The Relationship Coaching Program

The Hamon Group's Relationship Coaching Program can help you to save your struggling or neglected relationship. And assist you in achieving a level of passion, joy and happiness that will be the envy of your friends.

And it may help some couples to avoid marital counseling.

Going through our Relationship Coaching Program is more fun than therapy. It focuses on learning new and easier ways of doing things, along with essential skill-building. The happiest couples in the world are the most skilled. It doesn't happen by accident.

Our Relationship Coaching Program is not problem‑oriented. It's not designed to resolve emotional disorders, past traumas, or treat serious clinical depression,

but the Relationship Coaching Program concentrates on:

  • Learning new behaviors and having more fun (the best way to learn) 
  • Engaging in a positive, inspirational and up‑beat experience
  • A process of self-discovery
  • A new, powerful and simple model for conducting state-of-the-art relationships (based on research)
  • Builds on your previous success easily and naturally

Couple embracingRediscovering your lost love or re-igniting the fires of a neglected relationship can restore your hope in life and the promise of new tomorrow
Certified holistic life coach patch

Relationship Coaching Program Benefits

  • Relationship Coaching will help you to turn your precious relationship into the most valuable asset in your life
  • Offers a unique approach to coaching for couples that's really enjoyable
  • Emphasizes the enhancement of your inner bond and all powerful connection to get you through any hardship/problem
  • Frees your stuck relationship and opens the door to new horizons
  • Gets you having fun and enjoying each other's company again quickly

Our experienced, Master Coach's wealth of experience is the secret to our Relationship Coaching program. Your coach will begin with an accurate assessment of your relationship, identifying areas for growth and positive change, and focusing your efforts on improving the every day quality of your relationship or marriage.

Unlike many types of marital counseling, relationship coaching aims to increase your satisfaction with your relationship by relying upon positive, enjoyable and strength-based methods. You and your partner will meet with your coach together or talk with him via conference call together. I guarantee you will have fun, learn something and make progress! After nearly four decades of experience working with couples professionally, I have learned what works and what doesn't work.

We won't waste our time on ineffective techniques. Relationship coaching is fun and gives you the golden opportunity to rediscover the beauty of your relationship . . . as you explore the uncharted waters of your relationship's potential, and move toward developing the greatest possible relationship.

Do more than find a relationship coach. Sign up for our Relationship Coaching Program. You'll put our unique coach's vast experience in working with all kinds of people to solve their relationship problems and realize their dreams to work for you. Set your relationship apart from the average, ho-hum relationship, and build the relationship you've always wanted, but didn't know how to build. 

Life Coaching for Individuals

Even if your partner won't or can't join you in Relationship Coaching, you can work to improve your relationship on your own. You can learn how to provide quality leadership to your relationship, and how to inspire your partner to improve, as well -- all without forcing him/her to do anything.

And then there's LIFE COACHING . . .

Need to Discover Your True Purpose in Life?

Want to Overcome Barriers that Keep You from Success?

Need Help Attaining a Lofty Goal?

  • Life Coaching is designed to help you become more successful than you could ever become on your own
  • See what you can't see alone
  • Discover powerful tools and techniques for working faster and smarter
  • Getting regular doses of Encouragement and Motivation to keep you moving forward
  • Fine tune your Career Plan or Find your Ultimate Destiny
  • Get help in dealing with a bad boss or disgruntled employee
  • Your coach works with you to discover your truest purpose and most important needs, and helps you design a laser-sharp plan to help you to achieve your target goals quickly. Sessions can be arranged in person or over the telephone
  • The focus will always be your agenda, doing what you love and living the most deeply fulfilling and rewarding life possible
  • Your coach will give you the benefit of his extensive experience and expertise, and keep you focused on your goals, while making sure you remain motivated and continue to have fun while you are progressing.

Want to give Coaching a try? Ask about our Free Initial Consultation Session to help you decide if coaching is for you.

Happiness Coaching

Do you suffer from Loneliness, Depression and Anxiety?

Couple relaxing on beachLearn how to leverage your relationships to make you happier, more passionate and more alive

Get help with debilitating loneliness
Stop the back ache of depression
Combat irritating anxiety

Break free from damaging relationship patterns that end in despair, feeling hopeless and doomed (to repeat the pattern)

Learn how to build healthy new relationships at last 

New research on what makes us happy shows us how to live longer, be happier and more successful than ever before.

Happiness Coaching is an innovative, research-based approach for helping and mentoring anyone to become clearly happier . . . and to get past old stumbling blocks and age-old problems that have been keeping you from being truly, passionately happy and self-fulfilled.

Every week, in our uplifting coaching conversation, we will explore avenues for increasing your overall life satisfaction and specific paths for building a happier, more abundant lifestyle. The key is building a secure foundation for happiness, according to scientific research, that will stand the test of time.

Happiness Coaching guides you in analyzing every aspect of your life with an eye toward finding creative pathways for enhancing your happiness in each one.

Try Life Coaching or inquire about our Relationship Coaching Program today. Your experienced and understanding coach will guide you in designing the life you've always wanted or in re-designing the happy life you already have, so you can increase your subjective well being even further!

Learn more about Coaching . . .

Whether you’re interested in Relationship Coaching or Life Coaching, just send me a message or give me a call to learn more about how coaching can change your life.

Don't forget to ask about our obligation-free Initial Consultation. 

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