The 10-Minute Meditation

Our 10-Minute meditation audio will get you meditating -- and relaxing -- in a very short time. All you have to do is find a comfortable place to sit in a quiet room and play the audio. Richard's soothing voice will have you floating above your problems and tapping into resourceful inner states in no time. 

"I created the 10-Minute Meditation for clients who wanted a very brief guided meditation to help them to unwind at the end of a long day." -- Richard Hamon

Even if you know nothing about meditation, or have never tried, this free audio program will get you started meditating easily and quickly. Give the 10-Minute Meditation a try, and let us know how you like it. 

10-Minute Meditation: Benefits You Can Expect 

Our introduction to meditation will acquaint you with the joy of sitting still and finding solace in the silence. A few quiet moments spent exploring inner states will make you feel so good. Get relief from stress and take a breather from your hard day. You'll let go of your troubles and float downstream.

10-Minute Meditation: Want to Lengthen Your Fuse? 

Meditation can help you to lengthen your fuse and decrease anger, feel more contentment and peace, and give you a simple, but powerful way to fight chronic stress, anxiety and depression.  A regular meditation practice can be life-altering in so many ways. 

Get started today with our quick and easy 10-minute Meditation. All you have to do is sit back and listen! 

Why Should I Meditate? Meditate for a Thousand Reasons!

Meditation is not an obligation or just another chore to fit into a busy schedule. It’s way more than that. In fact, I believe meditation is the single greatest activity anyone can engage in. There is literally nothing I’d rather do than meditate. The benefits are enormous, and far reaching, plus it is an extremely joyous and peaceful endeavor, which is personally uplifting and inspirational.

Also, meditation is like spending an hour of bliss in a beautiful inner space, above the tension and stress of everyday life. When you meditate you go into a deep place of relaxation, an inner land,  an enchanted realm. You Joyful feelings emerge, connecting you with the cosmic universe, and giving you a sense of communion with all of life. You are deeply aware of the sense of the sacred, and you can connect with something far greater than yourself. There are limitless opportunities for exploring the inner realm.

In my mind, meditation is and has always been the final frontier.

It is a privilege to discover the hidden realms of consciousness within, and few will take the time and effort to go there. You must stop the merry-go-round or get off the treadmill, for a brief time, if you want to go inside your true self and make contact with the absolute reality, or actuality, and you must not be afraid of what you will find. Every time I meditate I am hopeful of finding a glimmer of light, or a glimpse of truth or enlightenment. 

Meditation can be many things, but some meditators describe their practice as the ultimate form of worship and prayer, where you let go of what you think you know, and remain open and receptive to shards of truth that break through clouds of illusion and false knowledge. I know, in my personal experience, after meditating, I always feel settled, centered and at peace.

Woman sitting on beach meditatingYou can meditate anywhere you can sit in the silence and soak up the joy of being alive

I notice my fuse is longer and I am more patient with others throughout the day. Not a bad way to start the day! If the citizens of the world were to meditate, there would be no wars.

Meditation requires patience and steadfast devotion, practice and more practice, but the rewards are extraordinary. You can manage stress, heal from trauma, open the doors of perception and seek to advance spiritually through the practice of meditation. All while having the time of your life. Nothing is a more enjoyable pursuit. Meditation will give you peace and happiness, make you healthier and help you to live longer.

There is no greater frontier to explore and no better way to spend your time. Meditation is the ultimate journey to the real self. It is a path of healing and revelation. A treasure trove of endless opportunities for growth, wisdom and transformation. Yet meditating isn’t easy. There is a plethora of confusing and conflicting techniques, philosophies and traditions to wade through, which many people find confounding.

But, our 10-Minute Meditation will get you rolling in no time, and make it easy for you to get started. 

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