How to Use Happiness Affirmations to Be Happier

Happiness affirmations are easy to use and can help anyone to enhance feelings of contentment and happiness. The science of happiness is a relatively new field of study that offers us amazingly beneficial information about how to be happy and successful. Happiness is defined as a sense of “subjective well being,” or a positive way of evaluating our lives. Those with high subjective well being are satisfied with their life conditions, have frequent positive feelings, and tend to have negative feelings infrequently.

Affirmations can help you to stay optimistic and keep a positive mental outlook — key happiness skills.

Happiness is a major goal for most people and has long been a subject of inquiry, yet never before have we had research to paint an accurate picture of what makes people happy.

The Causes of Happiness

The science of happiness reveals a complex array of causative factors. Personality plays a big role in determining a person’s level of subjective well being. Studies of twins, findings on temperament, and longitudinal research have found personality plays a significant role in affecting happiness. One’s personality impacts emotions and thoughts in ways that lead to greater or lesser happiness. 

Marriage, heredity, and employment have a bearing on happiness. Still, there is no one trait that is responsible for making a person happy, no magic pill or one-stop solution. Studies examining disabled people have shown that we can be happy even when we get a bad break, such as an accident leading to a disability. Like pets, people have a remarkable ability to adapt to changing circumstances and make the best of a bad situation. 

Cross-cultural studies show that the causes of happiness span geography and culture, and tend to be universal. Yet different strategies may work better in certain circumstance than others. Each person has to find the right combination of factors that will work best for him. 

No matter how happy we may be, happiness affirmations can be used to help us increase our sense of subjective well being. Affirmations give us a tool to use in the present, and can help us to change how we are feeling in the moment. A powerful tool to impact our sense of well being.

Silhouette of a woman in a dress holding an umbrella jumpingHappiness affirmations can be used to help us increase our sense of subjective well being.

Using Affirmations in an Integrated Approach to Happiness

Anyone who wants to become happier will be well advised to integrate a number of goals and strategies, including happiness affirmations. Yes, a successful marriage will make you happier, but you wouldn’t want to rely on the institution of marriage as your only ticket to a happy life! Otherwise, you might end up feeling quite miserable.

For example . . .

A better, more integrated approach might be to concentrate not only upon a healthy marriage, but attaining ambitious educational goals, building a satisfying career, developing positive thought patterns, finding ways to improve your relationships, improving your health, enhancing your faith, and building upon your happiness by using daily affirmations.

Using happiness affirmations to increase your happiness on a daily basis can really pay off. Affirmations can help you to focus your mind on positive change and change your mood for the better. Everyone gets the blues on occasion and needs to find a way to overcome discouragement. Using happiness affirmations can do the trick!

A Real-Life Case

One of my client’s confessed she just wasn’t happy and didn’t enjoy her life. We identified areas of concern and talked about the happiness literature, and what factors can make a person happier. She made a change plan, and I helped her to implement the plan and move forward. 

She felt she was too easily influenced by some of the negative or pessimistic personalities in her life. We used the science of happiness as a guide for making specifically targeted goals and improvements, such as changing the way she responded to stress, reducing her tendency to worry, and reworking her cognitive habits so she could see the good in even the worst situation. And she began improving her mental outlook by using happiness affirmations. 

In time, she became a more positive and optimistic person who actually welcomed problems into her life because she learned to see them as potential gifts or hidden learning opportunities that could make her stronger and more successful. She learned new techniques for keeping stress under control and leading a more balanced life. 

And she became more skilled at lifting her spirits through positive action and happiness affirmations.

What Does the Happy Person Look Like?

The happiness research paints quite a clear picture of a happy person. The happy person actively seeks to find the good in herself and others, looks for opportunities to grow and prosper, has an optimistic personality, avoids worrying and stressing out over problems/unfortunate events, and conducts relationships successfully. 

The happy person sees the world in a constructive way and creates happy states by the way he or she thinks and acts. Happy people are constantly affirming and enriching their happiness through their thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Note: Happiness affirmations can always help, and can be remembered or made up on the spot. 

