference in your life

And more. 

I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to apply just a few of the techniques in this course, you'll begin to experience relief from your loneliness in a very short time. If you don't, I'll refund the entire amount you paid for the course.  You'll get a complete refund, even if it's on the 30th day.

That's a 100%, No Questions Asked, Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee. I have no doubts about making that ironclad offer because I know the course will work for you, if you give it your best effort. 

If you try the course now, you'll get it during COVID-19 at the special price of only $99, a huge discount off the standard price of $247. Give it a chance to change your life. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll receive a full refund. 

Grab The Cure Loneliness Course 
and Use it to Meet People and Improve Your Love Life

One lesson will be emailed to you each day for 14 days, so it couldn't be easier.

That's right, just one lesson a day. And nothing more to focus on. No complicated theories to memorize or acrobatic maneuvers to try and memorize.

It's all about having fun. 

At the end of the course, you’ll have a whole new way of going about things. A new way of thinking. A new method for going after the destiny you are entitled to, and a new, more fulfilling life. You should notice a happier disposition in yourself within days (yes, you'll become a "noticer", who is more self-aware) and you’ll feel like a load has been lifted from your back. 

Try the techniques you like best, at first. Then keep working with it, in your own time, for the weeks and months to come, to get the most complete and exciting results. You'll be able to try the other strategies offered in the course. Toss that heavy load of rocks you've been carrying on your back aside, once and for all. 

As time goes by, you’ll continue to review the basic concepts presented in the course and you’ll invest a little more time in perfecting the techniques and learning the skills. If you keep working with the interesting and provocative material, I guarantee it will make a difference in your life.

And, as you work toward personal mastery, you’ll find a natural decrease in depressive and anxious feelings, as well.

Start making your changes now, and before long, you'll be waking up each morning to a new life, feeling better than you've felt in years. After all, you'll know how best to approach each new day, situation and problem in the most constructive way. You'll know how to chop old, seemingly insurmountable problems down to size, where they're more easily resolved. Your perceptions will change, and you'll know how to select the point of view that gives you an advantage over every loneliness-related issue you face. 

Take a Bite out of Your Anxiety and Depression 

Many of the ideas, techniques and therapeutic tools you'll get in the course are effective deterrents against anxiety and depression. By trying the action steps -- at least one per day -- you will be hacking away at that old anxious feeling or the all-too-familiar mood swing that lands you in a heap of the blues. 

Clients are reporting that, as they work through the course and their loneliness fades, they find their anxious and depressive feelings decreasing, as well. 

Even if you take meditation, there are still things you can do to take greater control over your life. That's where the action steps come into play. The course just asks you to try one or two action steps a day, but in time you can go back and try the others. Use the Cure Loneliness Course as a guide throughout the years. It will always counsel you to do the right thing, and each step you take in the right direction will make you feel better and live stronger. 

Never let anyone tell you that you can't change. Of course, you can change, especially if you have a deep desire and will. Plug in the most effective techniques, and you're on your way. 

You may have suffered from some form of depression for years, but even that can get better if you think and act in a purposeful way. 

To pick up your copy of my Cure Loneliness Course, just click on the Order Now button below. You'll be taken to a safe and secure ordering page where you can use your credit card to order, and you'll receive the first lesson within just minutes of placing your order. The transaction will be handled by Clickbank, the world's largest retailer of digital goods. Clickbank takes the risk out of buying online and ensures your absolute safety. We trust Clickbank for all our programs and products, and have for years. The risk is gone. If you're unhappy with the course, Clickbank will refund your money, no questions asked.

Remember, after you complete your credit card order, my "welcome email" and the first  course lesson will be in your hands, ready for you to read and devour, within minutes. Just click on one of the Order Now buttons on this page to get started with your order. 

Order now -- not $247,
but only $99!

Yes, for less than a hundred dollar bill, you can get the information, secret strategies and techniques, and the heart-warming inspiration that you might get from weeks of therapy. This course is a one-of-a-kind program that will help you to change your life.

And all you have to do? Follow the instructions and have fun!

Still undecided? Consider this . . . 


Recently, Sheryl she was depressed and lonely, after losing the love of her life, a detective with the local police department, and feeling such devastating grief that she feared she could not go on.

She could only think about her loss, and what a tragic, bad break it was. 

Sheryl did not want to get involved romantically. She did not want to replace her lost love with someone else. She just wanted to grieve her loss, take some time and begin to heal. All good ideas. 

I didn't push her, but when she was ready to make some new friends, and to get her social life going again, she used many of the techniques I have included in the Cure Loneliness Course. Soon she began to feel better. The strategies worked for her, and she began to heal and feel better.

Sheryl was able to go at her own pace, yet move forward on her life's path.  

There are no overnight miracles, but there are very significant ways you can get past loneliness, and the anxiety and depression that often come with it, while building a hopeful and positive new life, one day at a time -- even if you've been suffering from chronic loneliness for years. 

