How to Start a Second Career

What about a second career? Your first career wasn't exactly a good fit? Would you like a job that allows you to develop your true talents and gifts? If you want out of your dead-end job or mediocre position, then a second career might be a worthwhile consideration.

A safe, secure position has merit, but it doesn’t necessarily satisfy one’s deepest desires. Many of my clients tell me they wish they had made a different career choice when they were young. And now it’s just too late. They grieve their loss. They live with the pain. They don’t talk about it much. They just bury it.

It just quivers inside like a secret wish that has been snuffed out a thousand times, but refuses to die.

Often I will ask them if it really is too late to make that career change. How can you be sure? Maybe it’s still possible to work your way into a more suitable second career.

Why live with regret when you have the power to finally live your dream now that you have made it in another career?

Searching for a Way to Get Your Life Right? Want to do something different? A second or third career may be the answer.

Retirement and Second Career Opportunities

You may be retired or facing retirement. You may be thinking about spending your time gardening, playing golf, bowling, playing poker or bridge with the guys or gals, moving into a lock-and-key retirement community in Florida. And that’s great …if that’s what you want.

Or you may be thinking about how you could go back to school . . .

. . . and prepare yourself for that all-important career change you’ve always wished you could pull off. You are looking for something more fulfilling – something to make you feel young again, exuberant and more alive.

It may not be a second career, but a project or an initiative that has meaning to you.

A Case in Point

A friend of mine supports no-kill animal shelters. It’s a work he loves. And it does a lot of good.

Why not do something that you have always wanted to do? What a way to live! What a way to spend your retirement years! Doing work you’re passionate about. It's worth figuring out how to make that career change a reality.

I know people who have switched from factory work to truck driving, just so they could travel the country. Others have moved from a career in sales to the ministry. Some have given up successful business careers to become counselors in the school system.

Hey, one of my clients is a counselor, who is going back to school to become a teacher. Why? Because she has always wanted to teach and work with small children.

More power to her!

A real estate developer wants to open a frame shop. A doctor wants to open a recreation center in an urban area.

What I tell them all is to follow your dreams!

I know a retired engineer, Tom Brown, who searches for lost apple varieties. Combing the south for lost, forgotten and nearly extinct varieties of merit, Tom has found hundreds of obscure and old-fashioned apple varieties once grown by our forefathers, but in danger of sliding into extinction.

He is really working at it, really making a difference. He is passionate about it. He is having the time of his life, working his tail off, finding varieties that could slip into extinction without his help. He is keeping our heritage alive!

You guessed it . . . It’s a labor of love.

Today not everyone wants to retire when they retire. A career change has a way of energizing your relationships. When you are happy and fulfilled in your work, you bring more pizzazz to your relationships.

Split picture of a man in a traditional office job versus his true dream of being a photographer.Not Exactly in Your Dream Job? It's Never Too Late to Go After Your Destiny or to Reach Your Potential.

Interested in a Second Career?
Our Coaching Program Can Help You Get There
Faster, Cheaper and More Successfully 

A coach can guide you through the difficult, shark-infested waters of making this important life decision. And help you to get ready for the career change you want to make.

  • You’ll do the work, but you won’t be alone.
  • You will have a partner to help you achieve difficult tasks
  • You'll have an expert on your side, someone who can encourage you to keep dreaming and striving
  • Lift you up during times of discouragement
  • Help you find a path of self-discovery and dynamic self-awareness
  • Someone who will give you a gentle but real push in the right direction when you need it, not just a kick in the pants
  • Guide you in weighing your options, hopes and dreams, and making a realistic, specific plan
  • See you through implementation
  • Help you get back on track when you slip off
  • A helper who is just a phone call away. If you need help analyzing your strengths and assets, or in rethinking your ambitions for your retirement years, contact me and tell me your story. I'll help you. I’d be happy to talk it over with you, and help you to create a customized plan based on your situation, assets and strengths, your desire and wishes, values and beliefs.
Young caregiver embracing the hands of an elderly woman

Want to Make Your Retirement Years the Best Years of Your Life? Reach Out and Get the Help You Need
to Succeed and Be Happy.

Having a Coach is like having someone hold your hand and guide you to a level of achievement that is seldom possible when you're working alone. Find out about our coaching programs here.

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