Last Minute Relationship Fixes

"A relationship is like a fire. Neglect it, and before you know it, it will be reduced to ashes."
-- Richard Hamon

What are last minute relationship fixes? Any action step you can take right now to fix your relationship, before it's too late.

A great first step is to simply be less critical of others, and more accepting of their faults or flaws. Decreasing the amount of criticism that is expressed in the relationship (or negativity) is a powerful way to improve your partner's happiness and to make your relationship a thing of peace and joy.

Being critical and finding fault may seem like something you want to do, but it rarely is helpful. You can make a decision to do better right now. Instead of being critical, strive to see why a person struggles or has certain faults. Try to understand. Be accepting.

All of us are flawed. Why harp on your partner's shortcomings? You'll get nothing out of it. But trouble.

There is no earthly good purpose served by criticism. It just puts the other person down, and they often perceive it as an attack. How do you like being criticized and condemned? It pulls you and your partner apart and creates animosity.

Last Minute Relationship Fixes: Make the Commitment Right Now to Change

Stop criticizing your relationship partner and become more accepting of his/her faults. Your relationship will improve dramatically. If you want your partner to change, there are better ways to go about it than criticizing, blaming, "terribilizing" or showering your partner with punishments of various sorts.

Take a tip from any Near Death Experiencer, and focus on the attributes of others, not their faults, and you'll see just how amazingly wonderful the people around you really are . . .

. . . and you can love them with a full, open and forgiving heart. 

Try This Challenge

If you want to rebuild a relationship or solve a relationship problem, try one of my favorite last minute relationship fixes, seeing your partner in a more positive light, and being more positive in the way you treat your partner. Give up the nasty, unproductive habit of criticism and blame-placing, and you'll watch your relationship grow by leaps and bounds.

Criticism is a happiness destroyer. And it's a choice we make. We can make better choices.

In Sum

Last minute relationship fixes, Reward, Praise and Positive feedback, are ten times more effective in shaping behavior than punishment. Most people aren't very good at heaping praise on, but we should all learn. If you want to change someone's life, forget about using punishment, and count on going with reward. It works and it changes people for the better.

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