You can benefit from these same clinical techniques that I shared with Sheryl, and they'll work for you, too -- as long as you give it the old college try.

And, you won't have to pay for expensive therapy. 

Get a Grab-Bag of Bonuses Too

Take a peak at the exciting bonuses you’ll receive when you purchase the Cure Loneliness eCourse:

Bonus #1. Insider Report on Overcoming Depression: Special Insights and Tips from the Analyst’s Couch

In my special report on depression, the common myths of depression are dispelled, and critical insights that can help you to break free from years of suffering are provided. In many cases, depression can be treated or improved naturally. My report will show you how to go about it. There are lots of easy things you can do to decrease your depression (or the depression of a loved one) and to get yourself back in the saddle again.

These tips come from successful clients. 

Also, I present an overview of one of my most amazing depression cases, in which a woman who suffered from severe depression all of her life, got rid of her depression quite quickly, mostly by making one important change in her thinking.

It’s a simple, but powerful change that anyone can make without taking drugs or getting extensive therapy.

It’s all in the report. I’ll show you how you can apply the same type of strategy to your life, and I’ll share the ideas I’ve learned in cutting-edge training programs I’ve attended on treating programs that only professionals attend.

If you suffer from depression, this Insider Report can help you by:
• lowering your depression
• boosting your mood and mental attitude
• improving your relationships
• giving you a greater sense of self-confidence and control over your life
• helping you to focus on achieving more and becoming more successful
• freeing up more available time for having fun and enjoying life

Bonus #2. The Anxiety Cheat Sheet. You’re going to like this special report on the most effective ways of cutting your anxiety down to size without feeling like you’re having to work at it. What is the Happy Relationships Anxiety Cheat Sheet? It’s a collection of the most effective and promising ways to reduce anxiety, which have been tested through thousands of hours of clinical experience and years of research in positive psychology. It's really my own cheat sheet -- one I made for myself to use when treating individuals who have anxiety problems. I always keep it hand in the top drawer, so I can refer to it quickly. 

I know, it sounds crazy, but most of these techniques are simple and easy. You see, I’ve learned, as a professional therapist, that my clients often won’t try complicated or difficult techniques, even if they work. But they will try the ones that are more like having fun – the simple, natural and easy things they can do to lower their anxiety.

So . . .

I can spend hours with clients discussing ways to reduce anxious feelings, panic attacks and various and sundry dreadful symptoms of anxiety, but most of the methods are listed on the cheat sheet.

Pure and simple. 

Although it’s kind of a closely guarded secret, I will give it to you, as an adjunct to your training, if you take the Cure Loneliness Course. Then, you’ll have that little extra help for anxiety, if you’re one of those individuals who can sometimes get a little anxious, tense or nervous.

And, together with my Cure Loneliness Course, you’ll have a lot of ammunition to throw at your anxiety, and a great deal of clout to use in preventing future anxiety incidents. 

Post a printed sheet on your bathroom wall right next to the mirror, so you can review it whenever you like. Learn to do more of these natural strategies and you’ll become happier and healthier in time, saving yourself from a lot of misery. Anxiety produces stress which attacks our health.

Use the Anxiety Cheat Sheet to:

• Meet with people while suffering less anxiety or fear
• Start feeling better in more situations, especially unfamiliar ones
• Reduce negative thoughts and assumptions that invite anxiety to multiply
• Reduce tension and nervousness
• Relax more and feel more rested
• Cut down on panic attacks, flashbacks and other invasive sensations

Bonus #3: A Mini Problem-Solving Coaching Session
First of all, I must admit, this can take a lot of time on my part. But, I will give you a Mini Coaching Session to help you improve your loneliness, anxiety or depression, or to get past stalled relationships. Want to rejuvenate an important friendship or business association? You'll get a chance to pick my brain for free. The session can take place via email or the telephone, your choice, and must be scheduled in advance.

During your Mini Problem Solving Coaching Session, you’ll spend a few minutes familiarizing me with your problem or situation, and we’ll explore the inter-workings and dynamics, and I’ll offer helpful suggestions at the end. We’ll have to work fast, but we can accomplish a great deal by working together in an efficient and productive manner.

You’ll find the session positive and upbeat, with a focus on shedding light upon solutions, not problems. In other words, we’ll focus on change, and the tasks you’ll need to complete to reach your desired goal.  I trust you won’t object to my sense of humor (I believe humor can be very therapeutic) and my penchant for taking a fun-loving approach to working on problems. That’s my approach to learning and problem solving – having fun and enjoying what we’re doing. You will accomplish more that way, and it’s easier to make real changes and make them last. I’ll try to help you come up with ideas and suggestions you haven’t considered.

