What can Bridges Beyond Stress do for you?

According to many cardiologists, stress is more dangerous for you than high cholesterol. Bridges Beyond Stress can help you to change all that . . . because ignoring the stress or not knowing about it, makes it even more dangerous. And it's affecting both men and women. 

Is stress making you miserable? Are you stretched to the limit? Over-extended? Has your doctor told you to slow down and take it easy? Do you find yourself multi-tasking too much of the time, feeling over-extended or over-whelmed? 

It may be time to re-evaluate . . what is stress doing to your mind and body? How is it impacting your precious relationships? 

They call stress the “silent killer” for a reason . . . it can be lethal. A leading cardiologist, Dr. Waltman, told me he is more worried about his patients’ stress levels than their cholesterol, blood pressure or triglyceride levels. 

Dr. Waltman and his staff are doing everything in their power to help their patients lower their stress, from helping them to lose weight and exercise more, to learning how to de-stress at the end of a busy day . . . because if you can help someone manage their stress, you just may save a life.

As a Relationship Therapist, I know how stress destroys relationships. That's why I created Bridges Beyond Stress. 

The couples I counsel are often having problems because of stress, even when they think the problem is something else. All they realize is they’re unhappy and arguing all the time. What they don’t see is how big a role stress plays in their unhappiness.

Stress leads to poor decision making, anger and tension, loss of control, and it twists people into a foul mood.

Do you find yourself:

  • Getting upset at the smallest things?  
  • Losing your patience when trying to communicate your thoughts or feelings to others?
  • Having problems letting go and finding time to relax?
  • Feeling more anxious or depressed than usual? 
  • Losing interest in things that usually interest you?

Stress attacks your brain, causing the wrong chemicals to be released in your brain, such as stress hormones like Cortisol, which prepare you for conflict, leading to the flight-or-fight syndrome. When your system stays agitated for an extended period of time, you feel bad and your entire body feels bogged down. 

If you want to put an end to the ill-effects of chronic stress, ease the strain on your heart, and protect your relationships from damaging stress, you’ll be interested in Bridges Beyond Stress, an audio program I developed for helping people to relax in a dynamic and therapeutic way.

Bridges Beyond Stress offers the stressed out person a powerful antidote to stress, and the program reveals the secret to dealing with the stress in your life, and helps you to build stress management skills that will lead to a happier, more satisfying life. Drawing upon decades of experience in using hypnotherapy to help hundreds of clients to overcome trauma, abuse and negative thinking, I developed this therapeutic program to serve an effective deterrent against stress, and one that can give you immediate relief.

Bridges Beyond Stress can help you to rejuvenate yourself, mind, body and soul. Embedded subliminal suggestions are designed to provide dynamic relaxation benefits and long-lasting healing effects, which will rest your tired brain and lift your over-taxed heart. 

"Bridges Beyond Stress is a great program to help you relax and free your mind. My burdens are gone!"
-- Clarissa M. (Psychotherapy Client)

"Dear Richard Hamon, I'm 83 years old. I've had many wonderful experiences in my life. But, I've never felt so relaxed and peaceful as when I listened to your stress program. And, as a doctor, I am always needing to find a way to calm my nerves and escape from the pressures of my job. That's where Bridges Over Stress comes into play. And, I must say, there is something about your voice that takes me to a new place. Will you please teach me how to do this with  my patients? Thank you for your wonderful hypnotherapy program."
--Henrietta M. (Psychotherapy Client) 

What will Bridges Beyond Stress do for you?

  • Relax your mind and body in a complete and powerful way 
  • Improve and maintain your health
  • Safeguard your all-important relationship
  • Find more joy in life Boost and rest your brain

You can let stress have its way with you, and end up sick in bed, or sidelined due to an emotional crisis . . . or you can take charge of your health and well-being, and do something to help yourself. 

If you are losing your edge, and feeling tired and irritable, you may be losing the battle with stress. That’s where Bridges Over Stress comes in. My stress reduction program is 40 minutes long. When you lean back and listen through your headphones or ear buds, you will enter a peaceful world of calm and healing, where you can get off the tread mill and treat yourself to 40 minutes of rest and relaxation. You’ll travel to a peaceful place within where you will find tranquility and peace of mind awaiting you.

How does Bridges Beyond Stress work?

Bridges Beyond Stress is a stress-reduction recording that calms the mind and soothes the nerves through the use of guided imagery, therapeutic suggestion and relaxing music, all of which intertwine to provide the listener with the maximum dose of stress busting relief possible in a short period of time.

  • If you are stressed, Bridges will provide you with just the mental and physical break you need to begin feeling better soon.
  • If you are pressed for time, Bridges will help you to stop and relax, and get back in the saddle quickly, while feeling more refreshed and energetic.
  • If feeling cranky or blue, Bridges will guide you into a more positive mental state that will leave you feeling better for hours and days.

