Happy Relationships

A Happy Life Begins Strong, Healthy Relationships

We all want happy relationships that will stand the test of time. Long-lasting, mutually beneficial associations and friendships that continue to fill us with pleasure for a lifetime. But, since most of us were not given a relationship manual, how do we accomplish such a feat?

Carl Rogers' Formula

If we follow Carl Rogers' three precepts of empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard, building great relationships becomes a reality. You can heed Rogers' advice by always trying to be empathic, understanding and sympathetic toward the person with whom you are dealing, practicing honesty and truthfulness in your communications, and giving unconditional care and concern.

How to Win with Your Relationships

By following the fifteen tips and suggestions below in all of your relationships, business or personal, you will make all your relationships happier. 

Happy couple sitting on pierA Happy Life Begins with Good Relationships

15 Relationship Tips and Suggestions

  1. Don’t use people – develop caring relationships with them. Get to know them. Share a little of yourself. But mostly, keep the focus on them. Not yourself. Serve.
  2. Keep the relationship going. Form winning relationships that stand the test of time by working to keep the relationships up. Don’t ignore or forget someone. Keep them informed of your activities.
  3. Be there for people. Don’t forget about them after the sale. Keep in touch. Send them your regards from time to time. Talk to them. Send them a card now and then. Go the extra mile. Congratulate them on their successes.
  4. Assign high priority status to your relationships and cultivate each and every one. Offer encouragement and support. Take an interest in what people are doing. Enjoy periodic conversations with people on your list. Listen. Ask if there is anything you can do to help advance their goals. And do it. Be kind and sympathetic. Happy relationships will bless your life. 
  5. Put good, principled relationships first. Remember, Rogers made his conversations with others about them, not himself. He left his ego at the door. The conversations focused on the client.
  6. If something goes wrong, such as a misunderstanding or disagreement, take time to repair the rift. Fix it.
  7. Fix it now. Not later. Later may be too late. Act quickly and decisively. Apologize for your part in the problem or incident. Successful relationships not only survive, but thrive.
  8. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  9. Honor and respect the person in every way.
  10. Establish professional boundaries and adhere to strict codes of conduct. Always follow ethical codes of behavior. Maintain those boundaries. Always remain completely trustworthy. Always abide by the law.
  11. Remain positive in your thoughts, words and deeds. Don’t badmouth or criticize others. Say only positive words. People will love you for it.
  12. Be loyal – never stab anyone in the back.
  13. If, for some reason, you must terminate a relationship, do so in the most positive, sympathetic and professional manner.
  14. Require of yourself increasingly higher standards of behavior; keep growing; keep learning; remain humble and open in all your endeavors.
  15. Lead by example. Serve, serve, serve. Win, win, win.

woman in rainYou Can Be Happy even in Stormy Weather: Let Relationships be the Sunshine in Your Life

Happy Relationships: the Keys

The art of developing and keeping successful relationships is paramount to success in the business world. To put yourself ahead of the competition, keep your relationships strong and vibrant.

Don’t just start relationships, only to let them die a slow death through NEGLECT. Remember: out of sight, out of mind. To make the most of your relationships, actively invest your time and energy in them.

So you have some good relationship skills. Good. Now, spend the rest of your life adding new skills to your toolkit.

You'll constantly develop new relationships, so why not make them happy relationships that are good enough to stand the test of time?

You can't be truly successful in life without learning how to cultivate relationships. No effective person can afford to be an island! Convert your detractors into allies by giving them lots of TLC - Tender Loving Care. That way you will surround yourself with people who care about you, and a network of happy relationships.

Always expand your network, the web of incredibly valuable and successful relationships that will ensure your continued success. Remember to cultivate winning relationships, keep yourself in the minds of others, and you will enjoy a success long admired by your customers, friends and competitors alike.

Tap Into the Incredible Wisdom of Near Death Experiences to Inspire Your Relationships 

Monk walking in mountainsLessons Learned from the Light Can Inspire, Uplift and Transform

People who've had a Near Death Experience (NDE) tend to come back from their brush with death prepared to make powerful changes in their lives, often beginning with their relationships. Their courageous approach to life can inspire and inform us all. 

The first thing many NDErs do is to strengthen their relationships by bolstering the ones they've neglected or forgotten. Near Death experiencers become less materialistic, less fearful, and more loving and forgiving after their recovery. They've been to the Light and they've realize just how important their relationships are. They strive to love unconditionally, the way they were loved during their brief sojourn on the other side. 

We can and should learn from their lessons by taking our relationships more seriously and investing in them with our hearts and souls. Building great relationships takes time, patience and work, but it is worth it. Nothing can make us happier than great relationships. 

Affair-proof Your Marriage: Discover the Keys to Happy Relationships

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