Life Coaching

Picture of Richard Hamon, founder and owner of The Hamon Group, LLC

I started life coaching in the early 1990’s. I got so involved that I added the coach specialization to my practice. I have coached artists to enhance creativity, athletes to achieve greater success in sports, and individuals from all walks of life to achieve ambitious career and personal goals.

I currently offer relationship sessions for couples and individuals, holistic sessions for those wanting to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and happiness sessions for individuals seeking to increase their subjective sense of well being.

Just remember that coaching does not attempt to resolve a condition or alleviate symptoms, but is geared toward giving people the kind of generous support they need to achieve extraordinary success.

Whether you’re interested in therapy, coaching, clinical supervision or training, feel free to send me a message or give me a call.

The Hamon Group, LLC

2716 Old Rosebud Road

Suite 210

Lexington, KY 40509

Mobil: 859-749-3440

Telephone: 859-264-1175

Fax: 859-264-1381

I’ll be happy to answer your questions. My goal is to give all my clients the red carpet treatment, and to make our work together extremely beneficial and rewarding.

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