Who can benefit from my powerful stress reduction audio program?  
Anyone who works hard and long hours. Anyone who balances work with parenting and raising a family. Anyone with medical issues that cause worry, pain and distress. Anyone who spends hours crammed inside a car, bus, airplane or train, commuting to work. Anyone who puts the needs of others first, and tends to neglect himself. 

Sound like you? 

When you sit in a quiet room (turn off the lights, please) for 40 minutes and play Bridges Over Stress, you will be treated to relaxing journey that will be enjoyable, uplifting, inspirational and restful . . . you’ll give your mind a break from the constant barrage of thoughts it likes to think, relief from worry, anxiety and fear, and your body will go into a deep state of relaxation and repose. When done, you’ll feel more relaxed than you’ve felt in a long time. Rested and ready to take on the world. 
You’ll feel like you’ve been floating on clouds of peace, love and happiness. Your emotional batteries will feel recharged. Your frustrations soothed. 

"Richard, your voice is so soothing and mesmerizing. I could listen to this several times a day. I'm feeling more relaxed than I've felt in years, thanks to Bridges Beyond Stress."
-- Donna K. (Psychotherapy Client)

Bridges Beyond Stress is a recording that truly lives up to its name. Listen just once and you'll:

  • Enter a tranquil space within, where you are free from daily cares.
  • Come away feeling deeply relaxed, from head-to-toe.
  • Feel utterly revitalized and renewed.

The music used for Bridges Beyond Stress is original, and was designed to help you slip into the bliss of inner states of dynamic relaxation and deep repose without any effort on your part. The music was created for Bridegs Beyond Stress by musician and composer, Ken Holbrook. The lovely melody remains in the background while my voice (people tell me it’s a bit hypnotic and soothing) floats above the gentle-flowing music to create a textured and multi-faceted sound that produces a state of inner bliss in the listener. 

The result? 

A dreamy calm. A mellow respite. A quiet sense of inner joy. 

Most people find themselves floating on a sea of tranquility within a few minutes of beginning their relaxing journey. And feelings of delight and bliss abound for long afterwards. And the best part is, you don’t have to do anything. You won’t need to try. Just sit in a quiet place and let the program do the work for you. Simply listen and let go. Allowing yourself to be transported . . . 

When you listen, you will be “lifted and uplifted,”according to one of my psychotherapy patients, who uses the program to overcome the damaging impact of a stressful career that makes endless demands upon his time and energy. 

Another patient told me she listens to Bridges twice a week and it’s the most relaxing part of her week. Without Bridges, she said, she’d be an “emotional wreck.”

Another benefit of using Bridges in your personal stress management program is to improve the quality of your life. If you want to have more fun and delight in your life, you have to take care of yourself. Bridges will help you de-stress on a regular basis. Just hit the play button and you’re in for your very own, customizable therapy session. 

You see, I wrote Bridges in a way that it will actually help you to solve your problems, by accessing inner resources and tapping into the wisdom of your body, without really trying.

There is no work involved. After all, more work would only translate into more stress. So I’ve taken the effort out of it for you. 

"Great relaxation tape. I felt good for hours after listening!"
-- William S. (Psychotherapy Client)

Relying upon my more than 35 years of experiences as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I have fashioned helpful and therapeutic suggestions that will mobilize dormant potentials and highlight hidden possibilities, bringing you into contact with new horizons for personal growth and self-realization. Bridges will help you to explore the inner reaches of your life, and put you in touch with opportunities for not only overcoming stress but opening new doors to happiness. 

When you listen to Bridges, remarkably good things will happen in your brain, allowing you to forget about your problems and irritations, and to focus completely on finding imaginative inner pathways of rejuvenation, along with inner resources you didn’t know were there.  

Bridges is all about helping you to overcome harmful levels of stress, and to offer relief for your overtaxed brain. Everyone responds in his or her own unique way, but . . . 

Most listeners experience a pleasant and insightful sojourn in a state of inner peace and illumination, which leaves them feeling rested and renewed for hours and hours. 

Subliminal suggestions will help you to overcome the harmful effects of stress and open your awareness to a peaceful feeling that expands inside you, even after you stop listening to the program. Alpha and Theta brain waves will transport you to a center of healing deep within . . . while calming your most important organ, your brain. 

"I almost fell asleep while recording your voice. Great program. Maybe this will help with my high blood pressure."
-- Walt B. (Sound Engineer at recording studio) 

Knock Out Stress 

Escape to your inner spa and knock down your stress (without going to a therapist’s office) by simply listening to Bridges. Just turn the sound up and go.

One of Richard’s adolescent clients said, after trying Bridges Beyond Stress, “that’s better than any method I’ve ever used to feel good . . . legal or illegal! I was floating on the ceiling the first time I used it.” 

Not only is dynamic relaxation good for you and your brain, but it can undo a lot of crap and negativity. Bridges will assist you in switching from a negative mental state to a positive one. And we all know that can mean. Nothing can make you happier than becoming a more positive and optimistic thinker. 

