Relationship Tips: How to Tune Up Your Relationship

My pro relationship tips will help you to improve your relationships and lead a happier life. Relationships are the Holy Grail of happiness and success. Whether you're trying to ignite more passion in your romantic relationship or build a more devoted group of customers, nurturing your relationships pays off handsomely.

Truth #1

A powerful truth I've learned from my psychotherapy practice is you can't take your relationships for granted without suffering the consequences . . . like loneliness, isolation, affairs, etc. 

Truth #2

Another truth I've learned is no one is going to become happier, healthier or more successful by having mediocre relationships. 

Relationships that have been put on the back burner and forgotten are often your worst enemy.

Even your relationship with your favorite pooch can suffer from neglect. But if you show your dog a little extra Tender Loving Care, by taking him on more walks or taking a few more minutes for playtime, and you're sure to be rewarded by a happier, healthier, and better behaved doggie. 

The purpose of this brief article is to offer a few relationship tips that will help you to take better care of your love life, personal life or business life, and result in a happier, more successful you.

Relationship Tips

  • Increase passion by spending more time together. Be SURE you do things you both find's couples often spend too much time apart or being lonely in a crowd, or fighting. A good relationship needs time, and time well spent will provide you with a powerful stream of relationship help, increasing good will and good feelings all around. 
  • Do worthwhile work, hobbies or volunteering together. You'll grow closer and become better friends. By the way, friendship fuels the flames of romance. 
  • Spend more time having fun together, being lighter and more open, and not so serious. Let go and have FUN. It changes the brain in positive ways, which will improve your relationship. I suggest you rule out heavy discussions when you're having fun.
  • Improve the quality of support you offer your relationship partners, personal or business. Be there when they need you, and they'll be there when you need them. Follow up frequently and see how they’re doing. You’ll prevent relationship problems.  If your partner is having a hard time, set your agenda aside and be there for him/her.  Ask what you can do to help.
  • Keep in touch. Pausing to say hello lets them know you’re thinking about them. We all know distant relationships struggle to stay afloat. Send a friendly note, letter, email or text just to let your friends and associates know you're thinking about them. . .and ask if there's anything they need. A singing telegram can be a nice, humorous touch!
  • Remember to say thank you and express gratitude. This is one of the most critical relationship tips. Let people know you appreciate their efforts. Give praise. People long to hear those things, but may not be able to ask for it. Say thanks often and mean it, yes, even to your spouse!
  • Ask what their desires and wishes are. What could you do for them that you aren't? How could you be a better relationship partner? How could you more fully satisfy their needs? Get up the courage and ask. Don't assume all is well. You may find out the hard way it isn't. . . 
  • Never stop improving yourself, your products and services. While you're improving, correcting your faults, and over-delivering, your partners will become more thankful they know you.

Nurturing and building your relationships is a constant challenge, but it can be far more fun than hard work, if you apply my simple and easy relationship tips. If you make it fun. I enjoy it because it gives my joy when I know I've made someone happy. I see it as an opportunity to think outside the box and be creative, to do outrageous things that make people remember you with a smile.

It's rewarding to see how positively people respond when we give relationships the attention they deserve. It's a way of providing leadership.

Relationship Leaders take the initiative to do positive things in caring for others. When both partners lead and share in different ways it makes for a good relationship.

Act constructively. Avoid just thinking about doing something. If you think or imagine doing something for someone, dig in and do it. There is no better time than now. Sometimes THOUGHTFUL Action will provide all the relationship help you need. Go from fantasy to positive action NOW. 

Remember to lead, inspire and show you care by always being there for your loved ones, friends and customers. Show you can be relied upon. Care, give and serve. Always keep the well being, heath and welfare of those you care about foremost in mind.

They'll love you for it. And your relationships will blossom, giving you countless rewards.

In Summary

I hope you will try my professional relationship tips to revitalize any stalled relationships you may have or to make good relationships even better. These easy-to-use tips will promote relationship bliss in your personal life and the workplace, and assist you in solving various relationship problems. 

Relationships are truly the hidden gold mines in our lives. Strong relationships will make you happier and more successful, and fill your life with delight. When you take care of your relationships, your relationships will take care of you.

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