We'll work fast and make the most of our session together. You'll need 15 - 20 minutes for the session. Please be ready to rock and roll. What's this worth? Probably quite a lot, if you just get one good idea from our session -- an idea you can put to work for you. Just let me know when you're ready for your session.

Consider the combined value of these bonuses . . . 

When you get my Cure Loneliness Course, you will be investing in yourself, your single, greatest asset. And, you'll get three meaningful and powerful bonuses that can give you a great deal of extra support as you traverse your path toward curing your loneliness, building health and wholeness, and finding happiness and joy.

What is the value of these three bonuses? Honestly, that would be hard to assess, since I've spent nearly 40 years developing this kind of knowledge and wisdom, in my career as a professional helper in the mental health field. The two Special Reports come straight from the analyst’s couch, and contain the inside scoop on the single, most effective strategies you can use to make progress in your fight against the formidable foes of loneliness, anxiety and depression.

One of my clients told me the Cheat Sheet was worth "a heckuva lot" to him. And what about the Mini Coaching Session? If you get just one really helpful idea or strategy from it, that might be worth the cost of a single therapy session, which could run from $100 to $200, in most places. 

Add in the third bonus and you’re getting up there. The mini Coaching Session can be the most important and valuable time you've spent in a long time. There's no telling what it could be worth to talk to an expert about your situation. Just one good idea that could help you to change your life could be priceless. Plus, you'll feel heard and validated, and you'll come out of it with a plan. 

As you can see, the combined value is really adding up.

And we're just talking about the bonuses – then, there’s the value of the course, which may be roughly analogous to 14 therapy or coaching sessions. Now, we’re probably talking about something that could be over $2,000 in value.

But, it’s not about money, really. The decision to take my Cure Loneliness e-Course is really about the desire to increase the quality of one’s life, and to make a powerful change, opening the door to other changes, and making them easier. 

  • It’s about changing before it’s too late, and ensuring you avoid ending up spending more precious time feeling lonesome, unhappy and frustrated.
  • It’s about not letting life pass you by.
  • It’s about stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run.
  • It’s about waking up in the morning and feeling the life blood of new hope, and the promise of good times running through your veins.
  • And it’s about believing you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.
  • Yes, and it’s about making new, informed decisions that can make you feel happier and more alive, starting today, not tomorrow, in each precious moment of the day.

My Cure Loneliness Course can start making a difference in your life and the way you feel right after you finish the first lesson. No, it isn’t a miracle cure. I don’t believe in that. I know better. As a therapist, I don't have a magic wand. But, my Cure Loneliness Course can be a big, first step in the right direction.

Then, the second day will give you more light and more hope, as you take another step in the right direction. As the first week goes by, you’ll gradually start feeling stronger and more self-confident. You’ll be trying out some new strategies, and feeling more qualified to make old strategies work, and each lesson will give you more encouragement, faith and resolve. Before long, you’ll feel like taking on the world, and living your life without the handcuffs and chains that have bound you. Without all the restrictions and fears. You’ll find yourself becoming more spontaneous and successful in so many things, and stronger every day. Plus, you appear more natural, relaxed and attractive to others...which will make it easier for you to form new relationships. 

Rome was not built in a day, week, month or year. But, you can get a jump-start on building a more fulfilling, problem-solved future in a mere fourteen days. Fourteen days that you’ll enjoy and savor. Yes, it can be fun to learn, and learning can be fun. And, the next thing you’ll know, you’ll find yourself in a new place, and you’ll catch yourself having fun, while you’re building your new, anxiety-free life.   

What is the risk of not acting to cure your loneliness? 

Will you be more depressed?

Will you gain more weight?

Will you feel more like an island, drifting out to sea? 

Will you slip further away from family and friends?

Will you get even less sleep?

Will you feel more hopeless? 

Will you have even fewer real connections to anchor you amidst the troubled waters?

Think it over, and if you feel it's definitely time for a change, take that step today and get started on a very practical and real solution, my innovative and therapeutic course. 

My goal in life is to help people, and I take my job seriously. I hope you will give yourself a chance to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Sincerely yours,

Richard Hamon
Licensed Therapist, Mental Health Specialist and Certified Coach

P.S. Do you want to meet new people and have fun in more places? Do you want to let go of old, tiresome patterns of loneliness, worry and stress? Do you want to spend time with people you like, instead of twiddling your thumbs and being alone? Do you want to experience less anxiety in social situations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to invest in yourself, and in your education, and there is no better time to start building the skill set you’ll need to begin living life with real gusto and making memories you can keep for a lifetime. The kind of feel-good memories you’ve been wanting to make for so long.

Remember to take advantage of your opportunity to get a ton of useful material. Plus, you'll get the supplemental materials and bonuses, including a FREE mini-coaching session to help you to drill down to the core of your unique situation. And you'll be backed by my iron-clad guarantee.

You can't lose. 

Thank you for visiting with me today. 

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