Near Death Experience Stories

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Near Death Experience Stories sure are interesting. And the story of bringing light-producing Near Death Experiences (NDEs) to light begins with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Dr. Raymond Moody, who were among the first medical professionals to do research on NDEs. Moody's books brought the modern day NDE to the attention of readers everywhere.

They worked at a time when doctors avoided talking about death with their patients, and they seldom discussed the truth about life expectancy with their terminal cancer patients. Doctors swept the subject of death under the rug.

Dr. Ross talked openly about death with her dying patients and would talk supportively about their NDEs, whereas most doctors had no idea what to think or say about NDEs. Those individuals who had a NDE were left to suffer in silence or risk embarrassment by talking about their experiences and feelings. Many Near Death Experience Survivors were thought of as crazy or wildly imaginative.

The world has come a long way since then. Thousands of Near Death Experience Stories are showing us the way to Unconditional Love.

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Near Death Experience Stories Tell Us About Who We Are and What Life Means and Why Relationships are so Vitally Important

Now there is a huge body of fascinating research taking shape around the globe, verifying that NDEs occur regardless of ethnicity, race, religious affiliation or personality. The NDE phenomenon is one of the most intriguing aspects of human nature, blending psychology, spirituality and philosophical themes in a powerful way. We are learning a great deal from those who have a NDE. They are showing us how to live life more boldly, fearlessly and joyously than ever before.

They're showing us the power of Unconditional Love!

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The Average Near Death Experience Survivor Comes Back to Life Making Key Changes, such as:

  • Treasuring their relationships
  • Looking at the world in a much more positive way
  • Finding the good in others and letting go of fault-finding
  • Finding the beauty in small things
  • Believing life is precious and trying to make the most of every opportunity, every moment
  • Becoming more loving and forgiving 
  • More flexible and open
  • Less judgmental, critical and pessimistic 
  • Never fearing death, living fearlessly
  • More spiritual and less religious
  • More universally oriented in their thoughts and attitudes
  • Content to be themselves, less interested in appearances
  • No longer motivated by materialistic whims
  • Etc. Etc.

Near Death Experience Stories:
An Incredible Change in Tom's Life

One of the most intriguing of the Near Death Experience stories, Tom Sawyer's case was amazing. 

Tom Sawyer was a tough-talking, hard-living son-of-a-gun who hated opera and did things his own way, until a truck fell on him, crushed his chest and sent him straight to the other side . . .

Tom was careful with his equipment, but the jack gave way and the truck landed right in the middle of his chest. Flattened him! Pronounced clinically dead, Tom was gone for 15 minutes. Long enough to have brain damage, even if he lived.

But he came back strong . . .

  • Those short minutes made a big difference in the way Tom went on to live his life. Before his NDE, he was agnostic. Afterwards, he knew there was a Higher Power and something More.
  • He hated opera, and his wife never played it in his presence. He knew nothing about it. But after his NDE, he loved opera and displayed an amazingly in-depth knowledge of opera. His wife and friends were shocked.
  • Tom's newfound lease on life, along with his new amazing abilities made him a wonder to those who knew him and heard him lecture. He became a spiritual advisor to many. He shared his NDE wisdom on Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey and Unsolved Mysteries, to name a few.
  • He traveled to Tibet to learn about the spiritual practice of Tibetan Llamas . . .

And he blew their minds with his powers, even locating the whereabouts of a hidden passageway in their lamasery.

Like many NDE survivors, Tom devoted his life to helping others understand and utilize the amazing power of Unconditional Love.

What a turn-around. From a big, bad boy to a Spiritual Paragon.

Yes, after his NDE, Tom was a new man -- one who shocked his loved ones, friends and employees. No one could have expected the changes they would find in big, strong and tough Tom Sawyer. He was a real Near Death Experience survivor. In Tom's Near Death Experience story, he went on to become a better person, which amounted to a transformation in his brain.

And his heart . . . where Unconditional Love flourished.

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Ready to Start Transforming Your Life?

Each New Day Gives You an Opportunity to Begin Anew

So, please join us at the Hamon Group in taking time for a little self-reflection, and ask yourself how you can improve your relationships and live a happier life by applying the wisdom of NDEs to your own circumstances. Let the world's Near Death Experience stories show you the way.

Aren't sure where or how to begin?

You can take a giant step in the right direction by trying to love unconditionally. Stop holding back, stop letting the poisonous thoughts of judging people, seeking to punish them or to exact revenge. Stop keeping score. And give more of yourself.

Have more fun, give more love and enjoy every moment of your day from now on! Make the precious present work for you.

And, if you don't know what to do in a given situation, opt for the most loving thing to do. It will always be right. The unconditional way.

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