Near Death Experience Stories

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Near Death Experience stories are intriguing, if not amazing, accounts of journeys into the unknown. Many individuals who go through a Near Death Experience (NDE) make seemingly miraculous changes in their lives afterwards. Everyone can learn from NDEers, the incredible stories they tell and the lessons they bring back from the Light.  

A mountain climber's view from the top of a peakA Near Death Experience can lead to a fresh, new perspective on life and death

NDEers tend to return from their other-worldly encounter feeling joyful, free from fear and inspired to live a great life. Research shows that they make many positive changes in their lives, and that those changes last. For example, most NDEers become more spiritual and less materialistic, more loving and less judgmental, more accepting and understanding than they were before their NDE. 

Near Death Experience stories have much in common. Often, the NDEers find themselves in possession of new knowledge and skills, including enhanced intuitive and psychic abilities. Professor Kenneth Ring and other experts refer to core NDEs as spiritual transformations. 

A Historical Perspective 

The story of bringing light-producing Near Death Experiences to public attention begins with Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who were among the first medical professionals to do research on NDEs. Moody's books brought the modern day NDE to the attention of readers everywhere. In fact, he coined the term Near Death Experience. 

They worked at a time when doctors avoided talking about death with their patients and seldom discussed the truth about life expectancy with their terminal cancer patients. Doctors often swept the subject of death under the rug. No one wanted to talk about it. 

Dr. Ross talked openly about death with her dying patients and would talk supportively about their NDEs, whereas most doctors had no idea what to think or say about NDEs. Those individuals who had a NDE were left to suffer in silence or risk embarrassment by talking about their experiences and feelings. Many Near Death Experience Survivors were thought of as crazy or wildly imaginative. 

The world has come a long way since the days when NDEs were not understood or appreciated. Hundreds of thousands of Near Death Experience stories are showing us the way to embrace a life of Unconditional Love, and hinting at what the process of death may be like. Plus, NDEers are giving us a clear idea as to how we ought to be living our lives, in order to enjoy life to the fullest and to live in a healthy, happy and harmonious way. 

NDE survivors approximate the ideal human qualities envisioned by the great psychologist and human potential theorist, Carl Rogers, such as genuineness, empathy and unconditional positive regard for others. Many NDEers make dramatic and sweeping changes in their lives. They are highly motivated to improve themselves, learn new things and shower their passion for life onto others, sharing freely and unselfishly with everyone they meet.

Couple on Sunset-filled BeachLearn from Enlightening NDEs and Find the Love, Peace and Happiness of Your Dreams

Near Death Experience Stories Tell Us About Who We Are and Why Relationships are so Vitally Important

Nowadays there is a huge body of fascinating research taking shape around the globe, verifying that NDEs occur regardless of ethnicity, race, religious affiliation or personality. The NDE phenomenon is one of the most intriguing aspects of human nature, blending psychology, spirituality and philosophical themes in a powerful and unique way. We are learning a great deal from those who have a NDE. They are showing us how to live life boldly, fearlessly and joyously. 

The Life Review

I've been studying the Life Review process and asking clients and people I know who've had an NDE if they had a life review and what it was like. Those who undergo a life review get an incredible opportunity to see their entire lives from a fresh, new perspective. It reveals mistakes they've made and offers special insight into the dynamics of their lives.

During the life review, which is conducted in a loving -- not a judgmental way -- the person learns about key areas of his/her life and is given the understanding to make the most positive and constructive changes when they return to their normal lives. It seems to me that almost everyone could benefit from a life review, of some kind. Interestingly, one sees the times he hurt others from their point of view, which can be excruciating.

When the person comes back to their life they seek to love everyone and to respond to EVERY situation in a loving way. That's what makes Near Death Experience stories so fascinating. It's all about what happens afterward -- sometimes years after the NDE -- as the experience keeps on giving for as long as the person lives. 

Near Death Experience Stories: Stories of Insight, Resilience and Unconditional Love 

Let's take a look at a few prominent Near Death Experience stories that shed a powerful light on the realities of life and death. 

Michael's Case

One of the most interesting Near Death Experience stories that I know of is the case of Michael, who was a child at the time of his NDE.  Now a good friend of mine, Michael said the main take-away from his NDE was a lesson in love -- love like he'd never known. He felt a love and total acceptance so pure and great that it transformed him. Although he could not adequately describe it, Michael said that just being in that beautiful, brilliant light but a few minutes healed him and made him whole, ensuring that he would never be the same again. 

Further, Michael said that until he died and found himself standing in the presence of the beings of light, their saffron auras glowing, he had never known unconditional love. He felt completely accepted and understood, as their flowing light engulfed him. The feeling that he was one with them was simply overpowering., and that he was a good person, that he was OK. 

