Relationship Repair Tips

Keep Your Relationship on the Front Burner

In this short Relationship Repair Tips Audio, Master Therapist, Richard Hamon, shows you how to improve any intimate relationship with one simple strategy. You can try it out any time and see a difference right away. Keep your relationship on the front burner of the stove, and remember not to shove on the back burner when you get busy or stressed. Keep in mind...The most common way to ruin a good relationship is to neglect it.

Man and woman kissing, the setting sun blocking the view of the kiss.

Whether your relationship is in need of immediate repair or you simply want to improve your relationship, this Relationship Repair Tips Audio will nudge you in the right direction. Based on scientific research and countless clinical cases, the relationship re-decision method will give you a powerful and effective way of reducing conflict and enhancing communication. You'll learn how to turn problems into opportunities for growth and greater happiness.

Pull up a chair and give our Relationship Repair Tips Audio a listen. Just click on the audio play button, and you'll be on your way to enjoying a problem-solved relationship.

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The Relationship Repair Tips Audio reveals how you can improve any relationship -- even a really good one -- by learning to respond more positively when you are disappointed in your partner or your relationship.

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Relationship Repair Tips: How can Meditation Improve Your Relationship(s)? 

Meditation can improve brain function, lengthen your anger fuse and decrease your stress. In lots of couples I've worked with stress has been an underlying factor in their marital or romantic problems. But the problems tend to get blamed on everything but stress. 

One of the ways I help couples is to suggest each partner to implement a personal stress management plan. When each takes care of their stress, their relationship improves. A stressed out spouse can make the already existing issues more serious, and adds to the fires of negativity and pessimism, plunging the relationship into a deep spiral of stress. 

Let meditation help you to improve your marriage and most important relationships by helping you to become a stronger, more resilient and positive person.  

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