My Personal View of Therapy in Lexington, Kentucky

How I Work

I believe therapy should be enjoyable, fast-paced and inspiring. Every single session should serve as an opportunity for self-discovery, change and growth . . . thus I strive to make something special happen each time we meet. I form a strong partnership with my clients and serve as a gentle guide along the way.

My Therapy Office in Lexington, Kentucky

In my view, relationships are the cornerstone of happiness and success, and are important considerations in treatment. Thus, I focus on relationships. I enjoy helping my clients build great relationships, improve faulty relationships, and explore research-based techniques for increasing happiness and well being in all their social interactions. I try to make our conversations meaningful and liberating. I will help you to find the answers to your questions, solutions to your problems and assist you in uncovering an optimistic and creative route through the maze of life’s challenges.

Theoretically, I tend to be an eclectic interventionist, often relying on a cognitive behavioral approach, and following the precepts of brief and strategic family therapy.

My Specialties and Treatment Populations

My first love is working with the family, and helping to build a strong foundation for the success of each family member. And I enjoy working with kids, especially teenagers, and couples. I love helping people of all ages to find greater meaning in life and solve their personal and relationship problems. I use principles of Ericksonian hypnotherapy to help individuals suffering from trauma, stress and painful life experiences. I assist those who are recovering from grief and loss, and work with Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers and families.

  • Couples
  • It is my belief that couples should enjoy counseling, and find delight in facing their issues. There is no reason marital work should be conflict-riddled, angry and stressful. My approach with couples is to work from a position of strength and, in a spirit of good humor and playfulness, to assist in designing improved and joyful relationships. I do not see therapy as a place to argue and complain, but to explore options, find solutions and new opportunities for love within the confines of the existing relationship.

  • Passionate Relationships . . . Nothing is worse than settling into a distant, ho-hum relationship, and losing the passion in your marriage or love life. I offer therapy and coaching, as well as digital products to help folks recover the lost romance in their relationships -- the ones they've somehow taken for granted.
  • Loneliness and Social Anxiety . . . There is nothing worse than being lonely, or in feeling isolated. If you are suffering from lonely feelings, depression or anxiety, I'll work hard to help you discover options for overcoming your problems in a safe, natural way. Join my eZine, and you'll get access to articles and resources that will help you to reduce loneliness and lead a happier life.  
  • Near Death Experiences (NDEs). If you've had a NDE, you may be on top of the world, full of joy and gratitude, but transitioning back to normal every day life may not be easy. Many NDEers have problems with their relationships, wind up in divorce court and have trouble in their careers or spiritual  lives. As a NDEer myself, I can help you to figure things out, and decide on the best possible ways to rebuild a life that really works for you, after your brush with death.
  • A Special Word about Children and Adolescents
  • Many people treat children and adolescents like miniature adults. And therapy ends up being boring or trite . . . or an exercise in mental drudgery! Kids are different, and they deserve to have developmentally appropriate therapy designed for them. I have always tried to create an imaginative and playful environment in which to see kids, honoring their uniqueness and special attributes and qualities.

  • Stress-Related Disorders Stress is a big problem today, and is a serious concern with heart patients. Everyone seems to be a little overwhelmed and pressed for time. Stress can impact a person’s overall health and well being in hundreds of ways. I work with people to develop a personal stress management plan, and to learn dynamic relaxation techniques that will help them feel better and be stronger, and strengthen their immunity. I use visualization and meditation techniques, and integrate music to strategically elicit the relaxation effect. These techniques are beneficial in managing pain and helping clients overcome a wide variety of diagnoses. Also, I create a safe place for clients to express their feelings and vent their anger and frustration.
  • Get Coaching. A great way to become more productive, deal with the stress, overcome any number of problems that are keeping you being happy or fulfilling your life's potential, coaching can be a godsend to anyone who is struggling to be all they can be. Why go it alone? The world's greatest achievers all have coaches and mentors.

In essence, I try to make therapy a journey of learning, discovery and healing. I honor my clients and strive to assist them in reaching their goals and dreams. My aim is to make the therapeutic path an unforgettable one . . . a path of purpose, celebration and inquiry. And one that leads to lasting desired change.

Whether you’re interested in therapy, coaching, clinical supervision or training, feel free to send me a message or give me a call.

The Hamon Group, LLC
Hamburg Business Center
2716 Old Rosebud Road
Suite 230
Lexington, KY 40509-8003

Telephone: 859-749-3440
Office: 859-264-1175
Fax: 859-963-9055

I’ll be happy to answer your questions. My goal is to give all my clients the red carpet treatment, and to make our work together extremely beneficial and rewarding.

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