No Anxiety: Rid Yourself of Anxiety Now  

No anxiety? If you'd like to live a life free from anxiety, keep reading. It may not be as hard as you think! This brief article will cover the main steps required to reduce and ultimately rid yourself of anxiety.

Happy girl has no anxietyNo Anxiety can make you a happy camper! The steps to defeating anxiety are as easy as 1-2-3.

Anxiety is tiresome and stressful. It  takes a lot of the joy out of life. It defrauds you of happiness. But no anxiety is possible if you learn how to attack your anxiety before it attacks you.

Having an anxiety condition is like carrying a monkey on your back. It seems like the harder you try to knock the monkey off, the tighter it clings. But, if you know a few tricks and learn a few key skills you can kick that clinging, chattering monkey off your back.

No Anxiety in Three Easy Steps 

Let's take a look at some of my favorite techniques for decreasing anxiety -- techniques I've used with hundreds of clients over the years.

One: Breathe deeply, slowly and strategically. 

A good way to begin is to double the time you take to inhale and exhale, slowing down the rate of respiration. Sometimes I double  it again, taking roughly four times longer to inhale and exhale as usual. I do this just for a minute or two. Deep, slow breathing relaxes you and gives your body plenty of ammunition for warding off worrisome thoughts that can immobilize and terrorize you. 

After I've slowed my breathing, and made sure I'm breathing more from my belly, and not my chest, or my diaphragm, I let my breath return to normal. Then, I listen to the breath, coming in and going out, focusing my mind on nothing else. I'm getting in touch with inner stores of strength and power, and I'm starting to relax deeply.

You can relax very nicely by simply focusing on your breathing, or you may use a progressive relaxation technique, systematically relaxing one part of your body after another. If you have a specific relaxation technique, use it. Certainly, there are many  relaxation skills you can use to elicit the Relaxation Response, the physiologic state your body goes into when it relaxes.

The important thing is to reach a place of no anxiety where you can float above your problems and your body, mind and spirit can come together in a beautiful and uplifting way. Your heart rate will slow and your blood pressure may go down and you'll feel like a million bucks.

Two: Distract yourself with positive thoughts, images and activities.

Now is the time to call positive and enjoyable thoughts and images to mind. You can say the Lord's Prayer or your favorite scripture, recite an inspirational poem or passage from your favorite book, or recite your favorite, self-soothing mantra. The right words can be a soothing touchstone for you, and serve as a healthy distraction from anxiety.

In the meditation plan that I follow, I like to use guided imagery to calm myself and sooth my nerves, taking a walk on a relaxing beach, watching the snow fall from a cabin window or gazing into the horizon to take in the distant purple mountains -- and all in my mind. I create colorful action movies of my favorite spots in nature, or recreate a wonderful time I might have had with friends and loved ones at a restaurant or a holiday gathering. 

Pleasant feelings flood into my awareness, and I feel transformed and transported. The mind now takes the body on a feel-good journey and obliterates anxiety. You can take a mental walk through your garden or walk along the seashore -- whatever makes you feel good. Make your mental journey real by giving it rich sensory details, color and sound, and invoking all the senses.

 You can interact with people (relationships are strengthened by meditation), feel the warm sun on your back and the sand between your toes. You know, I'm all about relationships. They are our greatest treasure, and if we treasure them, they will give us countless hours of great joy and satisfaction.

Three: Relax Deeply and Meditate. 

Meditation is many things to many people. I like to think of it as the Christian mystics of old did as "sitting in the silence." Hinduism and Buddhism have rich histories of meditative practice. For Tibetans, nothing could be more important. No matter how you view or use meditation, now is the time to slip into a meditative state of bliss. Your anxieties will fade into the distant past.

Your mind and body will work together and you will become as one with the cosmic universe. And you will have no anxiety.

A woman meditating on the beach with seagullMeditating on the water is a soulful way of attaining a state of no anxiety

Meditation allows your mind and body to heal and to function on the highest, most integrative level. You can enter a profound sublime state, sensing into the unknown and taking insight from the wisdom stored deep within your body. You can touch the absolute and float in a state of deep, powerful relaxation, attaining a clairvoyant state or awareness. 

If you would be interested in purchasing an inexpensive, but powerful relaxation audio program that I made to help my clients relax deeply, try my Journey to Relaxation. Many of my clients use it several times a week to enter a profound state of contentment and bliss, and to get to sleep or ward off stress. You don't need any skill to be able to relax. Just listen to the program and I'll serve as your guide to finding 30 minutes of relaxation bliss, and it will give you years of satisfaction, as your guide to reaching a state of no anxiety.  

Many people feel deep meditation allows them to sit in the presence of the sacred. And in this state, there is no anxiety. Read more about learning how to meditate and how to apply meditation to the problem of anxiety, deepening your consciousness and using meditation techniques as a constructive stress-management tool. 

In Sum: No Anxiety is Possible and Realistic,
if You Take Three Therapeutic Steps 

One: Breathe deeply, slowly and strategically. 

Two: Distract yourself with positive thoughts, images and activities.Go to a beautiful place in your mind.

Three: Relax Deeply and Meditate.

With a little practice, and some old fashioned hard work, that is actually great fun, you'll develop the ability to relax whenever you wish -- and you may be able to live a life with no anxiety.