The 5-Minute Cure for Relationship Problems

Is the 5-Minute Relationship Solution for you? Can it really help? Well . . .

Your relationship problems can be dramatically improved in just five minutes a day, if you try the techniques I write about in this short article.

Okay, to begin, as a professional marital and family therapist, I've worked with countless couples over the past 36 years. And I want to write about a simple but powerful technique that I have used to help many couples make a huge difference in their relationship. 

Good relationships often go bad through neglect and lack of nurturing. Everyone is so busy today it is an easy mistake to make. And when relationships are taken for granted bad things happen.

But you can reverse your poor relationship fortunes by:

-- Spending more time with your partner . . . at least five minutes a day

-- Making the 5 minutes work by staying positive and upbeat

-- Doing something fun

How Does the 5-Minute Relationship Solution Work?

What can you do to solve your relationship problems and improve your relationship in five brief minutes?

First, be sure to spend five QUALITY minutes with your partner, even if it's on the phone. Do it every day. Engage in meaningful discussion or relating.

For example, you can check in with each other, talk about your respective days and have a little fun. You can listen to each other without hurling criticisms or making judgements. You can say you're sorry, express your gratitude, or share an intriguing idea. Just spending a little time together can be a big step toward keeping your relationship alive. 

It's so simple a child could do it. Just five minutes a day devoted to your relationship. Making a habit of spending at least a little time with your partner every day . . . you'll never lose track of your relationship, and you'll avoid many relationship problems.

Second, once you've mastered the five minutes, it will grow into 15 minutes, then thirty. Because you'll enjoy your five-minute interaction with your partner, you'll come back for more, in time.

Third, this teaches you to create healthy boundaries around the way you spend time together. No boundaries? No fun. Boundaries and rules are required. So, don't talk about problem-saturated stuff . . . things that suck you into quick sand. 

Five Minutes' Worth of Affection is Better than None

What if you dedicated five minutes to the mutual expression of affection? Five minutes could make a big difference.

Or, five minutes to pointing out what you like about your partner. Or. five minutes of talking about your day. Maybe five for listening to their day.

Case Study

One couple I work with decided to CUDDLE for five minutes every day. He didn't want to cuddle at all. But he eventually changed his mind. And now cuddling is the way they check in with each other, pleasure each other and express their affection. You might give a back rub or engage in a little hanky-panky. Physical touch shows you care.

Some couples don't talk to each other for days and rarely find time for lovemaking. So why not master the art of quickie lovemaking? Okay, so you may take a few more minutes to do it right!

I Repeat

So much can be done in just five minutes it's amazing. Put your creative mind to the test and see what you can come up with. Spending at least five minutes with your spouse will cause you to put your relationship first, and prevent you from placing it on the back burner.

Don't let your relationship collect dust like a toy soldier on the shelf. Give just five minutes a day paying attention to your partner, or doing something to help your relationship. And watch your relationship problems go away.

Solve Relationship Problems and
Find True Love

There is a myth in our society that true love only happens when we find the perfect person. But what if there is no perfect person?

No matter who you settle down with, you have to make true love work. It doesn't just happen. So why not keep the partner you have and work together to make your relationship better than ever? Why go out in search of someone new, where the grass is supposedly greener, and make a frantic effort to find Mr. or Mrs. Right?

When all you are doing is chasing a romantic notion, a mythic illusion. You can solve most relationship problems by spending a little more time together. Quality, positive time. Having Fun! And turn your lost love into true love.

In Summary

Instead of making the excuse you can't find the time to take care of your relationship, try my 5-Minute Relationship Cure and start investing in your most precious asset again, your very special, most beloved relationship.

Schedule that five minutes in. Write it on your planner. Put it in your phone. Five minutes with your partner will help you to feel closer and stay more connected. You'll feel more loved and valued, and your relationship will click.

True love will come your way.

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