Kids and Divorce Audio: Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Listen in on one of Richard's fireside chats, the kids and divorce audio, How to Help Kids Cope with Divorce. This brief audio will show you how to:

-- Explain the divorce to your children while reassuring them that all will be okay

-- Enhance your child's ability to adapt and respond to the divorce in healthy ways

-- Honor your child's relationship with both parents

-- Preserve and enhance your child's mental health

-- Plus, get tips and pointers on listening to your children, keeping positive relationships and preparing them for change through good parenting techniques

-- Heal your child's fears of loss and grief 

In the kids and divorce audio, Richard draws upon decades' of experience in working with kids and parents on the problems of divorce. Learn how you can save yourself much trouble, while approaching the topic of divorce in a gentle, reassuring way that makes the change process as positive as possible. 

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Children whose parents are undergoing the strenuous process of a divorce often find themselves living in a fog of confusion, fueled by a lack of clear communication, anxiety, fear and worry . . .

and they need additional support, reassurance and encouragement to cope as well as possible. This Fireside Chat will help you to sort out the problems and talk to your children in a direct and helpful way. Listen to Richard explain how to eliminate the confusion and give your kids the best chance to thrive during times of a family crisis.

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