Michael was more than happy to stay in the enchanted world he had discovered, but the beings told him, "You can't stay here. You have work to do, and you must go back."

Michael said he was sorely disappointed, but he understood.

"You don't argue with them," he said. 

Later, when Michael began rebuilding his life, there were questions to ask and profound subjects to ponder. "You feel like the work you must do is important, but you always wonder what that work is. For a long time, I struggled, but ultimately, I knew that if I had work to do, it would show up."

And as time went by, Michael began to get a clearer picture of what he needed to do and how he should live his life. In every way, he tries to share the light of unconditional love with everyone he meets. Michael is a helper, a giver, and someone who shares his love of life with everyone unselfishly. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of Michael's Near Death Experience story, in my mind, is how it made him feel about himself, how it grounded him and gave him a sense of accurate identity. "I finally felt like I was home," he said, "and it is my real home -- my life -- the place where I belong. I know exactly where that is, and I can think about it when I get stressed, and then I'll feel better." 

Michael says that his NDE gave him the strength to care for his younger siblings, while a child himself -- something he had to do for years, to make them happy and safe. 

But now, all these years later, his NDE still guides him. "It comes down to daily actions, sharing positive energy, appreciation and love -- genuine love, and a kind of heart-to-heart energy, that allows you to reach out to people with a smile."

Girl Meditating in a Saffron LightNear Death Experiences Give Us Great Ideas to Contemplate and Much Wisdom to Absorb

Before his NDE, Michael kept to himself, and rarely sought the company of others. The NDE helped him to become more open, and to feel safer in the company of others. He remembers becoming more nurturing. And years later, he still finds that his NDE brings him new gifts and insights. 

Besides giving him a newfound strength to help raise his siblings, Michael's NDE led to a greater awareness, and a vision for how everything fits together. 

His NDE still guides him in how he lives his life -- decades later -- encouraging him to express openness and prompting him to give his positive regard and love to others, including strangers. The days of hiding away in his own little world are gone. Today Michael doesn't feel as though he exists apart from others, but that he is vitally connected to everyone, all things and all creatures on earth -- a common feeling for NDEers.

Near Death Experience stories show us that the separation we feel from others is mostly in our heads, for, in reality, there is no separation. Separation is an illusion. We are all connected to one another, just as we all belong in the same essential family, but many may not realize it. It's all about awareness. 

Michael feels that he's has been contacted again by the beings of light, for lack of a better term, during a powerful meditation. The first time, he saw an elegant gate, which was closed. "The beings told me to go in, so I opened the gate and went in. It was remarkable."

"Then, the next time, I went in through an open gate, and I joined them. Each had a saffron glow -- an aura of pure saffron -- and immediately I felt immense love and acceptance, and all my questions were instantaneously answered." The experience was wonderful, but very surprising. As you can see, Michael's story is one of the most intriguing Near Death Experience stories because it helped to prepare a child for a momentous task, and decades later, still affects Michael in wonderful ways. 

an hour glassNear Death Experiencers feel a sense of urgency in making their lives right and doing what's important now

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The Average Near Death Experience Survivor Comes Back to Life Making Key Changes, such as:

  • Making the most of the time you have left 
  • Treasuring their relationships
  • Looking at the world in a much more positive way
  • Finding the good in others and letting go of fault-finding and criticism
  • Finding the beauty in small things
  • Believing life is precious and trying to make the most of every opportunity, every moment
  • Becoming more loving and forgiving 
  • More flexible and open
  • Less judgmental, critical and pessimistic 
  • No longer fearing death and living fearlessly
  • More spiritual and less religious
  • More universally oriented in their thoughts and attitudes
  • Content to be themselves and more comfortable in their own skin, and less interested in appearances
  • No longer motivated by materialistic illusions and whims 
  • Etc. 

Near Death Experience Stories:
An Incredible Change in Tom's Life

One of the most intriguing Near Death Experience stories I've heard was Tom Sawyer's. His case was amazing. I did not know Tom, but two of my closest friends knew him well, and they learned a great deal from him. They've told me much about Tom over the years. 

Tom Sawyer was a physically strong, hard-living son-of-a-gun who hated opera and did things his own way, until a truck fell on him, crushed his chest to an inch in width and sent him straight to the other side . . .

Tom was always careful with his equipment, but the jack gave way and the truck landed right in the middle of his sternum. Flattened him. Pronounced clinically dead, Tom was gone for 15 minutes. Long enough to have brain damage, even if he lived.

But he came back . . . 

