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Can Your Marriage Make You Happy?

If you need some marriage help, please read this brief article. What does the research on marriage tell us about happiness? Should you fight for your marriage? Is it worth it? My article will explain.

Historical Research Findings On Marriage

Research findings show you the way. Historically, research surveys have shown married people report greater happiness than widowed, separated and divorced people. Even unmarried couples who cohabit tend to be happier than people who live alone. So, yes, marriage does seem to help people be happy.

Relationships have been shown to exert a powerful influence on our happiness. Thus, it is wise to get the marriage help you need, and to take good care of your most important relationship.

Couple in LoveHow Love Can Make You Happy

What Does More Recent Research Say About Marriage and Happiness?

Some people think men are less interested in marriage than women, and assume they stay married reluctantly. But recent studies show both men and women enjoy and benefit from being married.

Can marriage help us to be happier?

By all means. Consider this . . .  

  • Married men are happier, in general, than unmarried men.
  • And married women tend to be happier than unmarried women.
  • Marriage holds numerous benefits and rewards for both sexes, such as helping them to weather the storms of life.
  • So, if you’re having marital difficulties, keep on trucking along and don't give up. it may be best to set up an appointment with a licensed marriage counselor and get the marriage help you need.

A Possible Theory On Marriage

Marriage may shield partners against the hardships of life, while offering various forms of support which yield positive feelings and improved adjustment. One does not have to face the world alone or make decisions by himself/herself, but has a built-in decision partner. Spouses benefit from the intimacy marriage affords, and a regular supply of love and emotional support.

Also, recent studies have found marriage to exert a positive influence on one's overall life satisfaction. Yet, you can bet the quality of the marriage has a lot to do with the benefits conferred! So, yes, marriage help is one of the best investments you can make. Problems you and your partner may be haggling over again and again can be quickly resolved with effective marriage counseling.

Invest In Your Greatest Asset

According to the research, marriage or a committed relationship just may be one of the greatest assets anyone can have. So, it only makes sense to protect that asset by investing diligently in the quality of your intimate relationship.

Even though about half of all marriages end in divorce, marriages are worth fighting for . . . we should take them seriously and be prepared to solve any problems that may come up. People who quit on their marriages too quickly may be in danger of losing a tremendous asset. And the grass may not be so green on the other side. Marriage counseling can give you a big edge in dealing with your problems before they get out of hand.

We seem to live in a time of throw-away relationships, but it is always wise to invest in our relationships, the hidden secret to success and happiness. Given the power of marriage to make us happier, that could be the best investment we ever make! Marriage help is right around the corner. And there is no need to suffer in silence, or to keep putting up with an unhappy relationship. Any relationship can be improved.

Young happy woman walking in a meadowA Happy Marriage Makes You A Happier and Healthier Person . . . and Adds Years to Your Life

Marriage Counseling Advice

Want some free marriage counseling advice? Don’t quit on your marriage. Hang in there and get the marriage help you need. Sitting down with a trained third party can make all the difference. Find a really good marriage counselor with whom you’re both comfortable, and give it a try.

But my suggestion is to avoid finding a therapist who just wants to rehash old problems and involve you in more arguments. A therapist who works from an up-beat, strength-based approach will make therapy more enjoyable and beneficial.

And, given the amazing benefits of a happy marriage, why not do your best to save your marriage now?

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