Near Death Experience Research

Near Death Experience research sheds light on the meaning of life and death, and helps people to change their lives. If you've had a NDE, please share your story with us here at the Hamon Group. We are collecting NDE stories and trying to use the wisdom of NDEs to make the world a better place, one person at a time. Those who have not had a NDE can benefit, too.

A solitary figure meditating on mountain topA NDE Can Deepen One's Values, Awaken Dormant Spiritual Powers and Help People to Lead Inspired Lives

As a professional Counselor and Therapist, I have been fascinated by my clients' stories of NDEs for almost four decades. Nothing in modern life is more intriguing or inspiring than NDEs. I believe we can learn a great deal from NDE survivors' stories that can help anyone to transform their life. That's why Near Death Experience research is so valuable.

I believe the world needs to learn from NDE stories, for they contain bits of truth and much wisdom that we can use to literally make the world a better place. That's why we are engaging in Near Death Experience research here at -- to share this important information with people around the world.

My own NDE opened my eyes to realities and potentialities that have enlarged my understanding of life and death, increased my awareness, and enhanced my life beyond measure. I am now developing a change model based on NDE wisdom that anyone can use to build a happier, more satisfying life.

By sharing your NDE with me, you can help me to reach that goal -- the goal of helping others to lead happier lives.

My NDE helped me to change the way I conduct myself in all areas of my life, including my professional life, changing the way I do psychotherapy, as well. Not only do I celebrate my clients more, but I try to make every session more meaningful and inspiring. And more valuable.

In fact, having a NDE has made me a more open and flexible person, a more understanding and forgiving person. I like to have more fun, laugh more and make every second count.

Near Death Experience Research Reveals Amazing Insights and Benefits

When you consider the changes that NDErs make in their lives and the many powerful gifts bestowed upon them, it is a phenomenon worthy of study. The average NDE makes a lasting difference in a person's life, often leading to personal transformation.

Near Death Experience research shows those who have a NDE often become:

  • More loving and less critical or judgmental
  • Less materialistic
  • More interested in spiritual matters than religious dogma
  • Adept at seizing every precious moment to live a great life
  • Quick to prize relationships and form new ones
  • Intent upon seeking new experiences, learning opportunities and greater knowledge
  • Able to flex their personalities and change their behaviors
  • Capable of moving forward without fear  
  • More interested in nature and protecting the environment
  • Interested in identifying with creatures of all kinds
  • Prone to revise previously held self-limiting beliefs
  • And so on . . .

Afraid to Talk about Your NDE? Tell us about it. Let Your Story Inspire Others.

Friends taking near the waterSharing Your Story is a Wonderful Way to Give Back

Many NDErs tend to keep quiet about their experiences, worried about how others may react. We'd love to hear your story. And we promise to keep it confidential. We'll write about your story on our website, but keep your name a secret, if you wish.

We believe that sharing the good news of NDEs is important, and we want to inspire people to grow, dream and transform. Please consider sharing your story with us. It's free and confidential. You'll be helping us to conduct important Near Death Experience research.

Take Our NDE Questionnaire

Our Near Death Experience Questionnaire is a brief set of questions that you can take to assess the intensity of your NDE. If you've had a NDE, please take our simple questionnaire and join us in our ongoing Near Death Experience research. We'd love to have your valuable input.

About 5% of the Population has a NDE, and Their Lives Change Forever

Near Death Experience research shows that the effects of a NDE are lasting and significant, allowing the NDE survivor to make bold and permanent changes for the better.

They say, "Fortune favors the bold." NDErs are indeed bold, partly, I think, because they have lost much of their old baggage called FEAR. No longer are they afraid to do the right thing. Most of the time, they just do it.  

Only most NDErs no longer want to chase financial fortune, but focus instead upon building a fortune consisting of small but significant things, like the joy to be found in the moment, the butterfly hovering above the flowers or the sunset streaming gold and purple through the light-filled window.

One NDer told me that before his NDE love was an idea or a concept, sometimes a hard one to apply, but afterwards, love became an action word, a true verb. In other words, he began to act upon his idea, and he developed a true bias for action.  

Every Near Death Experiencer I've talked with has said that his/her NDE was the greatest single event in their lives. Wouldn't anyone want to be able to make the powerful changes NDErs make in their lives?

Given the difficulty of making personal changes, what can we learn from NDEs that will make it easier for anyone to make positive changes in their life? How can we apply the wisdom of NDEs to our lives, and use it as a boon to inner growth and personal transformation? The very point behind our Near Death Experience research.

Couple arguingSometimes a NDE can have unpleasant side effects.

Troubled by Unpleasant After-effects of a NDE?

Want to talk with someone who understands? Someone who has been there, too?

A NDE can lead to marital and family strife, and may cause anger problems, depression and anxiety, or create stress in a survivor's life, as he or she strives to reintegrate to normal life, after their NDE. Yes, a NDE is a major blessing, but it can have a dark side, too.

Let me know how you're doing. I can suggest ways to cope and help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls of NDEs. I value everyone's unique story and will do what I can to help. If nothing else, I can listen and provide unconditional positive regard. Send me an email today.

Your NDE Leave You at A Crossroads? Why not allow your NDE to inspire you to greater change?

NDEs can give us the courage to change, but sometimes people don't understand, and don't want us to change. It can be hard for a NDE survivor to find the support he/she needs to keep growing and moving forward. Let me know if you feel stuck and need a little push in the right direction, or you just want someone to listen. 

  • Send an email (I'll get back to you within 48 hours)
  • Take the Hamon NDE Questionnaire
  • Read some of my original articles on NDEs, listed below

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Not sure if you've had a NDE? That's okay. Even if you just had a mild brush with death, you may have dealt with some of the same effects, and we'd like to hear about it. Please share your information with us and participate in our Near Death Experience research. Click here to participate in a survey or take it below.

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