The Meaning of Dreams

How to Harness the Power
of Your Dreams

Cloud of white smoke in front of a man floating.How do you perceive your dreams?

Ever wonder about the meaning of dreams? Do you think your dreams are gibberish? Are they impossible to understand?

New research being conducted at several leading universities is shedding light on dreams, and the news is good. Dreams are useful for clarifying our thoughts and emotions, problem solving, and unlocking secrets about ourselves. If we are open to their amazing potential, we may derive extraordinary guidance from our dreams.

While modern research has revealed the usefulness of dreams, there is still much to learn. Yet we know dreams are important for our survival and well being and can help us reach our goals.

Although there are many theories and differing opinions about the meaning of dreams, most experts agree that there are simple ways you can utilize your dreams in leading a more satisfying, authentic, and heartfelt life. To begin, you must realize how dream symbols carry hidden meaning that you can explore.

The Meaning of Dreams: Ways to Tap Into Dream Wisdom

Logging your dreams for trend analyzation may help you discover hidden messages you may not have discovered otherwise.

  1. Keep a dream journal, you can develop the habit of recalling your dreams and writing them down for later analysis. With practice, you can become good at recalling your dreams. Most people let valuable dream content slip by without ever realizing its potential value and importance. Keeping accurate information is the first step toward interpreting and learning from your dreams. Write down as much as you can recall, because your dreams may contain hidden messages or guidance that can be discovered later.
  2. Read your journal now and then, scanning for the meaning of dreams you've had. By reviewing your dream activity over a period of time, you will be able to identify the patterns and content of your dreams, thus discovering themes that are of importance to you. You may find certain surprises in the pages of your journal, or become aware of various aspects of your emotional life in a new way. I know I always do. I have learned to trust my dreams because they accurately shed light on my problems and emotions, which helps me to understand myself and to make good decisions. In dreams, we often attempt to solve the problems of waking life, or to understand them better. Dreams sometimes allow us to gain access to private thoughts and realities to which we might not have access in other ways.
  3. Look for creative or inspirational dreams, which may contain symbols or ideas for creative use. Dreams can boost creativity. One of my artist friends dreamed about an unusual idea for a painting. She painted the idea, and that painting became one of her very best. The more you look for the meaning of dreams in your creative work, the more creative you'll be. She now consults her dreams on a daily basis.
  4. Pay attention to information in your dreams which may lead to an important achievement, help you make a new discovery, or find the missing link to a successful business venture. An engineer friend spent months trying to find the solution to a technical problem associated with a new product for his business. The answer came to him in the form of a dream, after he had exhausted every other avenue for a solution. That product became very successful. He now applies his dreams to his work regularly.
  5. Understand personal problems or difficulties in your life. Dreams tend to be a mirror to what you are dealing with, helping you to reflect on your attempts at problem solving and clarify your inner wishes and concerns.
  6. Cultivate the art of listening to your dreams. Dreams may give you a warning about a potential problem or mistake you are about to make. This has happened to me on several occasions. Once I dreamed that my car was in a wreck and sustained lots of damage. The dream wouldn't leave me alone - I kept thinking about it, so I decided to have the car checked by a mechanic. He found a malfunction in the brakes, which probably would have gone out on me within the next few miles.

The Meaning of Dreams: How to get more From Your Dream Life

The more you work with your dreams, the more comfortable you will become in recognizing important material and learning from your them. The meaning of dreams will cease to be mysterious.

Don't let fear or a belief that dreams are nothing but old wives' tales stop you from exploring your dreams. Modern research reveals that dreams are valuable, if we learn to respect and tap into this often misunderstood mental resource.

Try These Tips

Dreamcatcher hanging outside in front of a bright sunset.Dreams sometimes allow us to gain access to private thoughts and realities to which we might not have access in other ways.

  1. You can start a dream group where you and others meet to talk about your dreams and get feedback.  Or find a willing friend or colleague(s) with whom you can talk about dreams on a regular basis. 
  2. Talking about dreams can be a fulfilling way to explore the meaning of dreams. It's helpful to get other people's opinions and to have fun tossing around ideas. Like a book discussion group, a dream group (or discussion partners) provides a forum for analysis. Dreams communicate with us in symbolic or metaphorical ways; it can be helpful to obtain additional perspectives in unraveling the meaning of your dreams.
  3. It is wise to trust your gut in attempting to decipher the meaning of a dream. Look for meaning in events or sequences, and do not interpret them literally. For example, if you dreamed about death, it doesn't usually mean that someone you know is about to die. Rather, it could indicate the end of something or the beginning of something. It might refer to an important change. A big heavy door blocking your path might indicate the awareness of a barrier that interferes with an achievement for which you are striving.

Searching for The Meaning of Dreams? An Inner Resource

Dreams can be used to facilitate a deeper understanding of our problems, issues, and potential opportunities. Dreams may reveal our true wishes and uncover hidden conflicts. Talking about our dreams with a close friend or spouse can be a good way of sharing our intimate lives.

Those who work with their dreams will get more out of them than those who only pay attention to their dream activity once in a great while. Keeping a dream journal and reviewing it will help you to develop greater competence in working with and finding the meaning of dreams you may have.

Dreams can be a critical inner resource for individuals who are serious about their self-development and can be used to facilitate self-growth.  Dreams can play a big part in deepening your inner or spiritual development, as well. Many people feel, for instance, that dreams can provide answers to prayer.

You can find your own way of working with spiritual material in your dream life. Experiment and look within for direction. Dream work can be very satisfying and helpful in spiritual, artistic and holistic ways.  What a great way to have fun and enjoy yourself while you learn and grow.

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