Easy Meditation

Easy meditation techniques will assist you in getting started with the world's healthiest, most satisfying practice. Meditation is incredibly good for you, and beginning your amazing journey to a rainbow assortment of health benefits may be easier than you think.  Let's break it down into a few easy steps you can take to dive into meditation right now. 

Planet earth at sunriseBecome one with the universe and all creatures great and small through meditation

Easy Meditation Quick Start Guide: First Steps

So you don't have any experience with meditation and don't know where to begin? No problem. We've got you covered. Here are a few of the easy meditation steps we teach our clients, who want to change their lives for the better.

Keep in mind, there are many ways you may approach meditation, and this is just one. First, it's very hard to meditate if you're tired or sleepy . . . you'll probably just nod off to sleep. I always try to meditate when I'm well rested, and I know I can keep my focus on the meditation without falling asleep.  Also, avoid meditating if you have alcohol or drugs in your system, or if your judgement is impaired for some reason. 

Easy Meditation Steps

  1. Sit in a quiet room where the light is low and you won't be disturbed, making sure your back has good support or you are sitting in a comfortable position. 
  2. Take a few deep breaths, exhaling the stale air from your lungs and slowly letting in plenty of fresh air.
  3. Allow your eyes to close as you focus on the sounds and sensations of your breath, coming in and going out. Nothing complicated here. Easy meditation is just that -- easy! 
  4. Focus on the inspirational words of a song, poem or scripture and let it sit in your conscious for a few minutes. 
  5. Imagine that you are walking in a beautiful meadow or forest, and make a clear, colorful mental picture of this imaginary or real place -- a place you know and love.
  6. Stay in your beautiful place and enjoy sitting in the silence. 
  7. If you get distracted, return to your breathing and focus your attention on your inhalations and exhalations, and the pauses between them. If intrusive thoughts distract you, sweep them away with your mental broom and immediately return to your special place, or concentrate on a mantra, happy thought or inspirational idea.
  8. Notice how your body may feel heavy, light or buoyant, and go with the feeling of relaxation and stillness that is flowing through your limbs, enjoying the quiet sense of peace and emptiness that may be flowering inside you. 
  9. Pay attention to the emerging feelings of bliss, serenity or the joy of moment, fully surrendering to the natural high you're experiencing, opening your mind to any impressions you may receive. 
  10. Remain in these precious moments of deep relaxation for as long as you like, savoring the good feelings and sensations of sitting still in the quiet, peaceful place. Continue to push away thoughts, worries or distractions. You can always deal with those later. Let your mind float, unattached, while you savor your experience.
  11.  When you're ready to end your meditation, allow your eyes to open and your consciousness to return to the room, and slowly and gently re-orient yourself to time and place.  
  12. Take a few moments to gently stretch and take in a few energizing breaths. 

statue of Buddha meditatingDecrease Stress, Lower Your Blood Pressure and Find Inner Peace

A Guided Meditation You Can Try Right Now 

Find out why our clients find Richard's voice so soothing and relaxing by listening to our Ten Minute Meditation.   

This audio is close to 11.5 minutes, so you'll want to allow a little more than 10 minutes for it. Find yourself a nice, quite place to relax, and you can get started right now. 


"Richard, I absolutely loved it!" -- Justice Slone

"Your meditation audio came to me at just the right time.  I really needed it.  Thanks so much!" -- Donna Horni

"I've listened to your 10 Minute Meditation program a bunch of times, and it has the same relaxing effect every time. Powerful!" -- Hope Fitzgerald

Easy Meditation: Regular Practice for Best Results

Give yourself time to learn how to meditate. Your first few experiences will represent a learning curve. You'll enjoy it more and more as time goes by. If you fall asleep or don't get relaxed, there is no need to panic. You can smooth out those wrinkles with a little practice.  

Taking a meditation class is a good way to learn the basics and get some valuable experience. Reading books on relaxation and meditation can help you to improve, as well. Learning to relax can help you to meditate. I recorded an original relaxation program called Journey to Relaxation that I offer to my clients, which removes the pain of getting started and trains your mind to develop effective relaxation habits. 

Girl meditating on the beachYou can meditate anywhere, and wherever you are is the best place to meditate

An Easy Meditation Exercise: Creating Your Inner Sanctuary

Relax in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Listen to the sounds of your breath coming in and going out. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place, I recommend a mountain top, meadow or near the water. It could be any place that feels nice and peaceful to you. Now look around and notice how lovely the area is, noticing the small and big things. Create a movie of the place, putting in colorful details and using your imagination to make it feel real. 

Do something to make the place more desirable or homelike, and to make it more beautiful. Add a deeper blue hue to the sky, draw in some extra trees, put in a shimmering light of protection and healing. Rearrange the features of the area to make the place yours, a place where you can be free and feel terrific.

You can come back to this beautiful place, your inner sanctuary, again and again, and you'll always find it to be a special place of rest and healing, inspiration and revelation. Perhaps you are in a cave and you see a streaming golden light coming through a doorway. Walk to the door and stand in the light, basking in the powerful light that gives you strength and courage. You can meet your guide here, and sing songs by the campfire. Use your imagination to create healing rituals. 

Be sure to see yourself making positive changes in your life, taking the high road, and not the low road. In this special place, you can always feel at home and at peace, and find strength to live the right way, and you can engage in an easy meditation. 

Stress got you down? No time to take care of yourself? 

Don't forget to check into our stress Rx audio. If you're tired of feeling stressed or pushed to the edge, and you're looking to  make a change in your mind, body and spirit, join me on an insight-provoking trek into the depths of the inner mind, where real changes can and do happen. Again, its the Journey to Relaxation. It doesn't get any easier than this. 

After just 30 minutes of deep relaxation, you'll feel refreshed and renewed.

Easy Meditation: Tips and Suggestions

  • In meditation we are sitting still and doing something. You may not always be aware that you are in an action mode, but you are accomplishing many things. For example, you are resting, balancing, healing and creating. So, take your time and avoid rushing. The benefits will become clear in time. Eventually, your meditation practice will feel like something, instead of nothing. 
  • Create a place where you can do meditation on a regular basis. Each time you go back to the place, it will become more comfortable and special, and the meditation will come more easily. It can be a sanctum, home alter or the corner of a study.  Perhaps a closet or an attic. 
  • Do not try to meditate or relax. But, let it come. You can't force it. And you must get out of the way, so your meditation can take its own shape, flowering within you. The difference is kind of like making yourself smile verses seeing a puppy walk into the room and you end up smiling naturally. 


Try our easy meditation steps to begin your journey into the fascinating and beneficial world of meditation. You'll find the relaxation and inspiration that can come from meditation to be absolutely wonderful. Give it time and practice, and you'll soon benefit from the world's healthies practice.