Romance and Relationships

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When you are thinking about romance and relationships remember that genuine love sets the stage for a terrific sex life full of tantalizing lovemaking. It ain’t gonna happen any other way.

Many young couples seem to think that physical attraction is enough, but we all know that it isn't enough. And we need to pay more attention to what really matters, building a rock‑solid foundation for a terrific sex life, and everything that goes with it.

Two individuals who have proven their love for each other and who have established a special connection can mine the treasures and delights in the depths of their emotions that others will not be able to fathom or reach. Partners who sincerely believe in each other and want to be together are going to experience a multi‑faceted intimacy that fuels the most profound kind of connection –one that takes place in the body and soul! Not just the body.

It's the delicate inner emotions that matter. Nothing can take the place of feeling a certain special glow for someone. It's the small things that count. When you have a great emotional connection, you will naturally relate to each other well in bed. So pay attention to both romance and relationships when wooing that special partner.

Romance and Relationships: Trying A New Technique

Think how much fun you and your spouse can have if you try a new, but complicated sex technique in a light‑hearted manner, quick to laugh at your own awkwardness and failed first attempts, and allowing each other time to master the technique.

Actually you would not fail at all. Just trying something new is a success. And it will take some practice to make it a smooth, mutually satisfying encounter. As you learn, you will create some nice memories and have a lot of laughs along the way. And why not? Who said sex had to be so darn serious?

It is wise to be sure and create a high degree of comfort for your partner and yourself, so that you can discuss your efforts and share your feelings in an undemanding atmosphere, free from performance anxiety!

But if you approach it in a serious‑minded way, and expect perfection, or immediate results, while refusing to talk about it, you will do nothing but create more stress for your relationship ‑‑ and both of you will end up suffering in silence.

Fortunately, building a great sex life is a long journey full of unexpected twists and turns. The more you come to know and respect your mate, the more pleasure your relationship will be able to sustain over the long haul. The more deeply you will be able to relate to each other sexually.

Anyone can have an overnight fling. That is not especially satisfying and the effects are fleeting, whereas a great intimate relationship can fill you with a profound satisfaction in every possible way. Sex is just one of the advantages!

Those who want a delightful and deeply satisfying sex life - one that approaches bliss - must build their castle on a rock-solid foundation of genuine love and intimacy. I will not belabor the point, but I feel compelled to stress this essential truth for those who need to hear it. Just remember romance and relationships mix well. Uh oh! This picture cannot be found. We'll have this fixed soon!

Romance and Relationships: There Are No Shortcuts to A Great Life.

And great sex happens as part of a great life, in which both partners are continually learning and growing and experimenting. Each is flourishing in his or her own right. Each lives a life of purpose and passion. A life given to love and service, and not selfish endeavors, will be more likely to support the demands of a fabulous sex life than any other.

That’s another point that makes all the difference. Great sex comes from giving. Great lovers are great givers. They put their beloved first in the bedroom and spend their lives contributing in positive ways to the welfare and happiness of others.

If you are selfish and self‑centered, you will not make a good lover to your partner. Happiness comes from pleasing your beloved. You will not enjoy a great sex life any other way. Hey, I didn’t make up the rules. That’s just the way it is.

Here's to romance and relationships!

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