Near Death Experiences Show Us the Way
to Great Relationships and Real Success

The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) teach us a great deal about the afterlife, and lead us to powerful insights that can help us to chanbge our lives. NDEs comprise an important signpost that points us in the right direction when navigating spiritual matters. Inspirational and motivational, NDEs bring us closer to understanding the mysteries of consciousness, the cosmic fabric of our being, and our amazing human potential. Anyone can learn a great deal from the profound discoveries made from NDEs. 

How Amazing NDEs Can help You to Change Your Life Right Now

World-wide rersearch on the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences is revealing startling facts about life, relationships and the nature of existence.  The Near Death Experiencers I've worked with in my psychotherapy practice are an inspiration. They are highly motivated to grow and change, to build fantastic rrelationships and to make a positive difference in the world. They are eager to spread the light of unconditional love to everyone they meet. All of us can learn from NDEs, and we can use incredible NDE insights to build greater persoanl wisdom. 

The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences

We Can Learn So Much From Those Who've Had Amazing NDEs:

  • How to love more deeply and unconditionally to transform our relationships
  • How to overcome our fears and to live fearlessly 
  • How to unburden and open our hearts
  • How to make the absolute most of life and  make every moment count
  • How to create a second chance to live the best life ever
  • How to find new purpose and meaning in life
  • How deepen and widen spirituality without getting stuck on religiosity 
  • how to see life and death as ingregal parts of the one, losing your fear of death 
  • how to seize the beauty and joy in life
  • how to do everything with love
  • how to turn problems into opportunities in disguise  

Near Death Experiences show us the way to pesonal transformation. Only about 5% of the population has a documented NDE, but their example can inspire us all to lead better, more satisfying lives. I've written a number of articles on NDEs. Please check them out and see what you can learn to make your life the life of dreams. 

Near Death Experience - Read About Mine

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Take Our NDE Survey, if You've had a NDE . . . help us with our Research.

From bad boys and girls to angels and saints, NDEs affect everyone in similar ways . . . they bring out the best in every kind of person, regardless of their previous experiences in life.  

NDEs change one's perception of the self and the world, and can lead to remarkable personal discoveries and sustainable changes, as well as, finding new and exciting ways of exploring life to the fullest. 

Read about a Fascinating NDE that Led to Many Insights and Revelations

Check out my eBook, the one I wrote after my NDE . . .  it's full of insights and gems of wisdom that can TRANSFORM anyone's life.

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Near Death Experience Organizations:

Get information on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation 

Learn about the International Association For Near Death Studies, Inc. 

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I hope you have learned something from my articles. If you have had a NDE, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you and learn about yours. Please send me a message or give me a call.

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