Happiness Secrets:

Seven Steps to Delirious Happiness

Happiness secrets: here are seven steps to delirious happiness that you can take today for immediate results.  Don't let life's unexpected blows and set-backs keep you from enjoying unbridled happiness. Why not make the most of your time and invest in yourself?

Plus, the happier you feel, the more everyone in your life will benefit. You'll live longer and enjoy life more if you are genuinely happy, or seeking to improve your happiness quotient. 

A happy girl walking in a flower-filled meadowA good first step to happiness is to stop and smell the roses - or dandelions

After nearly 40 years of practice in the mental health business, two near death experiences, continual training in positive psychology and the sense of well being, and a lifetime of searching to understand the mysterious unknown, I have compiled a Happiness Cheat Sheet detailing the key essentials of attracting and keeping happiness. Read an overview of my Seven Happiness Secrets below.   

Richard's Seven Happiness Secrets: An Overview

Here are seven Essential steps to delirious happiness. If you try these steps out for a test drive, I promise good things will happen. 

  1. Engage in work you love
  2. Love your neighbors, do not judge and give unconditional love in all areas of your life  
  3. Be active and Exercise your body and mind
  4. Relax, Detach from Stress and Meditate on a regular basis 
  5. Eat a healthy, whole-foods diet, focusing on plenty of vegetables and fruits 
  6. Use your sense of humor to play and have fun, no matter how old you are 
  7. Engage in a spiritual or rich inner life 

More Happiness Tips 

Additional Happiness Secrets include:

  • Enjoy hobbies and interests, stay curious 
  • Be a lifelong learner and pursue ongoing education 
  • Provide good self care, get plenty of sleep and practice good medical and dental care
  • Invest in a happy, long-term committed relationship/marriage (it'll add years to your life) 

Happiness is a Quilt with Many Beautiful Threads and Colors 

Weaving the many threads of a happy life together into a beautiful quilt takes time, patience and the willingness to learn from your mistakes. Your happiness quilt will keep you warm on a cold night and cool on a hot one. And it will last for a lifetime, if given good, loving care. 

Just like you can't build self-esteem by doing one thing right (it takes having a little success on multiple fronts) happiness does not stem from one action, skill or habit, but many. Observing the seven happiness secrets simultaneously, or doing all seven of the action steps at the same time, will bring the desired results, if you are persistent and give it time. 

Seeking happiness is worth it because happiness improves your health and extends your lifespan -- and it results in great relationships and leads to success in all you do. In fact, the best way to improve your relationships is to put the seven happiness secrets into practice.  

If you wanted to simply work on one aspect of happiness, a keystone of success would be to put your relationships first, to build and manage good, healthy relationships . . . relationships based upon Unconditional Love, mutual honor and respect. If you have questions about relationships or you're struggling with relationship problems, you may want to look into Relationship Gold, a relationship guide I wrote for my clients, an easy-to-read e-Book on solving relationship problems and fixing all kinds of relationship issues without trying too hard or stressing over it.

Rebuilding a neglected or damaged relationship can be a labor of love that pays dividends forever. Making things right is a delight that changes lives. 

A couple enjoying a relaxing moment over coffeeHappy, healthy relationships bring us great joy and comfort, enhance our immunity and extend longevity

Nothing is more important than our relationships. Just being able to sit down with loved ones, enjoying a cup of java, is one of life's greatest treasures. It's so sad the way we can throw our relationships away, only to regret it late in life, or when it's too late. Why live with relationship regrets and heart-felt pains when we can do something about it now? Happy, healthy relationships bring untold pleasure and satisfaction to our lives. They are money in the bank and soul-satisfying riches, far greater than material wealth. 

What are happy, healthy relationships? These are what I call "win-win relationships" or relationships that work equally well for both parties. You can't be happy without good relationships. Unhappy relationships are a yoke around one's neck, whereas happy ones are a necklace of great beauty and magnitude.  Happy relationships are life's greatest treasure. They get us through the hard times and keep us strong during times of distress. And they ensure we'll never be alone.