Understanding Dreams
Articles by Richard Hamon
A Lexington, Kentucky Therapist

Dreams are a mysterious and wonderful window to a hidden world -- the world hidden inside your mind. Dreams compose a bridge to your inner self, and offer many ways of unlocking the wisdom within.

Every morning when we awaken from our dreams, we have gifts awaiting our discovery . . . if only we'll look inside our dreams for the gems they have given us. 

I love analyzing dreams in therapy because dream content almost always offers a surprising glimmer of truth or insight into my clients' problems. Once they realize how dreams work, they find dreams an amazing help in solving their problems. Dreams inspire them to lead a happy, successful life.

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Articles on Understanding Dreams

Below you will find our original articles on dreams -- written by a psychotherapist with almost forty years of experience interpreting dreams -- for your reading pleasure.  

Dreams and Their Meaning
Understanding Dreams

How Understanding Dreams Can Benefit You

Get help with problem solving, insights and warnings about the future, and guidance from your deepest self. Why have Freud, Jung and Edgar Cayce studied dreams? Because dreams are incredibly meaningful.

"Not paying attention to your dreams is like driving a car on a busy highway without ever reading a single traffic sign."

--Richard Hamon


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