The Power of Love: You Can Harness It Today

The power of love should never be underestimated. When we truly love someone, we change that person forever, even if they don't return our love. Few of us realize how much we mean to others, or how deeply our behavior can influence them. That's why it's so vitally important for us to live by high moral standards and to take care of others in a loving and responsible way.

In fact, the ongoing research on Near Death Experiences (NDEs) reveals that few of us take our relationships seriously enough. We fail to stand by people, throw our relationships away and sometimes are remiss in going to bat for those who need our support. People who've had a NDE often say they deeply regret the mistakes they've made in their relationships, and report feeling a great sense of misery upon watching a replay of their behavior during the Life Review process that occurred when they died. 

In fact, they warn us not to do anything we don't want to live through twice. For, we will live (or die) to regret it in many ways. 

Their advice is to let the power of love guide you in all things. And to live your life like any day could be your last; and don't do anything that you'll regret . . .

because you'll have to watch it again in living color, upon dying, and it will really hurt -- that seems to be the consensus of thousands and thousands of Near Death Experiencers.

Also, their collective message to the world seems to be that anyone can harness the power of love at any time(even someone who has led a bad life), if only we want to try.

It is never too late to change. 

Near Death Experiences are Like Lighthouses Along Life's Troubled PathLet Your Life Serve as a Lighthouse on the Stormy Seas and a Beacon of Hope to Everyone You Meet

Tom Sawyer Found The Power of Love -- Unconditional Love

Countless individuals from all countries and cultures talk about going through a Life Review on the other side, and it can be very painful if you've led a bad life and found ways to hurt people and cause pain. Watching the dirty things you did to people is very painful, they say. One of the most painful things they've ever been through. On the other hand, when you allow the power of love to lead the way, good memories and positive experiences predominate the Life Review. 

In the story of an amazing NDE, What Tom Sawyer Learned from Dying, by Sydney Saylor Farr, Tom recounts how he had a fight he had with an older man before his Near Death Experience (NDE), and how excruciatingly painful it was to watch a replay in the Life Review. How he felt every blow he had given the man. The humiliation, the physical wounds and the nausea his opponent felt, all overtook Tom, even though he had technically won the fight. It was a fight he didn't have to fight (aren't they all?) and he came to deeply regret his decision to harm the man in any way.

Yes, most Near Death Experiencers (NDEers) go through a Life Review, which is an overview of one's major life experiences. It seems to be something that happens automatically when we die. NDEers say they only feel good about those memories or events that were characterized by acts of kindness, compassion, love and forgiveness. Times they made a made a difference in the lives of others without taking a bow, that kind of thing. Watching a parade of positive memories fly by can be a great experience, but that only happens if you've by the power of love. And you've let love be the solution and the answer.  

Interviewing NDEers, and reading their first-hand accounts, has given me a new appreciation for what we can learn from the NDE research that is being compiled around the world. From the research, we can gain vital secrets to guide us in living wonderful lives. I have come to believe that NDEers are among the world's greatest change artists because they tend to make amazing transformations in their lives, and through their experiences we can learn how to improve our own lives. Every NDEer I've talked with has said that after their skirmish with death, they've tried their hardest to live by the power of love.  So, after experiencing the incredible light of love on the other side, they've come back to live a life of peace and love, and to pass that light onto others. 

Live by the Power of Love and You'll have No Regrets

The Secrets of NDEs can Open the Door to the Wisdom Necessary to Lead a Happy and Joyful LifeTrust the Power of Love and Live the life of Your Dreams

What can we learn about life from NDEs? Plenty. I found nearly 100 books on NDEs the last time I goggled the subject. There is a great deal of interest in the near death phenomenon, and a massive amount of research is revealing that NDEs have the power to change lives in very positive and often amazing ways . . . for good. 

The research is showing how NDEers change their lives to become more loving, understanding, humble, less self-centered, more spiritual and less materialistic. They strive to live each day in a way that leaves them with no regrets by day's end.

Any experience that can cause people to make such profound and lasting changes is something worth studying. If you'd like to read about the lessons I learned from an NDE I had many years ago -- lessons I've tried to live by ever since -- look into an eBook I wrote, at the request of my patients, detailing the insights and revelations I attained from the most amazing experience of my life. The book is for sale at a nominal price in my online store. 

Imagine an experience so powerful it basically can restructure one's brain and lead to a life of tremendous happiness and inner riches. I've studied accounts of NDEs for years and have made it my mission to tell people about the startling power of NDEs to inspire and heal broken lives everywhere. After a person comes back from a terrifying accident or sickness that resulted in his/her death, they will never be the same. I've sought to learn why NDEs are so powerful and empowering, and how anyone can tap into the life-altering insights and revelations NDEers so often receive.  Again, I tell all about it in my eBook, Ultimate Relationship Solutions, which you can learn more about right here. 

In essence, those who've had a NDE say . . .

Happiness comes down to the power of love, or living a life of high purpose, of putting others first and finding creative ways of helping those in need and, of course, living by the Golden Rule.

Every NDE impresses the person with the desire to practice unconditional or true love. When the person picks up the pieces, after their tragic accident or illness, they want to take their relationships super-seriously, and they strive to lead a better, more spiritual life. Regardless of their country of origin, sex, age, race or religion, and regardless of whether they've lived a good or bad life, they all want to improve themselves and to make every thought, action or experience count, for the greater good, upon getting their second chance.

Not a bad way for anyone to live. And remember, it may be in our best interest to avoid doing anything we don't want to live through twice!

Let's all put the power of love to work. If we try real hard, we can make the world a better place, one happy relationship at a time. That's all you have to do. If you touch someone's life, they'll touch someone's life and so forth. What a beautiful way to live, passing on the power of love to others, friends and strangers alike. 

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