Responsible Pet Relationships

Pet relationships are an important part of our lives. Our relationships with our furry friends have great influence upon our well being and happiness. Let's take a look at how you can have the best possible relationship with your pet -- a healthy relationship that works for both you and your pet friend.

Studious DogDogs need proper social and mental stimulation, and want to be a part of their human family.

Responsible Animal Owners

These days it seems that a cat or dog is almost a requirement for family life. Children and adults love their little (or big) critters, and find pleasure in spending time with them.


People who are lonely rely on their domesticated critters for companionship. Disabled individuals and people with special needs may have hearing or sight dogs, and millions of people rely on the family pooch as an alarm system.

Therapy dogs bring smiles to the faces of traumatized and emotionally challenged children and lonely senior citizens. Bomb detection, rescue and police dogs help us live better lives by contributing to our society in meaningful ways.

We owe a responsibility to our furry friends to care for their physical and emotional needs, and to provide adequate companionship for them.

Our pet relationships should work equally well for both human members of the family and not so human members, not just for the human owners. Today’s responsible animal owners want to find ways of improving their relationships with their animal friends and of being the best possible owners.

Pet Relationships: Pets Need Social Contact

A dog is a pack animal. Social by nature, it needs to be involved with its human family members, or its canine friends.

It needs to feel a part of the family. It wants and needs relationships. To deny a dog its emotional needs, or to treat it like an object, devoid of emotion, is to abuse the animal emotionally.

Dogs want to be with their pack-families, and detest being left alone, one of their greatest fears. make sure your dog isn't lonely. Dogs need social interaction and exercise. You can give him both to build a healthier relationship with your dog. 

Cats are not as social as dogs, but they need companionship, too, and benefit from having another cat with which to play. And they need a pet human, too.

Horses, also, do not benefit from living a lonely life out in the pasture. They need training and socialization. They need to be used for the intended purpose. They feel happier and more alive when they have owners who interact with them on a regular basis.

Making the Most of Your Pet Relationships

Brown dog sitting in between two children on a couchSpend time cuddling with your pet, but be sure to give him plenty of exercise and never stop training him.

Relationships need attention. How many people raise a puppy, only to take it for granted later? We need to work on our relationships with our pets on a regular basis to make them the best they can be.

Can you think of ways you could possibly improve the care you give your pet, ways to be fairer or more appropriate, or more responsible to your pet's needs?

Ways to get your dog more exercise, feed him a better diet, or obtain high quality medical care?


1. Make the pet relationships in your life shine by setting aside ample time to spend with your pets. Alone time. Social time with others. Just including your pet in family activities.

Is your pet lonely?

Spending time together will be therapeutic for both of you!

Resist the temptation to give your new kitten less attention when the initial excitement wears off. Pet ownership is a permanent relationship. Your pet will want to be with you for as long as he lives.

2. Listen to your pet and observe his/her behavior. Your pet will try to tell you what it needs.

3. Act like a child and play with your pet. Pets love to have fun. They love to get off the couch and move around, play with toys and go for long walks.

So, it's a good idea to leave instructions for your pet's care, in the event of your death. Think ahead. Don't leave your pets stranded if something should happen.

Most owners teach their pets only what they need to know, but they can be trained to learn and do more . . .

       . . . Spend time training your canine or feline friend, and getting to know how his wonderful mind works. Training is a good way to spend more time with your pet, and it's beneficial to keep up the training for the pet's lifetime. And you get something accomplished. Anytime you engage your pet in active learning or stretch a pet's mind, you are making your pet happier and healthier.

Go to obedience training workshops, if you have dogs. The more you do with your pet, the happier he will be. The stronger your relationship with your elegant furry friend the easier it is to give you and him great joy.

The Story of Cocoa - A Lucky Dog

Recently, I spoke with a gentleman who brings his Labrador retriever to a park near my office on a daily basis. He walks with the Lab and gives the dog time to sniff all his favorite spots.

He says Cocoa loves to come to the park and won’t let him miss a day!

But the outings are good for Cocoa’s owner, too. And he said he loves the quiet time, which he uses to get some exercise and check out the beautiful landscape. Sometimes when I drive up to the office in the morning, I see Cocoa and his owner relaxing under a spreading oak tree. They seem so happy.

Ah, the simple life . . . it's good.

Cocoa’s owner is retired and widowed. He describes Cocoa as one of his best friends, and one of the reasons he was able to deal with his wife’s passing so well. When Cocoa goes to the park, he is all eyes and ears, and full of excitement. His owner delights in watching him pursue a squirrel or follow the scent of a groundhog, or gently nose a butterfly on a lily. Talk about one of the greatest Pet Relationships!

In Sum

Pet relationships are important. The key to having a happy, healthy pet is to be a responsible pet owner, who constantly strives to make your pet's life a good one. Setting proper limits, ensuring your pet's safety and taking care of its exercise and social needs, as well as providing for any medical attention required. Nothing could be more fun or worthwhile than sharing the simple joys of life with your pet.

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