  • Those short minutes made a big difference in the way Tom went on to live his life. Before his NDE, he was agnostic. Afterwards, he knew there was a Higher Power and something More.
  • He hated opera, and his wife never played it in his presence. He knew nothing about it. But after his NDE, he loved opera and displayed an amazingly in-depth knowledge of opera. His wife and friends were shocked.
  • Tom's newfound lease on life, along with his new amazing abilities made him a wonder to those who knew him and heard him lecture. He became a spiritual advisor to many. He shared his NDE wisdom on Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey and Unsolved Mysteries, to name a few.
  • He traveled to Tibet to learn about the spiritual practice of Tibetan Lamas . . . 

And he blew their minds with his powers, even locating the whereabouts of a hidden passageway in their lamasery.

Like many NDE survivors, Tom devoted his life to helping others understand and utilize the amazing power of Unconditional Love.

What a turn-around. From a big, bad boy to a Spiritual Paragon. 

Yes, after his NDE, Tom was a new man -- one who shocked his loved ones, friends and employees. No one could have expected the changes they would find in big, strong and tough Tom Sawyer. He was a real Near Death Experience survivor. In Tom's Near Death Experience story, he went on to become a better person, which amounted to a transformation in his brain. 

And a transformation in his heart . . . where Unconditional Love flourished from then on. 

Tom made it his mission to talk with people about unconditional love everywhere he went, and to share the lessons he learned from the light. 

According to my friend, Grover, who knew Tom well, he would stay up all night, if necessary, telling others about the beautiful light he had seen, and sharing his wisdom. For more information on Near Death Wisdom, feel free to read my article on that subject.  

Near Death Experience Stories: Jim's Amazing NDE 

Jim Bruton was test flying his new airplane when his plane tragically crashed. Soon he found himself in a coma in the hospital, fighting for his life. Fortunately for us all, Jim did not die. 

Jim's story will lead you into a wonderful labyrinth of intrigue and discovery, and reveal the depth of remarkable Near Death Experience stories, and their power to enlighten us all. Jim's NDE was certainly unusual in many ways, and it had a lasting impact. Jim learns a new lesson from it every single day. 

"It's been a big game changer for me -- and continues to unfold every day," Jim told me. 

I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Jim's remarkable story, which is so thought-provoking and compelling that it offers something to learn for everyone. You can read about Jim's NDE -- one of the most remarkable Near Death Experience stories I've heard -- and discover more at

Near Death Experience Stories: What About the After Affects? 

Jim said that after his NDE, he found that people were more attracted to him socially, and I think this effect surprised him (most NDEers have a certain glow that people can detect and many say they feel a nice kind of energy flowing from NDEers). 

Jim reports that he has stopped worrying so much, after his NDE, and that God just talks to him, or that he feels God's presence and direction in a powerful, straight-forward way, a force for good in his life. Other gifts from Jim's NDE include having a more open heart to everyone, the capacity to celebrate life in new ways and the ability to perceive more grey between the extremes of right and wrong, an appreciation for just how incredibly complex the world is -- and an understanding about where other people may be coming from in their various perspectives, thoughts and motivations.  

Jim's story is certainly one of the most unusual I've heard of, and the resulting insights he has received from it are amazing and inspiring. 

It's not unusual for some after effects to take place years beyond an NDE. The experience proves to be so strong and overwhelming that it takes many years just to observe what has happened. Most people become much more spiritual and develop an interest in universal spirituality, and are less interested in religious dogma or competing religious sentiments. 

The NDE is, after all, according to Dr. Kenneth Ring, a spiritual experience that makes the person more spiritual, advancing their spiritual development by leaps and bounds -- often putting them at odds with their former ontological belief systems. In fact, according to Professor Ring, a foremost authority on NDEs, Near Death Experience stories are, in essence, stories of spiritual awakening. 

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Please join us at The Hamon Group's Happy-Relationships in taking time for a little self-reflection, and ask yourself how you can improve your relationships and live a happier life by applying the wisdom of NDEs to your own circumstances. Let the world's Near Death Experience stories show you the way.

Aren't sure where or how to begin? 

You can take a giant step in the right direction by learning all you can about NDEs and the powerful vision of unconditional love that they bring back with them.  Trying to love unconditionally can make anyone a better person. 

Stop holding back, and let go of any poisonous thoughts of judging people. Avoid seeking to punish people or trying to exact revenge. Stop keeping score. Forgive and let go. Give more of yourself. Cultivate the ability to see the beauty in everyone. Great things will happen. 

Have more fun, give more love and enjoy every moment of your day from now on! Make the precious present work for you.

And, if you don't know what to do in a given situation, opt for the most loving thing to do. It will always be a good choice. 

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