Naturally, when it comes to happiness, it helps to live in an economically strong society with good access to resources and services. Happy people tend to have a viable support system or are skilled at finding the support they need.

How You Can Use Happiness Affirmations to Become Happier

You can benefit from happiness affirmations in many ways. When you are stressed or dealing with a problem, simply thinking of situations that have made you happy in the past can lift your spirits and increase your sense of happiness! Just take a few moments to return to those happy times and see yourself enjoying those wonderful experiences. Give it a little mental magic and you’ll soon be feeling better. 

During a long, tiring work day, think about doing something that makes you happy after work, and you’ll feel better. Looking forward to the near future is a potent way to influence your feeling state for the better. 

If you begin to feel discouraged during your day, you can stop and take a minute to compose your thoughts around an idea that will make you feel encouraged. Or, if you are giving way to depression, you can close your eyes and visualize yourself feeling more upbeat and energetic, focusing on the opposite mood of elation. 

I have a picture of one of my favorite places, Dolly Sods, on my file cabinet, and whenever I am having a hard day I glance at the photograph. It makes me feel just a little better almost instantly. Just looking at the beautiful image has the positive and uplifting impact of repeating a happiness affirmation. 

For Example: if you are feeling defeated or thinking of yourself as a failure, you can write in a journal or notebook an affirmation that will help you to turn the tide in a positive direction. Or simply focus your thoughts on an uplifting idea, such as, “Failure leads to success.”

Put your sense of failure to work for you in a good way. See failure as the road to success. Just learn from your mistakes and move on. This way, you'll feel fine. 

You can work with good ideas in a creative way. For example, you can say to yourself or write on paper, “I feel like I’ve failed today, but that’s okay. Failure leads to success. And since I keep trying, I will eventually reach the desired goal. Therefore, I have not failed.”

Say it and imagine it coming true, and you will be well on your way to turning a miserable feeling state into a positive one. 

Here’s an affirmation that I use when I’m having an especially rough day: “Things are tough right now, but they’ll get better . . . they will get better soon! I can feel it!”

And I might follow up with this affirmation, “I challenge myself to find the good in this day.” Or . . . “I’ll challenge myself to find a way to turn the next bad break into something good.”

Become Happier Each and Every Day

The above statements can help change the tide of thought in a positive direction. As a result, you will begin to feel better each and every day. 

What does happiness mean? Simply take a look at what you do and think. Each of us has a huge bearing on our sense of subjective well being. 

You really can become happier and more successful by cultivating the art of living in accordance with happiness principles. Remember these critical keys: taking a positive outlook on life, thinking empowering thoughts, using happiness affirmations, building strong relationships, and staying in contact with people will bring you much happiness and joy. 

Almost everyone can improve in one or two areas. Take a balanced, integrated approach to increasing your happiness, and give yourself time to learn new skills, such as re-framing a bad situation along more constructive lines . . . and your sense of subjective well being or happiness will zoom! 

Use happiness affirmations to make your relationships happier. Click here to see an article on the secrets of happy relationships. 

To make progress, keep working while using your affirmations.

Read my SPECIAL REPORT on the pursuit of happiness and discover what works and what doesn't.

Girl with the left side of her mouth turned up in a smile.To make progress, keep working while using your affirmations. | Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash.

Happiness Tip

If you’ve had a stroke of bad luck, dig your heels in and do something about it rather than wasting your time getting upset and spreading the flames of anger or complaining. Happy people are not victims of circumstances. They rise above to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. They visualize what they want, they see a picture of how they can get there, and use affirmations to get closer to their goals.

Happiness affirmations can make you happier, more fulfilled, and more successful in all your endeavors. All you have to do is learn how to use affirmations to best advantage, and become aware of what modern research says about how to be happier.

Even if you are already quite happy, you can easily become happier by employing affirmations in imaginative ways.

Affirmations will help you to stay POSITIVE and optimistic.

Get more info on how to find the elusive keys to happiness, spark your relationships and lead a happier, more purposeful life.

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