How to Get More Sleep

Get more sleep and you'll feel better and your attitude and health will improve. This brief article will show you how to get more sleep and get to sleep faster.

Clients often ask me how they can get more sleep when they struggle with dwelling or worrying, or suffer from anxiety and depression. A simple trick that works like a charm is to learn to compartmentalize. In other words, set a time and date to think about problems or to try and solve them, but do not entertain such thoughts while you're trying to go to sleep.

When you think about problems or issues, your brain secretes stress hormones, like Cortisol, and then you become increasingly more awake.

So the key is to think good thoughts, happy thoughts, or to think about positive plans. Yes, you can count sheep, but a better plan is to count your BLESSINGS. Then, sleep will follow.

Just do not give in and think about problems or your busy schedule. That's stressful and it can keep you up all night.

Quality Sleep Tips

1. Sleep in a really dark room

2. Make your bed as comfortable as possible

3. Sleep in a room free from distractions

4. Prepare for bed by taking a few minutes to calm down and relax

5. Play soft, relaxing background music, if you like, or natural sounds, like waterfalls or ocean waves

6. Sleep in a quiet room or area, or use pleasant "white noise" sounds if you must sleep in a noisy area

7. Avoid trying to sleep if  you're upset or emotional. Give it some time.

8. Avoid thinking about problems, stressful or upsetting events; think only positive, happy thoughts or of things you're looking forward to doing

9. Stay clear of stimulants before going to bed

10. Say a bedtime prayer or do a peaceful visualization before going to sleep

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To sleep better all you have to do is develop good sleep habits, which include learning not to think about stressful things while trying to get to sleep . . .

. . . and preparing yourself for sleep by taking a few minutes to wind down and sleeping in a desirable room that's conducive to sleeping.

A good night's sleep will decrease anxiety and depression, help your body heal itself, and get you ready for the day.

Get More Sleep: Another Sleep Secret

A trick that really helps you sleep well is to go to bed at the same time every night. Get into a habit or routine, and your subconscious mind will expect to help you to go to sleep at the same time every night.

Right before going to sleep, go through the same night-time ritual every night. You'll sleep better, and will feel more rested in the morning.

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