Now, for best results, I suggest the following:

  1. Conduct your listening experience in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Use your headphones and turn off the lights. 
  3. Get comfortable in your favorite chair, and provide ample back support. 
  4. Once the program begins, let your eyes gently close and get ready to float away on a cloud of inner peace and harmony.

That’s all there is to letting Bridges help you to let go of the daily grind . . . 
and float downstream, so that you may enter a peaceful place within, where you will find your unique and blissful escape from stress! And best of all, each time you listen your experience will be rewarding in different  ways, so the your possibilities are endless!

Scientists say we only use a small fraction of our potential. Why not begin tapping into a greater portion of yours right now, right in the here-and-now? 

You won’t have to train for it. 
Or practice. 
No fear of doing anything wrong or failing. 
Just sit back and let Bridges Over Stress take you to a new dimension of simplicity and uncluttered thinking, of deep, profound relaxation, quiet and peaceful joy.  

One word of CAUTION: Please don't listen while driving.
and avoid rushing through the program. Give yourself the time you need to deal with the dangerous stress in your life before it deals with you. 

Bridges Beyond Stress can be a rewarding part of a personal stress management program that can improve your health, overall attitude and well being. Remember what my cardiologist friend said? That he is more worried about the ill-effects of stress than high cholesterol in his patients. 

So do something about your stress today, and treat yourself to forty minutes of relaxation and bliss . . . put your headphones on and play Bridges Beyond Stress . . . you’ll soon be feeling recharged, revitalized and energized. 

Bridges Beyond Stress can help you with:

1.    Anxiety 
2.    Depression
3.    Anger
4.    Overwhelmed feelings
5.    Irrational fears
6.    Irritability
7.    Relationships
8.    Tension headaches
9.    Sleeplessness
10.  Excessive worry and nervousness
11.  A multitude of other Stress symptoms

Research Reveals Amazing Possibilities 

Recent studies show that most people need to improve their diets, get more exercise and learn how to deal with stress. Bridges can help you to deliver a knock out blow to harmful stress.  By listening to the program two or three times a week you will restore your inner calm and find a therapeutic anecdote to stress and negative thinking that will give you much-needed support in many ways . . . mental, physical and spiritual support that will get you feeling on top of the world again.  

Research shows that meditation-type experiences are good for the brain and can have a profound impact upon those who have been abused or subjected to frightening experiences. And people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Individuals who have been traumatized in some way will benefit from the kind of dynamic relaxation that Bridges creates. But you don’t have to be a victim of trauma to benefit. Almost anyone who suffers from the busy pace of modern life will find this therapeutic program of assistance in reaching their health goals. 

The price of Bridges is only $18.95

You can purchase your Bridges Beyond Stress MP3 file and download it instantly after you pay with your credit card. And since you will be downloading a digital file that you can keep on your I-Pod or computer, there will be no shipping and handling.

"Whoa! Wish I could get this relaxed when I'm trying to go to bed at night. Maybe I'll finally get a good night's sleep after I listen tonight."
-- Justin W. (Psychotherapy Client)

"Good job, Richard. I can feel the stress peeling away after giving your relaxation audio a listen."
-- Gladys S. (Coaching Client)

You’ll get a Money Back Guarantee with your purchase, 
along with state-of-art technical support, if you would ever have a problem or concern with your purchase. So, rest assured, your needs will be taken care of.

Again, Who Can Benefit From Bridges Beyond Stress?
Um, anyone who is alive! :-) 

I designed Bridges Beyond Stress to help my patients overcome the harmful impact of stress in their lives, (and anyone who is struggling with stress). I am making the program available to you at a very attractive price. Give it a try and let me know how you like it. I’d love to hear from you.

Remember, if you’re struggling with stress of any kind, you have a decision to make. Are you going to let it eat away at you, and rob you of happiness and joy? 

Or would you like to: 

  • Scientifically reduce stress
  • Improve mental attitude and emotional well being
  • Enhance your relationships and improve your love life (yes a relaxed partner is always better than a worn-out, over-taxed one)
  • Provide your mind and body with a badly needed break from the constant grind
  • Improve your mental attitude
  • Deepen your connection with your inner-self

In addition, each time you listen to this innovative stress reduction program you will build greater capacity to relax in therapeutic ways on your own, and you’ll build resiliency while innocolating yourself against stress. 

Take charge of your harmful stress right now. Try Bridges Beyond Stress and you’ll see what everyone’s excited about. We guarantee you will enjoy it immensely and benefit in many ways. 

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know how it’s working for you. I actually answer his emails . . . unlike so many others. 

"I didn't think anyone could get me to relax like that. Please make more of these healing tapes."
-- Belinda M. (Psychotherapy Client)

Please let me know how you like your copy of Bridges Beyond Stress. Thank you for visiting today.  

Sincerely yours, 

Richard E. Hamon, LMFT
Licensed Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach 

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