How to Decide On a Career:
the ABC Method

If you want to know how to decide on a career, you aren't alone. Many people find making career choices frustrating and confusing. Read our career finding advice and tips here, and save yourself a big headache.

How to Decide On a Career:
The ABCs

There are many approaches to deciding on a career, but I've developed a simple, ABC method for making a good career choice, based on years of experience providing career counseling to my clients.

A. Do What You Love

Why would you do something you don't love? Of course, life happens and we sometimes end up doing something beneath us. Then we're miserable, and we might not succeed.

But, if you do what you love, and follow your dreams, you'll always find your career enjoyable, and you'll excel.

Do what you love and the money will follow. Yes, it just works out that way. If you love what you do, you'll be passionate and learn and grow and succeed. You'll rise to the top of your field, and you'll make good money.

And that may be the best strategy for how to decide on a career. Just do what you love.

There will be naysayers and doubters, but take a look at the field you want to go into. Are there successful people making good money in that field? Well, how did they do it? Find out and do the same or something similar. They've already proven it can be done.

So, follow your heart, a path of heart, and you'll be happy.

B. Choose A Career You Believe In

If you respect the career you choose, and you think it is worthwhile and meaningful, you'll be more likely to stay with it. And you'll find it fulfilling.

Plus, you'll be a fine advocate or ambassador for the career you've chosen. People will seek your advice and see you as a role model.

How to decide on a career often requires you to look inside your heart and head. Your choice must make sense to you, as an esteemed and valuable profession.

C. Select a Career that will Showcase Your Talents and Fit Your Personality

Even a good, satisfying career can become unacceptable when a person cannot use his talents or gifts on the job. If you are a creative type, you won't be happy in a straight-forward type job that requires no imagination. If you love facts and figures, you won't be happy in a creative type position. If you're outgoing, and love meeting people, avoid a desk job.

You get the picture.

Be true to yourself, and work with what you've got. It's your life and your choice. Don't let anyone else dictate your career path. Cradle your dream in your arms, nourish it and give it life. Follow the beat of your own inner drummer. You'll be glad you did.

How to Decide On a Career:
It's as Simple as 1, 2, 3

It's just 1, 2, 3, and you'll be on your way. People sometimes make it too hard to decide on a career.  I like to employ simple, but effective methods. It will take time, but it's really very simple.

Step One

Simply write a list of careers you'd like to consider on a piece of paper. Put careers you've been thinking about on the list, any career you've dreamed about pursuing and any you admire or find interesting.

Step Two

Next, go through each career and decide whether it meets the ABC criteria. Some may meet A and B, but not C, or they might meet B but not C. Check the ones that meet all three criteria. Those are the ones you'll focus on.

Step Three

Then, the last step to decide on a career is to get busy finding out all the information you can about your choices. Talk to people in those careers. Read articles and books and research them.

Try to get a job or volunteer position in the field that interests you the most, and consider taking classes in that field of study.

You'll soon develop a gut feeling for whether you like it and can do it well. Trust your gut. Follow your dream, and get the education or training you need to get into the field.

Don't worry about the time it takes to prepare or train for your chosen field. Time goes by quickly and you can't be happy in your work if you fail to invest in it. And in yourself.

Now you know how to decide on a career, you can sit down and start having fun making your list, checking for the A, B, Cs, and getting started on your 1, 2, 3s.  

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