Happiness Affirmations: How To Think Yourself Happy

Happiness affirmations have been shown to be very effective in helping people attain greater happiness. Using affirmations on a regular basis can assist you in developing and keeping a positive mental outlook, which research says is the number one way to be happy.

Lifelong happiness can be yours by thinking optimistically and resourcefully, by engaging in mental alchemy.

Use Happiness Affirmations to Bite Your Ants

Most people have lots of negative thoughts. Some are routine and regular thoughts that are resistant to change. And many have ants, which attack, prevent or discourage happiness.

You know what ants are ... Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS). 

Learning to recognize your ANTS and doing something about them can make you a happier, more fulfilled person. Ultimately, you want to replace your ANTS with helpful and empowering positive thoughts. Along with happiness affirmations.

Examples of Ants that Nullify Happiness Affirmations

Negative thoughts that go through your mind can set you up for failure. “I can’t learn this,” or “What’s wrong with me?” “I’ll never be able to do that,” “I’m not normal,” or “I’m so stupid!”

Such messages may originate in childhood, but they have a nasty habit of hanging around all our adult lives, if we let them. To increase our happiness, let’s get rid of our ANTS and put new thinking habits in place. That’s one way to find more peace, love and happiness. When we think positively we attract positive people into our lives, and we court success, rather than failure.

And we uplift and encourage those folks who aren’t so positive.

Remember, optimism, like depression, is contagious.

The greatest happiness principle involves thinking thoughts that liberate, not enslave. It’s mental alchemy. The art of harnessing your imagination, and putting it to good use . . . to attract and create the happiness you deserve and desire. With practice you can replace your ANTS with wonderfully addictive happiness affirmations that will keep you going in the right direction.

Examples of Happiness Affirmations

1. I'm excited about this new day and I'm going to make the most of it

2. If I make a mistake, I'll learn from it, laugh at myself and go on

3. I choose to see the good in everyone

4. I will feel more compassion for everyone

5. I feel stronger and more positive all the time

6. I always find the beauty among the thorns

7. In every step I find peace

Tips For Creating Happiness Affirmations that Attract Happiness

1. Choose thoughts that make you feel good. Don’t wallow in pessimistic, self-limiting thoughts, and other negative thoughts that make you feel bad. Try to put it in terms of an affirmation, for example, “I am thinking good, happy thoughts, and I’m growing happier every moment.”

2. See the good in a bad situation. The silver lining in every cloud. Find a redeeming quality in people who irritate you. You’ll feel better and your actions will be more constructive. How about this? “There’s a good side to this situation, and I’m going to find the good in it.”

3. Learn to interrogate or question your thoughts. Not all thoughts can be trusted. "Gloom and doom" thoughts tend to be motivated by strong emotion, rather than logic. Emotion can cloud the picture. Let's say you're discouraged. As an alternative, try thinking, “I know I’m feeling down right now, but everything is looking up. Yes, it’s looking up.”

4.  When you get angry or think sad thoughts your brain discharges negative chemicals that cause your body to feel bad. Why drown in toxic emotions? Re-frame the situation and take some type of constructive action. Take a break or a walk, do some deep breathing and start radiating good vibrations again. You’ll look and feel much better. “I’m turning my anger into love. I’m turning my anger into love.”

5. Your thoughts change the way you feel. And the way you feel affects the way you act. So think positive thoughts and you’ll end up with more positive behaviors. Let’s say you have a lot of work to do and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Try this, “I’m getting closer to being finished, every step of the way.” Or "I'm focusing on just one step at a time."

To Sum It Up

Thinking yourself happy ain’t so hard, after all. All you have to do is realize the power of your thoughts and commit yourself to healthy, optimistic thinking habits. Create a simple and powerful positive thought to replace a negative one. Express it in terms of a happiness
affirmation. Think or say it over and over. Perhaps as you breathe in and out.

Dedicate yourself to a life of positive thinking and . . .

You’ll be happier and live longer than those who see the world as a very negative place. Plus, you’ll be a magnet for peace, love and happiness.

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